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bathroom shelf ideas
10 Stylish Bathroom Shelf Ideas
Are you sick of bathroom cupboards that are untidy and counters that are cluttered? Are you looking for a way to decorate your bathroom while keeping your bathroom essentials organized?…
minimal bathroom
Tips To Create A Minimalist Bathroom
Your bathroom should be a relaxing and useful location because it is where you begin and end each day. If you want to create a calm and uncluttered atmosphere, a…
bathtub in a japanese style bathroom
What Is A Japanese Bathroom?
A Japanese bathroom, also known as an Ofuro, is a traditional bathroom designed in Japan. It is very different from Western-style bathrooms. An integral part of Japanese culture and lifestyle,…
popular fixtures in the bathroom
Popular Types Of Bathroom Fixtures
Any bathroom design should include bathroom fixtures. They not only provide a practical purpose but also enhance the room's overall aesthetic appeal. Choosing the best fixtures for your bathroom might…
Ensuite Bathroom. What Is It All About
Ensuite Bathroom. What Is It All About?
A private bathroom that is immediately attached to a bedroom and only accessible from that room is called an ensuite bathroom. Modern homes and hotels are increasingly using ensuite bathrooms.…
bathroom themes you must try
8 Popular Bathroom Themes Of 2024
There are numerous popular bathroom themes, whether you prefer a traditional and elegant appearance, a warm and homey atmosphere, or a sleek and modern aesthetic. In order to help you…
eco-friendly bathroom
How To Create An Eco-Friendly Bathroom
A fantastic method to make your home more environmentally friendly and lessen your impact on the environment is to design an eco-friendly bathroom. You can cut down on your use…
jack and jill bathroom
What Is A Jack And Jill Bathroom?
A Jack and Jill bathroom is a pair of adjoining bathrooms that may be accessed from each side of two bedrooms. According to legend, the nursery rhyme about two kids…
expensive looking bathroom
How To Make A Bathroom Look Expensive?
The bathroom is often one of the most neglected spaces in a home when it comes to interior design. However, with a few simple changes, you can transform your bathroom…
ways to improve bathroom ventilation
How To Improve Ventilation In Your Bathroom?
When your building's design makes venting a bath fan difficult or impossible, what would you do? This guide will help you improve the ventilation in your bathroom. A well-ventilated bathroom…
bathroom plant decor ideas
Plant Decor Ideas For Your Bathroom
Adding plants to your bathroom is a great way to give it a more natural feel while also enhancing the air quality. Plants are ideal for a bathroom since they…
bathroom update
How Long Does A Bathroom Remodeling Take?
The amount of time it takes to remodel a bathroom can vary greatly depending on the scope of the project. A simple bathroom remodel, such as updating the fixtures, paint,…
make bathroom look cozy
How To Make Your Bathroom Look Cozy?
A bathroom is also a place where you can escape from the stresses of life. It is this that makes a cozy bathroom design so important. Your bathroom should feel…
bathroom building codes
Requirements For Bathroom Building Codes
Building bathroom codes are crucial to the construction process. These standards specify the requirements for the design and installation of restroom facilities. It guarantees that they are safe, accessible, and…
bathroom decor ideas
Clever Bathroom Decor Ideas You Must Try
A great way to decorate your bathroom is to give it a unique touch and make it feel calming and pleasant. But, considering its compact size and functional factors like…
cleaning whole bathroom
How Often Should You Clean Your Bathroom?
Your bathroom is used every day, seven days a week, for 365 days. The bathroom is where you clean, sanitize, and refresh yourself. You're taking care of yourself and cleaning…
small bathroom remodel
11 Tips To Remodel Your Small Bathroom
The goal of a small bathroom remodel is to make the most of the limited space available and create a functional and visually appealing bathroom. Some common small bathroom remodel…
install drop in bathroom sink
How To Install A Drop-In Bathroom Sink?
A drop-in bathroom sink have become very popular with DIYers and homeowners and it is easy to install. The sinks are drop-in and can be placed in any existing hole…
pros and cons of vessel sinks
Pros And Cons Of Vessel Sinks
Vessel sinks are slightly different from drop-in sinks and they have their own pros and cons in terms of style, maintenance, and use. These advantages and disadvantages can either direct…
what is a vessel sink
What Is A Vessel Sink?
