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how to measure toilet flapper
How To Measure A Toilet Flapper?
Toilet flappers can last a long time but, they can wear out. Knowing how to measure your toilet flapper before replacing it is essential. Today's toilet flappers are more universal…
what is a toilet flange
What Is A Toilet Flange?
A toilet flange connects to your drain pipe and holds the toilet securely to the floor. It is between the floor and the base of the toilet. WHY IS IT…
what is a tankless toilet
What Is A Tankless Toilet?
You have probably seen a toilet without a water tank in public places or at your home. This is called a tankless toilet. These toilets work in the exact same…
how to change toilet seat
How To Change A Toilet Seat?
It is easy to change or replace an old toilet seat. This simple DIY project can make a big difference in the appearance of your bathroom. A new toilet seat…
how to tighten toilet seat
How To Tighten A Toilet Seat?
The bathroom is an integral part of our lives and a loose seat can cause serious discomfort. We will show you how to tighten your toilet seat even if it…
how to install a bidet
How To Install A Bidet On Any Toilet?
Bidets are often mistaken for a drinking fountain, awkward sink, or shower, but you will know what you are looking at. But, can you install a bidet on any toilet?…
what is a macerating toilet system
What Is A Macerating Toilet System?
Homeowners may want to add a basement toilet or macerating toilet system to their homes for many reasons. There are many options for designs, colors, and finishes, regardless of your…
what is a dual flush toilet
What Is A Dual Flush Toilet?
You could be flushing your toilet with at least 3.5 gallons of water per day. A dual flush toilet system can help you reduce water waste. You may use a…
tankless toilet problems
What Are The Tankless Toilet Problems?
Are you planning to install a tankless toilet in your bathroom? There are many things you need to consider. These tankless toilets have been very popular in recent years. These…
how to stop a toilet from overflowing
How To Stop A Toilet From Overflowing?
Overflowing toilets are something homeowners will have to deal with sometimes. To stop a toilet from overflowing, let's first find out what causes it. The toilet drain may be blocked…
who invented the first toilet
Who Invented The First Toilet?
Toilets were not available in ancient times. Some people used the bush while others prefer the rivers and dug holes. So, who invented the first toilet? The Greeks, who built…
tankless toilet vs tank toilet
Tankless Toilet Vs Tank Toilet
As a buyer, you may be curious about whether the innovations are suitable for residential use, and if tankless toilet vs tank toilet is best. Although the water tank is…
how to use a dual flush toilet
How To Use A Dual Flush Toilet?
What is a Dual Flush Toilet? Dual flush toilets allow the user to choose between two water levels, depending on whether they wish to flush liquids or solids. They typically…
how to increase water level in toilet bowl
How To Increase Water level In Toilet Bowl?
Is your toilet bowl water level dropping after every flush? Is the toilet bowl water level too high after flushing? Both low water levels in the toilet bowl and high…
double flushing toilet
How To Fix A Double Flushing Toilet?
Does your toilet flushes normally, but then your bowl almost immediately fills up with water and it flushes again? Double flushing in your toilet is also a problem. Your toilet…
what is a toilet flush valve
What Is A Toilet Flush Valve?
A toilet flush valve is located at the bottom of the tank. It allows water to flow from the tank to flush the bowl. The majority of toilets have a…
can you flush paper towels
Can You Flush Paper Towels In The Toilet?
While paper towels may look a lot like toilet paper, should you use them as an alternative to toilet paper? What happens if you use your paper towels instead when…
bidet vs toilet paper
Bidet Vs Toilet Paper. Which Is Better?
One of the most commonly used bathroom necessities is toilet paper. There are many alternatives, but toilet paper is the most common in the United States. People can use it…
benefits of using a bidet
What Are The Benefits Of Using A Bidet?
There is news about people who keep too much toilet paper, readers are now looking for alternatives and are asking more: What are the benefits of using a bidet, exactly?…
why aren't bidets common in the us
Why Aren’t Bidets Common In The US?
When you have a visitor from another country, one thing they will notice is something missing when they enter an American bathroom, a bidet. Why are Americans not using bidets…
why are toilets porcelain
Why Are Toilets Porcelain?
Since 1696, the toilet has been a fixture in bathrooms for hundreds of years. Although the plumbing system has seen technological advances throughout its history, the toilet bowl is still…
how do you measure a toilet seat
How Do You Measure A Toilet Seat?
Although replacing a toilet seat can be done quickly, it is not difficult. You need to be able to accurately measure the toilet seat before you replace it or buy…
what is a vault toilet
What Is A Vault Toilet? And How Does It Work?
A vault toilet is the most commonly used waterless toilet that you will have come across in public places. Vault toilets have a number of advantages, including reduced water consumption…
how a toilet fill valve works
How A Toilet Fill Valve Works?
