Are Expensive Toilets Worth The Price?

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Toilets can be a costly addition to a bathroom. But, a bathroom is not complete without a toilet. You may have noticed that toilets are expensive when you are looking for replacement toilets to remodel your bathroom.

There are many reasons why the pricing of these toilets is so high. We’ve identified the top ten reasons why toilets are so costly and show you how you can fix them.

Why are toilets so expensive?


Toilets are a must-have. Your bathroom isn’t much of a bathroom if it doesn’t have a toilet. You will sometimes notice that the price of an item you need for your home will go up. It almost seems like the manufacturers are aware that you will be left without what you need. It is almost impossible to build your own toilet at home. Therefore, the options available in the shops are limited.

Although not all toilet brands will be priced at more than $1,500 per piece, you will feel almost immediate pressure to buy one of the best. The price you pay for a toilet will feel justified when you consider how vital it is to the home’s inner workings. However, prices will remain high as long as people continue to use toilets. This one is beyond your control.

Cleaning Power

A toilet’s purpose is to eliminate waste from the environment without anyone having to worry. The more powerful the toilet is, the better it cleans. It is not something that anyone wants to have the responsibility of disposing of human waste. The price of a toilet with high power and flushing capability will go up.

Most people will want toilets with a lot of cleaning power. It can be frustrating and difficult to clean out the toilet after every use. To make toilets that have high cleaning power and flushing capability, manufacturers must add a lot of engineering and technology to the toilet.

The manufacturer will have to spend a lot of money on engineering and design, which will increase the price for the end user. A toilet is an important tool and therefore costs more. A toilet is a convenient tool that most people will pay for. But, sometimes the shock of a high-cost toilet can be too much to bear when you’re shopping.

Flushing Features

The last but not least, we have seen technology integrated into toilets. These household products can now be used for more than just flushing waste out of the house. These products are water-saving, can help you clean, and have the most technologically advanced features.

Many of the new toilets now have push-button flushing. This button lets you control the water flow and allows you to save water. This button increases the price of toilets and makes them more costly.

The manufacturing of toilets requires a lot of design work. These features will only get better, which in turn will result in more toilets at higher prices.

expensive toilets


Toilets can be very stylish, believe it or not. Bathrooms and kitchens are the most expensive areas of a home.

These are the areas that have the most expensive features and will decide if the house is elegant or cheap. This has resulted in a rise in the cost of many bathroom fixtures. The price of toilets is rising because the design of the bathroom is more important than ever.

You could choose between a wall-mounted or floor-mount toilet in the past. You would not be able to change the shape or style of the toilet. This is no longer the case.

You will still need to choose from dozens of styles, even if you have a budget. While the style of your toilet will not affect its functionality, it will be important to some people. You will likely want to spend thousands to remodel your bathroom. Bathrooms and kitchens may go out of fashion, but this is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Toilet Height

There is now a wide range of height options for toilets. Pricing goes up when these kinds of functionality and features are added. The consumer now has choices and the manufacturer must set up different processes.

If all bases were equal in height, it was possible to produce them with the same equipment. This is no longer true, as there are many height options.

The cost of the final user will go up because they have more height options. The manufacturing costs of toilets have increased and the height options have added style and importance. Some toilets have become a little more expensive.

The way people view toilets changes when they can choose between a basic or a premium one. Pricing will rise as more options, luxury, style, and options are added.


You might be wrong if you believed all toilets were black. Consumers have another option when choosing a toilet. These colors will allow for more product choices, and increase market saturation.

Manufacturers will also charge more for toilets in other colors. Although the option of choosing a different color is not mandatory, it will still be an issue that toilets cost so much.


To ensure that toilets last a long time, a glaze is required. Glazing refers to a coating that looks like glass and is applied to the ceramic in the toilet. Glazing a toilet will make it more friction-free and have a higher flushing power. A glazed toilet is also easier to clean.

You can choose a glazed toilet if you don’t want constant clogs or stains. The downside is that fully glazed toilets are more expensive. This is another issue you’ll run into with toilets.

You will need to buy a better-quality toilet to get the basics you require. Although you can glaze your toilet at home after purchasing it, this is not something most people will be able to do.