A vessel sink is a must-have bathroom trend. These sinks are becoming increasingly popular in bathroom remodeling and new construction. They have the misconception that they are more suitable for…
vanity vs pedestal sink
Vanity vs Pedestal Sink. Which Is Better?
Bathroom sinks are available in many styles, colors, and materials. But, it is still difficult to decide between a pedestal sink vs vanity. Although homeowners are able to choose a…
wall mount sink installation
Wall Mount Sink Installation Guide
One of the biggest reasons for a wall-mount sink installation is its ability to save space. It's also easy to clean and fashionable. Additionally, because it provides sufficient legroom for…
installing undermount bathroom sink
Installing Undermount Bathroom Sink Like A Pro
Undermount sinks bring out the beauty and elegance of solid-surface countertops or stone. Installing an undermount bathroom sink is not as difficult or complicated as you might think. Although undermounts…
install frameless shower doors
How To Install Frameless Shower Doors?
Frameless shower doors are becoming increasingly popular in high-end bathrooms that have stone or tiled shower walls. They're also more common in bathrooms that have an acrylic or fiberglass enclosure.…
pros and cons of frameless shower doors
Frameless Shower Doors Pros And Cons
In this article, we discuss the pros and cons of frameless shower doors, including their cost, features, and whether or not they are worth it in your bathroom design. What…
frameless shower doors vs framed
Frameless Shower Doors vs Framed
Remodeling your bathroom means changing the bathroom's interior. There are many options available. What fixtures should you choose for the interior? What color scheme should you use or accessories should…
low flow toilets
Are Low-Flow Toilets Better?
Are you thinking of installing a low-flow toilet? Find out all the pros and cons of low-flow toilets, whether you are looking to save water or be more friendly to…
expensive toilets
Are Expensive Toilets Worth The Price?
Toilets can be a costly addition to a bathroom. But, a bathroom is not complete without a toilet. You may have noticed that toilets are expensive when you are looking…
16 inch toilet
16 Inch Toilet Rough-In Replacement
You might find a toilet with a strange rough-in size, such as 16 inches, in an old house or because of a construction error. Toilets are only available in rough-in…
toilet against wall
Should A Toilet Be Against The Wall?
Toilets are a major fixture in bathrooms. However, there may be questions about the standards for how close a toilet should be to a wall. Let's take a closer look…
what is a flushometer
What Is A Flushometer?
Although you may not have heard of it, the flushometer is an important plumbing device that you will likely have seen and used. Toilets with a flushometer, unlike most residential…
how to remove scratches from toilet bowl
How To Remove Scratches From The Toilet Bowl?
Sometimes scratches are caused by using a plumbing snake to clear clogs out of your toilet. These scratches can be unsightly but are easily fixed with elbow grease. Scratches in…
self-cleaning toilet
What Is A Self-Cleaning Toilet?
If you want your bathroom to remain clean and tidy, cleaning the toilet is a must. Is it? Several manufacturers have started to produce self-cleaning toilet models in recent years.…
bidet vs washlet
Bidet vs Washlet – Which One Would You Choose?
Bidet vs washlet, are great alternatives to cleaning yourself after using the toilet. Both are hygienic, safe, and eco-friendly. You can have them installed on an existing toilet or as…
how to use a toilet seat cover
How To Properly Use A Toilet Seat Cover?
There is this debate about whether or not toilet seat covers make toilet seats safer to use. Because they are made from disposable paper, the toilet seat covers can easily…
will toilets flush without power
Will Toilets Flush Without Power?
Your plumbing system might run on electricity. However, will toilets flush without power? Power outages can be dangerous. You may feel vulnerable if you use candles at night. Your plumbing…
are wooden toilet seats sanitary
Are Wooden Toilet Seats Sanitary?
Wooden toilet seats look elegant and sophisticated, but many people fear they are not sanitary. Sanitation should be your top priority when it comes to your toilet seats. Wooden toilet…
toilet guts replacement
Toilet Guts Replacement. Step-By-Step Guide
Although the toilet's exterior shell is very durable, the parts inside can wear down slowly and cause leaks or overflows. This could all lead to water loss. Guts replacement in…
how to keep toilet drain clear
How To Keep Your Toilet Drain Clear?
