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The American Standard Champion 4 is manufactured in vitreous china and has American Standard’s Ever Clean surface. This surface finish inhibits stains and the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. Thus, keeping the toilet cleaner for longer. The 1.6 gallons per flush uses the Champion 4 flushing system for a 4” high-pressure piston. It gives a high-performance flush. So, read further to learn more about the American Standard Champion 4 review.

This toilet has an elongated bowl and a rim height of 16 1/2”. When the toilet fits with an appropriate height seat, the toilet becomes ADA-compliant.

American Standard Champion 4: Review


american standard champion 4 reviewThe Champion 4 is a one-piece toilet and cistern combination. It is made of vitreous china with an Ever Clean Surface. The Ever Clean finish is specially designed to reduce staining and inhibit the growth of mold, bacteria, and mildew. Therefore, the toilet’s finish leads to reducing the cleaning requirements.

A combination of the levered flush mechanism, the shape of the bowl,  aw well as the height of the seat all make the Champion 4 ADA compliant.

Flushing System

One of the best flushing toilets has a single flush that uses American Standard’s Champion 4 flushing system. There is a 4” non-adjustable piston that, with the Accelerator flush valve, delivers a high pressure 1.6 gallons flush. The 2 3/8” trap way has full glaze to allow a smooth passage of waste to the drainage system. The flush system has been tested as capable of removing 2.2 lbs. of waste in a single flush.


The high-pressure flushing system, with a combination of the Ever Clean surface of the bowl, helps ensure that this toilet flushes completely the first time. The Ever Clean surface, in addition, prevents the buildup of stains and discoloration due to mildew, microbial, and bacterial action.


The 1.6 gallons per flush ensures that this toilet is within Federal toilet flush specifications. However, the 1.6 gpf means that it is outside the Water Sense guidelines and does not qualify for rebates.

Ease of Installation

The toilet is designed to fit a minimum of a 12” rough-in. As the Champion 4 is a one-piece toilet, it is heavier than the individual parts of a two-piece. Therefore, this weight makes it a little more difficult to position it over the rough out. So, it is better done as a two-person job, rather than on your own. Apart from that one small thing, the toilet is a simple straightforward and very quick installation. Secure to the floor and attach the water supply, then fit the seat, and finally, the toilet installation is complete.

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American Standard Champion 4 Pros & Cons


  • A single high-powered flush ensures that the toilet is cleared with just one flushAmerican Standard Champion 4 review
  • Ever Clean surface to prevent the buildup of stains
  • ADA compliant, it means that the seat height is comfortable height for most adults
  • 2 3/8” fully glazed trap way
  • 100% flush tested before leaving the factory
  • 10-year warranty


Overall                 4.6/5

As you have seen from our American Standard Champion 4 review, this is a highly efficient as well as low-maintenance one-piece toilet. The high-pressure 1.6 gallons flush combined with the Ever Clean finish means that the toilet clears all waste with just one flush. Then, the resistance to all types of staining means that cleaning maintenance needs to be carried out less frequently. These benefits, therefore, combined with ADA compliance, lead the American Standard Champion 4 review to show that it is to be a highly recommended choice. So, it is perfect for either the home or business environment. Click to see other top-rated toilets in our main post.

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  1. Beware American Standard Instructions and Substandard American Standard China Used in Toilet Manufacturing Process: I purchased two American Standard Model No. 2793.000NT.020 Champion 4 toilets from Lowes (Item No. 110945) and both tanks cracked during installation. The amount of force required to compress the tank to bowl gasket is greater than the shear strength of the china used to manufacture the tank and the instructions are incorrect. American Standard clearly instructs us to “tighten handles alternately until the tank contacts the front and back of the bowl achieving a china-to-china contact”. After the tank to bowl seal was installed on the tank and the tank was placed on the bowl, we proceeded to alternately tighten the tank to bowl handles (bolts) to obtain china-to-china contact on the rear of the toilet assembly. Prior to obtaining china-to-china contact on the rear side of the toilet assembly, both tanks cracked.

