7 Best Bathroom Sinks For Small Spaces

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With real estate prices going up significantly this year, some of us are forced into smaller spaces. This shortage of space has prompted us to really focus on maximizing the small spaces we are confined to. In this post, we will discuss the best bathroom sinks for small spaces that you can use in your home. 

With the vast amount of options available, we tend to find ourselves overwhelmed when shopping for the perfect bathroom sinks. It’s important to have a sink of suitable size and style to pull your small bathroom together.

Best Bathroom Sinks For Small Spaces

Vessel Sinks

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The vessel sinks have one great advantage above all other sinks and that is flexibility. Vessel sinks typically sit on top of your counter. It allows additional countertop space since the vessel sink basin takes up less space than the top or opening of the sink. These sinks can also be changed out fairly easily. They are not stuck in a place like a typical drop-in sink. See some great examples of vessel sinks here:

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Wall-Mounted Sinks

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A wall-mounted sink is exactly what it sounds like. The sink’s basin is mounted directly onto a wall and does not need a vanity underneath to support it. This space-saving sink is an excellent choice if you really want to turn your sink basin into a focal point. With the basin of the sink attached directly to the wall creating a “floating” illusion, you can really add elegance and style to your small space. For some great options for wall-mounted sinks, take a look here:

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Pedestal Sinks

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Another great sink option for your small bathroom space is the pedestal sink. Unlike a typical sink, the pedestal sink does not have a vanity. It is supported by a pedestal that is usually attached to the wall instead.  One major drawback to the pedestal sink is the lack of storage space. This can be overcome with a little creativity. To see some great examples, click here:

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Console Sinks

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Another choice for the best bathroom sinks for small spaces is the Console sink. The console sink (also known as the console vanity) is a cross between a wall-mounted sink and a pedestal sink. Also, it can be easily identified by the counter. Also, the sink is mounted directly to the wall and is usually supported by two or more legs. It’s also very common to find them freestanding on four legs. They are small but mighty and perfect for those smaller bathroom spaces. The space between the countertop and floor is typically open, though a popular option includes open shelves or drawers. 

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Vanity Bathroom Sinks

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A vanity sink is usually made to fit the cabinet (vanity) they are intended to sit on. You will find the base and the walls of the sink as one solid piece that is fitted to form the top of the cabinet (vanity). The style of cabinet or vanity can come in several different styles such as storage underneath. These are typically in the form of drawers or shelving. Additionally, you can find vanity sinks to fit various sizes from extra large with multiple sinks all the way down to the smallest of bathrooms. There are a lot of different styles that you can see here:

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Drop-In Sinks

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The drop-in sink goes by many names such as a self-rimming sink, top-mount sink, or over-mount sink. These sinks are still one of the most common types of sinks. The drop-in sink essentially drops straight into the cut-out on the countertop. It usually has a visible lip around the perimeter that holds the sink in place. These types of sinks come in a large variety of styles, materials, and costs. Additionally, it can be a great option for really customizing your small bathroom space. You can find your ideal drop-in sink by looking here:

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Undermount Sinks

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An undermount sink can best be described as a sink that is installed under the counter. There is no rim between the countertop and the sink. An under-mount sink will allow your countertop to extend all the way to the sink. Thus, helping you make the most out of every square inch of your countertop in your small space bathroom. These slick sinks are also much easier to clean due to their seamless undermount making it easier to swipe from the counter and into the sink.

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Wrapping Up

There you have it, the best bathroom sinks for small spaces. Hopefully, this will help you maximize the space you have while showcasing your unique style.

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