You will also have to work harder to achieve the same factory finish if you do this yourself. Although it is worth spending more to get a fully-glazed toilet, it will be more expensive.

Brand Name

There are likely to be a few brands of toilets that you are familiar with. Kohler is one of these brands. People associate Kohler with quality and durability when they hear it. This is what most people associate with Kohler.

They produce high-quality products, then service them and respond to any issues. The Kohler brand is more expensive than some brands. You will notice that toilets of higher quality tend to have higher prices.

Although these products are more expensive than others, it is often a better choice. Some people will buy a lesser-known brand but still get 20 great years from the toilet.

It is almost impossible to determine if a product will be good just by its brand name. The larger brands have more power over what they charge for their products.

Brand Advertising

Bathroom fixture manufacturing is competitive, just like most other businesses. Many companies are competing for a piece of this market. These companies have to fight hard for customers because toilets aren’t bought very often. It is very expensive to acquire a customer these days.

There are more competitors and the increased cost of advertising will increase the cost that a consumer will have to pay for a toilet. These are costs that add to the cost of the product. For example, you may see advertisements for home products or receive mail advertising about particular brands. These brands have no choice but to advertise.

They must sell the products they produce and sell. Customers must be able to tell them why they think their product is the best. Advertising costs are driving consumers to spend more on products.

Consumers are stuck with the fact that they have no control over this. The prices of products and services keep rising, and they seem to be increasing in value. It is likely that a toilet purchased five to seven years ago will cost a lot less than one that is being sold today.

Long-Term Purchase

Toilets are products that people can expect to last at least ten years. It is not a good idea to have to replace your toilet every couple of years if it breaks or cracks.

It is essential that the purchase be long-lasting. Long-term purchases will always be more costly. This is often due to the quality of the product as well as the effort that went into making them last many years. Toilet manufacturers must make toilets that last for many years. To do this, pricing will remain high.

expensive toilets

Are expensive toilets worth it?

We mentioned that although most toilets are expensive, there are also cheaper options. Many people are afraid to buy these less expensive toilets because they may have problems in the future. It is understandable that this fear can be justified, but it raises the question of whether expensive toilets are worthwhile.

When shopping for toilets, there are some great features that high-end toilets offer that are worth your consideration. You don’t need to buy an expensive toilet if none of these features are important to you.

Additional Features

Composting toilets, which are more expensive than standard toilets, can be flushed even in the middle of the woods. There are still high-end toilets that can help you dispose of your waste. The high-powered flush system is a popular feature in premium toilet bowls. It will flush the toilet efficiently, but it will also be efficient.

The automatic flush is another very expensive feature on a toilet. An automatic flush eliminates the need to push a button when you use the toilet. The toilet will detect when it is time to flush and will flush automatically. These toilets often have features that wash the toilet automatically.

While you may not be capable of getting rid of toilet brushes and chemicals for the rest of your life, you can do a lot less cleaning with a high-quality toilet. You can control the washing process with the remote control on some high-end toilets. Sometimes, the remote can also be used to control the opening and closing of the toilet lid. Before you buy a toilet, think about how often you will be using the top-end features.


Some people are just adamant about using brand-name products in their homes. A luxurious toilet will show that you have the money to buy one. It will also give your bathroom a more elegant look. This is something you care about, so it may be worth the expense.

Most people will only use their toilets to wash their hands and for their families. They will search for something functional and affordable.


It is clear that older toilets are water hoggers. Older toilets have a lower flushing power so it may take several flushes to clean the bowl. This is a problem as a lot of water is wasted and used with every flush.

The newer, more expensive toilets will not only use less water but also give you a cleaner flush. The more expensive toilets are a better choice if you care about water conservation and usage.


You should now be able to see why toilets can be so costly and how you can decide if you want one. All toilets have the same basic function. You can have your waste removed no matter how much you spend.

The more expensive models are less likely to waste water, require less cleaning time, and offer better functionality. The price of the model does not necessarily determine its durability.

A toilet can be purchased for as little as $100 and lasts for up to 20 years. Or, a toilet that lasts for only five years may cost you $2,000 or more.

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