Toilets can clog or malfunction. It can be embarrassing and inconvenient. Continue reading to learn how to keep your toilet drain clear. Blockage occurs in the waste line that runs…
will a toilet unclog itself overnight
Will A Toilet Unclog Itself Overnight?
Although it may be tempting to close the lid and allow the clog to sit, this is not the best idea. It is not usually dangerous to leave a clogged…
how to keep toilet seat up
How To Keep Your Toilet Seat Up?
A functional toilet requires a few parts. First, you need a water source. The second is a flushing system. And the third is a toilet seat that can be flipped…
stop toilet tank sweating
How To Stop Toilet Tank From Sweating?
The temperature inside your home will rise when the outside temperatures start to rise. This is particularly true in bathrooms, which have more humidity and less ventilation. Condensation occurs when…
what is a skirted toilet
What Is A Skirted Toilet?
In the past decade, the skirted toilet has gained popularity. Manufacturers are now rushing to produce a skirted version for most of their premium collections. Skirted toilets can be more…
how to replace a toilet handle
How To Replace A Toilet Handle?
A loose handle can lead to a constantly running toilet. It can make you feel like your money is leaking down the drain. A running toilet can waste up to…
how to clean your toilet brush
How To Clean Your Toilet Brush?
Toilet brushes have one of the dirtiest jobs in your home. They should be given more than just a quick flush-action swirl or rinse after each use. How to clean…
close toilet lid
Should You Close Your Toilet Lid When Flushing?
It is important to maintain good hygiene in your toilets. Therefore, you should close the toilet lid when flushing. Bacteria can easily infect your toilet seats, lids, and surrounding floors…
what is a smart toilet
What Is A Smart Toilet?
The basic smart toilet model, which was originally called a washlet and a toilet, is a combination of a Western-style toilet and a bidet. Smart toilets were invented in Japan…
how to install toilet flange extender
How To Install A Toilet Flange Extender?
There's a chance of a toilet leaking if it doesn't fit properly on the flange. To ensure a perfect fitting, install a toilet flange extender. Remodeling can add another layer…
how do rv toilets work
How Do RV Toilets Work?
A working bathroom has been an integral part of RVs since then. However, few people are familiar with how RV toilets work. The basic principle behind RV toilets is that…
old model toilet
What Is A Composting Toilet?
These devices are increasingly popular due to increasing concerns about water conservation. We have the answer to your question "What is a composting toilet?" What Are Composting Toilets? Composting toilets…
painting behind toilet
Painting Behind The Toilet In 3 Ways
It is not a good idea when painting in the toilet, let alone painting behind the toilet. You can't maneuver in this tight area to paint in a comfortable way.…
homemade toilet bowl cleaner
How To Make A Homemade Toilet Bowl Cleaner?
You don't need to inhale bleach or other harsh chemicals to clean your toilet. It is easy to make a homemade toilet bowl cleaner that is inexpensive and less hazardous…
where does toilet water go
Where Do Toilet Water And Waste Go?
The fascinating world of toilet waste and other types of wastewater is more than meets the eye. Many people think that water and waste simply disappear once they are disposed…
how to keep toilet bowl clean
How To Keep Your Toilet Bowl Clean?
It has become a common practice to scrub the toilet with a brush or other abrasive cleaning tool. Scrubbing can be quick, cheap, and easy. However, it is not the…
how to dissolve paper towels
How To Dissolve Paper Towels In The Toilet?
Many people mistakenly flush paper towels down the toilet as toilet paper. Paper towels are much more durable and have a more complex construction. If you place a lot of…
caulk toilet base
Should You Caulk Your Toilet Base?
There can be heated debate about whether or not to caulk your toilet base. In search of an answer, we examine the pros and cons. Many people base their reasoning…
how to make an automatic toilet flush
How To Make An Automatic Toilet Flush?
The modern technology we have available has many positive effects on our lives. One of these features is the automatic toilet flush. Flushing is an important characteristic of the toilet.…
replace toilet water supply line
How To Replace Toilet Water Supply Line?