    After the first tank was installed and water was turned on, a tank to bowl seal leak occurred. The china to china clearance on the rear side was approximately 1/16 inch. In order to avoid damaging the tank, American Standard was contacted and Customer Service personnel confirmed that the tank must be tightened in accordance with their instructions until china-to-china contact occurs. After a new seal kit was obtained, we proceeded to re-install the tank. Prior to the tank making china-to-china contact with the rear of the bowl, the tank cracked. We contacted American Standard for a second time and even though we followed their instructions, Customer Service blamed us for cracking the tank. Since the tank was not available for purchase, I purchased another same model toilet so I would not have to remove and replace the bowl.

    During installation of the second (new) tank, the bottom side of the tank sheared away prior to the rear side of the tank making china-to-china contact with the bowl. American Standard Customer Service was contacted to discuss this issue. Customer Service blamed us for cracking the tank. After explaining our dilemma to Lowes Customer Service and showing them the instructions, they contacted American Standard and obtained the same results. Fortunately, Lowes let us return the toilets. Now that is Customer Service.

    I have installed and rebuilt several toilets (replaced seals, fill valves, etc.) and never had any problem like this. The easy installation claim is bogus. Both tanks cracked in the bolt hole area. The tank to bowl design is weak and the material appears to be low quality china. The tank china cannot handle the bolt compression stress. I do not recommend this toilet and can tell you American Standard is not customer oriented.

  2. I’ve had this toilet for about 6 years now. I chose this toilet because of it’s claim to flush 2.2 lbs of waste in a single flush and because of the Ever Clean surface of the bowl, which is suppose to helps ensure that this toilet flushes completely the first time. The Ever Clean surface, claims to prevent the buildup of stains and discoloration due to mildew, microbial, and bacterial action. These claims proved true for approximately the first 3-4 years of use. Now, it seems that the Ever Clean property has worn off as the toilet looks very dirty and stained after two days. I do not wish to clean toilets every day, once a week was fine. It still does however, remove a large amount of waste in one flush but does NOT leave the toilet clean.

  3. We bought 3 of these toilets to replace older units in a newly purchased house. Bought this model based on reviews and recommendation from Lowe’s agent. All have functioned well. However, one unit developed a crack in the tank extending from below the flush lever down the side to the base after only 1 year. Water seepage noted. No obvious cause. In a low use 1/2 bathroom. Went to Lowe’s with pix. Given the American Standard customer service #. Called and after 27 minutes spoke with a rep. As instructed I emailed her pix of the crack, the tank model # and the invoice # from Lowe’s. Not good enough. They needed a copy of the invoice which I did not have and couldn’t get from Lowe’s. AS would not honor the warranty. Fortunately the Lowe’s store mgr. replaced the tank gratis. My experience was one of poor quality and very poor customer service from AS. Lowe’s, however, came through for us. Caveat Emptor! No more American Standard purchases for us.

  4. Purchased 3 of these pieces of crap in July 2018. Side of the bowl has a hairline crack down the side and leaks onto wood floor on one of them. Talked with Lowe’s but got the response of this problem is between me and AS. Talked with AS today and they want to send me a replacement bowl and kit to connect to the tank. Tried to explain I did not pay $200+ for a kit toilet. Plumber who originally installed it said he has replaced 6 AS toilets with the same problem in the same place. I’m not an engineer but sounds like a design flaw and pressure is too much for those 10 tennis balls. If I have the plumber come back out it is going to cost me $150 for an installation and AS Service Dept said that is a personal problem and they do not cover the expense. After reading some of the comments I now have concerns about trying to put the kit in and connecting the bowl and tank without have another leak. Not happy with Lowe’s or AS. Conversation with AS they would not acknowledge they have a problem with their product.

  5. The flush valve is very inconsistent, for every three good flushes there’s one bad one that won’t clear minimal toilet paper from the bowl. Adjusting chain tension, and water level in the tank makes no difference. Replaced the flush valve entirely, same issue. Checked the jet port in the toilet and the flush channel at the base of the tank and found no issue. Just a poorly designed flush valve system, it’s too heavy and doesn’t stay open long enough for consistency. I would avoid any models utilizing the Champion4 flush system.

  6. I bought CHAMPION 4 from Lowes because I thought they were both reputable companies. The flush valve has failed and Lowes dosn’t know anything about this model or carry parts. American Std after several trys wont answer their phone. So much for reputable companies. I shut it off, the water costs more than beer these days.


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