This is a simple and harmonious system that allows you to flush the toilet, then when you return, you can flush it again. The same amount of water will always…
how to flush toilet without handle
How To Flush Toilet Without Handle?
Water must always be available for a toilet to work properly. It should be able to quickly fill up the tank with water each flush so that it is ready…
replace flush valve seal
How To Replace Flush Valve Seal In A Toilet?
Toilet brands such as Mansfield, American Standard, and certain models of Kohler or American Standard don't use flapper flush valves. They use what's known as a tower or canister flush…
how to drain toilet bowl
How To Drain A Toilet Bowl?
It is possible to repair or replace your toilet, or just clean it up. To do any of these, you will need to drain or empty your toilet bowl. How…
toilet gasket replacement
Toilet Gasket Replacement In 3 Ways
Do you notice a leaky toilet bowl? Most likely, the problem is with the toilet tank-to-bowl gasket. Also known as a "spud washer", this post will show you how toilet…
how to vent a toilet
How To Vent A Toilet In 4 Easy Ways?
Most people don't know what venting is until they have to install a new toilet. So, let's find out the process of how to vent a toilet. Venting is the…
why does my toilet smell
Why Does My Toilet Smell Bad?
Does your toilet smell like sulfur or rotten eggs after you flush the toilet or shower? Yeah. This is the worst stench you've ever smelled. More than 80% of Americans…
when to replace a toilet
When To Replace A Toilet?
Toilets are one of the most important parts of our lives. If they're not working properly, it can cause a lot of frustration. There are a few things you need…
how to remove toilet tank
How To Remove A Toilet Tank In 3 Ways?
Are you having issues with your toilet tank such as the tank cracking, leaking, or wobbling? You probably have seen worse. You may just want to replace it with a…
slow draining toilet
How To Fix A Slow Draining Toilet?
Toilets rely on gravity to create a suction/siphon effect that pushes the waste out of the bowl and up the trap. To allow this to happen, both drainpipe and trap…
toilet flapper stays up
What To Do When Toilet Flapper Stays Up?
The toilet tank is usually not something we pay too much attention to until it becomes a problem. The most common problem is toilet flushing. The most common complaint from…
how to fix a slow flushing toilet
How To Fix A Slow Flushing Toilet?
The most important part of any toilet is its flush. A strong flushing toilet never gets any blockage issues, which is why most homeowners begin to worry when the toilet…
how to remove limescale from toilet
How To Remove Limescale From Toilet?
For a better flushing experience, toilet jets are essential. After you flush, the water flows through the toilet jets to wash away any waste. However, for various reasons, toilet jets…
how does a low flow toilet work
How Does A Low Flow Toilet Work?
Many house owners are now using low-flush toilets or low-flow toilets to save water, reduce their environmental impact, and store money. Since their introduction in 1990, these water-saving toilets are…
common toilet issues
What Are The Common Toilet Issues And Solutions?
Professionals handle most of the many toilet problems. Not every problem requires a plumber. Many modern toilets have user manuals that homeowners can consult when they run into problems. This…
toilet flange types
What Are The Toilet Flange Types?
Toilet flanges are a type of plumbing link that connects your toilet bowl and the sewage line. It is an essential link to the toilet. This connection can cause serious…
what is a cassette toilet
What Is A Cassette Toilet?
Many people confuse cassette toilets with portable camping toilets. Although they work in the same way, they are slightly different. What is a cassette toilet and how does it differ…
how to reduce toilet water usage
How To Reduce Toilet Water Usage In 10 Ways?
Whether it's replacing an old toilet or repairing damaged parts, these ten tips will help you reduce toilet water usage. Toilet water usage can be reduced in several ways, both…
how to remove an old toilet
How To Remove An Old Toilet?
Although it can be intimidating to replace your toilet at home, if you do it slowly and carefully you will be fine. To remove an old toilet can be a…
how to remove a toilet flapper
How To Remove A Toilet Flapper?
Your toilet may run indefinitely after you flush it. This could be caused by a malfunctioning flapper. It can be very annoying, especially if you hear the water dripping at…
frozen toilet pipes
How To Prevent Frozen Toilet Pipes?
More than 250,000 Americans experience frozen toilet pipes or burst pipes every year. It is estimated that between 11% and 20% of homeowners insurance claims are caused by water damage…
toilet anti siphon
What Is Toilet Anti-Siphon Valve?
There are many toilet models and designs available today. While this can be great, it can make updating or buying a toilet a little more difficult. It's easy to see…
toilet bowl smells
How To Get Rid Of Toilet Bowl Smells?