Older toilets may have a deteriorated water supply line. It could also be blocked by corrosion or restrict water flow. While a new toilet water supply line can be inexpensive…
what is pressure assist toilet
What Is A Pressure Assist Toilet?
A pressure-assist toilet uses a secondary tank within the main tank, which is called a pressure vessel. The pressure vessel contains compressed air that is mixed with the inflowing water…
toilet overflow tube
What Is A Toilet Overflow Tube?
Toilets can overflow at any moment. In order to prevent this, the toilet overflow tube is installed to control the water level in the tank. This part of the toilet…
minimum toilet space
Minimum Toilet Space Requirement
The minimum toilet space requirement in a small bathroom is a key factor when designing a remodel. While you can remove some fixtures (e.g. the shower), you cannot eliminate others.…
what is watersense toilet
What Is A WaterSense Toilet?
WaterSense toilets are replacing old toilets with more technology and modern conveniences. But, is a WaterSense toilet worth the investment? WaterSense or water-saving toilets use less water than regular toilets…
how to fix a slow close toilet seat
How To Fix A Slow Close Toilet Seat?
When tilted inward, a slow-close toilet seat will sink slowly. This keeps them from sliding down and could cause damage to the hinges and toilet seat, or even wake up…
what is a low flow toilet
What Is A Low-Flow Toilet?
A low-flow toilet is a toilet that uses less water to flush out waste. These toilets are also known as modern toilets or low-flush toilets. They have been in use…
what is gpf in toilets
What Is GPF In Toilets?
The amount of water required for a flush in toilets to be effective is called Gallons Per Flush (GPF). It also indicates how to dispose of any waste or water…
concealed trapway toilet
What Is A Concealed Trapway Toilet?
If you are in the market for a new toilet, then you might be looking at the concealed trapway variety. This is a very common type of toilet model, so…
replace toilet shut off valve
How To Replace A Toilet Shut-Off Valve?
The wall behind the toilet houses a shut-off valve for the toilet. This valve allows you to turn off the water supply to your toilet in the event that you…
how to adjust a toilet float
How To Adjust A Toilet Float?
Are you frustrated by too much water in your toilet tank, or a low water level when flushing a toilet? It's time to adjust your toilet float. Water wastage can…
incinerating toilet
What Is An Incinerating Toilet?
If you don't know what to do with your waste, why not just burn it? An incinerating toilet can be installed and used easily. What can you do to manage…
how to secure a toilet to the floor
How To Secure A Toilet To The Floor?
Have you noticed when sitting on the toilet, it seems to move? Most often, the process to secure the toilet to the floor takes place during housing construction. This is…
toilet wax ring replacement
Toilet Wax Ring Replacement In 9 Easy Ways
A good wax ring is what lies beneath every toilet. Even the best toilet wax rings can become brittle over time. It's time for toilet the wax ring replacement. The…
how to adjust a toilet fill valve
How To Adjust A Toilet Fill Valve?
The fill valve for the toilet tank also called the ballcock, regulates the flow of water to the tank. It opens to let water in and closes when the water…
how much water does a toilet hold
How Much Water Does A Toilet Hold?
How much water can a toilet tank hold? It depends on what type of toilet you use and how old your toilet is. Your toilet could need between 5 and…
average cost to replace toilet
What Is The Average Cost To Replace A Toilet?
Although toilets are an essential part of our homes, many people forget that they're plumbing machines. They can break in many ways. Sometimes, you have no choice but to replace…
how often should you clean the toilet
How often Should You Clean The Toilet?
How often do you clean the toilet or bathroom varies depending on several factors, such as how many people use it and what their needs are. You will need to…
how to clean a toilet
How To Clean A Toilet Properly?
Our toilets can actually be the cleanest in bathrooms. According to NSF International's 2011 study, toothbrush holders can contain the most germs, viruses, and mold. The study found that 27%…
bathroom shelf ideas
10 Stylish Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Last Updated on May 6, 2023 by acechapman Are you sick of bathroom cupboards that are untidy and counters that are cluttered? Are you looking for a way to decorate … Read more

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