Is your toilet still smelling bad after it is flushed? Even though you have cleaned the bathroom and toilet, the toilet may still smell bad. What can you do to…
shapes of toilet seats
What Are The Different Shapes Of Toilet Seats?
To meet different user preferences and tastes, toilet seats are available in many sizes and shapes. These seats can be placed in a variety of interiors, including luxurious or compact…
how to clean toilet siphon jet hole
How To Clean Toilet Siphon Jet Hole?
The siphon jets for toilets are located under the inner bowl of the toilet. They are often overlooked until they get clogged up with bacteria and mineral deposits. These jets…
how do bidet attachments work
How Do Bidet Attachments Work?
Bidets can replace your current toilet seat. They typically have a heated seat with a water heating system, adjustable sprays, and other convenient features. What if the appliance is too…
ring in the toilet bowl
How To Remove Ring In The Toilet Bowl?
It's not your cleaning habits or your family's routine that caused the ugly ring in your toilet bowl. You are literally fighting the elements. If you want to know how…
remove yellow stains from toilet
How To Remove Yellow Stains From Toilet Bowl?
Are you seeing yellow discolorations in your toilet bowl? Have you noticed yellow discoloration on the walls of your toilet bowl? It could possibly be a tanned, faint, or dark…
what is an ada toilet
What Is An ADA Toilet And Its Importance?
ADA toilets are also called handicap toilets, handicap toilets, or comfort height toilets. They provide more space and have hand bars to help with the inconvenience caused by disability. An…
composting toilet smell
Does A Composting Toilet Smell?
All those involved in the topic of camping toilets/motorhome toilets, and eventually the composting toilet, are most concerned about the unpleasant smells or stench. On one hand, van owners and…
composting toilets pros and cons
What Are The Composting Toilets Pros And Cons?
Composting toilets are becoming increasingly popular as people become more concerned about climate conservation. A composting toilet is a great option if you want to reduce your carbon footprint. These…
how to clean camper toilet
How To Clean A Camper Toilet Easily?
Your RV toilet needs regular cleaning just like the toilet in your home. An RV toilet bowl, however, is made from soft material, which is not the case with a…
how to fix a low-flow toilet
How To Fix A Low-Flow Toilet In 6 Easy Steps
In 1994, federal law required all new toilets to have low flow. This was in response to an environmental initiative. The flushing water needed for the toilet was approximately 1…
where to dispose of a toilet
Where To Dispose Of A Toilet Safely?
Toilet bowls, toilet seats, and urinals that are not biodegradable can all end up in landfills. The US dumps more than 7 million toilets every year. This is bad news…
macerating toilet pros and cons
What Are The Macerating Toilet Pros And Cons?
You must weigh the pros and cons of each option before you make a purchase decision. The benefits of using an upflush toilet far outweigh any potential disadvantages. This guide…
types of toilet flappers
What Are The Types Of Toilet Flappers?
It's easy to forget the importance of the flapper when you examine the anatomy of a toilet. The humble flapper in the toilet is an important part of your bathroom.…
upflush toilet problems
How To Solve Upflush Toilet Problems?
An upflush is a toilet that has a macerator inside a small, compact tank. It sits behind the toilet bowl. A small cutting blade is part of the macerator that…
how does an upflush toilet work
How Does An Upflush Toilet Work?
Customers who call in first ask what an upflush toilet is and why they are necessary. Although it is not a simple question, this is the most common question. This…
how to measure toilet rough in
How To Measure Toilet Rough In?
To measure the rough-in size for a toilet, you will need to measure the distance from the wall behind the toilet to the center of the mounting bolts that hold…
can toilets go bad
Can Toilets Go Bad? Signs And Causes
You may wonder if your toilet is still in good condition if it has been there for a while or was included with your house at the time you bought…
how tall are handicap toilets
How Tall Are Handicap Toilets?
A handicap toilet, sometimes also known as an accessible toilet, is available for people who have disabilities in one way or another. Mobility or other impairments that prevent you from…
how does a camping toilet work
How Does A Camping Toilet Work?
Campers now have the option to either take their portable toilets to unserviced campgrounds or dry campgrounds without having to worry about finding a spot to set up a tent.…
how to shim a toilet
How To Shim A Toilet That Rocks Or Wobbles?
Shimming a toilet involves using thin, flexible wedges called toilet shims to level and stabilize the toilet. This is a common process that is used to correct a wobbly or…
how does a tankless toilet work
How Does A Tankless Toilet Work?
To flush a toilet, you need to pour large quantities of water into the bowl. A toilet tank is a necessity because most homes do not have enough pressure. However,…
bathroom shelf ideas
10 Stylish Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Last Updated on May 6, 2023 by acechapman Are you sick of bathroom cupboards that are untidy and counters that are cluttered? Are you looking for a way to decorate … Read more

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