Popular Types Of Bathroom Fixtures

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Any bathroom design should include bathroom fixtures. They not only provide a practical purpose but also enhance the room’s overall aesthetic appeal. Choosing the best fixtures for your bathroom might be difficult with the wide variety of options on the market. So, to assist you in making a wise choice, we will examine common types of bathroom fixtures in this post.

What Is A Bathroom Fixture?

Any permanent object in a bathroom that serves a particular purpose is a bathroom fixture. This includes fixtures like faucets, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, as well as showers. These fixtures are a crucial part of any bathroom design. They may have a big impact on the room’s use and aesthetic appeal.

Most Common Types Of Bathroom Fixtures


A sink is a necessary element in every bathroom. You can install them on a countertop, vanity, or pedestal. These bathroom sinks are available in a range of sizes, forms, and materials. Several common designs of sinks include:

  • Undermount Sinks: Undermount sinks are a type of bathroom fixture that you find beneath the bathroom countertop. Thus, giving the room a sleek and contemporary appearance. They don’t have a rim that rests on top of the counter therefore, undermount sinks are simple to clean and maintain. 
  • Vessel Sinks: Vessel sinks are distinctive and fashionable bathroom fixtures you will find above the countertop or vanity. These sinks can serve as a striking focal point in the bathroom design.
  • Pedestal Sinks: A standalone sink basin set on a pedestal or column makes up the traditional and enduring pedestal sink. They can fit in with any bathroom design and have an attractive as well as conventional appearance.
  • Wall-mount Sinks: Wall-mount sinks are a modern, room-saving bathroom accessory. For people who want a minimalist aesthetic or who have small bathrooms, these sinks can be a great solution. 
bathroom sink


There are many different sizes and shapes of toilets, which are necessary bathroom fixtures. They can be wall- or floor-mount. Several common types of toilets are as follows:

  • Two-piece Toilets: Two-piece toilets, which have a separate bowl and tank, are a common type of toilet. These toilets are a flexible and affordable alternative that comes in a variety of designs, sizes, as well as hues to fit any bathroom. 
  • One-piece Toilets: One-piece toilets are sleek, contemporary bathroom fixtures with a seamless appearance. The gap between the tank and bowl present in two-piece toilets is not present in these toilets.
  • Wall-mount Toilets: Toilets that are affixed directly to walls are a novel and room-saving bathroom feature. For those wishing to maximize floor space in a tiny bathroom or create a minimalist and modern design, these toilets are a great choice.
  • Dual-flush Toilets: Dual-flush toilets are a common and environmentally beneficial bathroom fixture. These toilets let consumers select a low-flow or high-flow flush.  
  • Pressure-assisted: Toilets that use pressurized air or water to increase flushing efficacy are known as pressure-assisted toilets. These toilets have a unique tank that swiftly releases air or water when you flush.


A common bathroom accessory that offers a soothing and opulent bathing experience is the bathtub. They can be fashioned from a number of materials and are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Several common designs of bathtubs include:

  • Freestanding Tubs: Freestanding tubs are opulent and stylish bathroom accessories that can give any bathroom a spa-like atmosphere. These bathtubs are freestanding on their own base or feet. 
  • Clawfoot Tubs: A venerable and recognizable bathroom item that has been in use for more than a century, clawfoot tubs. These bathtubs are distinguished by their freestanding form, which is supported by four feet or “claws” on each side.
  • Drop-in Tubs: Drop-in tubs are a type of bathtub designed to be dropped into a platform or surround. They are a popular choice for bathroom remodels and can add a sleek and modern look to the space. 
  • Corner Tubs: For individuals who desire a bathtub that makes the most of their bathroom’s space, corner tubs are a popular choice. As the name implies, these tubs are made to fit into a corner, forming a triangle shape that frees up more bathroom floor space. 
clawfoot tub


Another common bathroom fixture with a wide range of shapes and patterns is the shower. Popular shower designs include:

  • Walk-in Showers: For people who like a contemporary and fashionable showering experience, walk-in showers are a popular option. Walk-in showers are accessible and simple to use for individuals of all ages and abilities. 
  • Shower Stalls: Shower stalls are a great choice for individuals looking for a convenient and effective showering experience. They include a door or other barrier that helps to retain the water. Thus, preventing it from splashing onto the bathroom floor. 
  • Tub-shower Combos: People who desire a bathtub and a shower in one convenient unit sometimes opt for tub-shower combos. A bathtub with a showerhead and a curtain or glass enclosure is a common feature of these units. 
  • Steam Showers: A lavish and enjoyable method to take a shower is in a steam room. A steam generator integrated into these showers produces hot, humid steam. Therefore, giving you a spa-like experience in the convenience of your own home. 
square showerhead


Bathroom faucets, which come in a range of styles and patterns, are a necessary component. Several common varieties of faucets include:

  • Single-handle Faucets: When looking for a contemporary and practical alternative for their bathroom sink or shower, single-handle faucets are a common choice. It is simple to regulate the water flow and temperature on these faucets because they have a single lever for both functions. 
  • Double-handle Faucets: If you want your bathroom sink or shower to have a timeless and exquisite aesthetic, a double-handle faucet is a traditional and classic option. These faucets have separate handles for hot and cold water.
  • Wall-mounted Faucets: For those seeking a sleek and contemporary aesthetic for their shower or bathroom sink, wall-mounted faucets are a popular option. These faucets have a sleek and simple appearance since they are wall-mounted rather than sink- or counter-mounted. 
  • Centerset Faucets: Bathroom faucets with a spout and two knobs on a base or plate are known as center-set faucets. They come in a variety of designs and hues. 
  • Widespread faucets: Another style of bathroom faucet with a spout and two knobs is a widespread faucet. This results in a more open and personal appearance.
  • Vessel Sink Faucets: These faucets frequently have a single lever for simple water control and are typically taller than regular faucets to accommodate the height of the vessel sink.
  • Bridge Faucets: Bathroom faucets known as “bridge faucets” have a bridge connecting the handles and spout, giving them a distinctive and attractive appearance. Bridge faucets come in a variety of modern and contemporary designs in addition to the classic and traditional types. 
bathroom faucet fixture


Every bathroom needs lighting since it has a significant impact on the atmosphere and use of the room. To guarantee that your bathroom has enough illumination, you must have a variety of bathroom fixtures. 

  • Ceiling Lights: A type of lighting fixture known as ceiling lights is positioned on the ceiling and offers general lighting for a space. Track lighting, semi-flush mount, pendant, flush mount, and chandeliers are just a few of the different styles of ceiling lights. 
  • Wall Sconces: Providing ambient or accent illumination, wall sconces are a type of wall-mounted lighting fixture. They can be found in a range of designs, dimensions, and coatings, making them a flexible option for any house. Wall sconces can be utilized in a variety of locations, including a corridor, living room, or bathroom, to create a cozy and welcoming ambiance. 
  • Vanity Lights: Lighting fixtures called vanity lights are positioned above or next to bathroom vanity mirrors. For tasks like shaving or makeup application, they offer task lighting. 
  • Pendant Lights: Popular pendant lights that dangle from the ceiling can be used to create both ambient and job lighting. They are available in a variety of forms, sizes, and designs, ranging from subtle and plain to complex and ornate.
  • Recessed Lights: Recessed lights, sometimes referred to as can lights or downlights, are a form of lighting fixture that is inserted into the ceiling or wall, giving the space a streamlined and contemporary appearance. 
  • LED Lights: Light Emitting Diodes, known as LED lights, is a very energy-efficient lighting solution that has grown in popularity recently. They use less energy and have a longer lifespan than conventional incandescent bulbs.
bathroom light fixture


Any bathroom needs mirrors because they serve both practical and aesthetically pleasing functions. To accommodate a range of demands and tastes, they are available in a variety of sorts, shapes, sizes, and styles. 

  • Framed Mirrors: Framed mirrors are a common choice for bathroom decor. They give the room a touch of sophistication and elegance. Due to the variety of styles and finishes available, homeowners can select a mirror that goes well with their current decor.
  • Frameless Mirrors: A sleek and contemporary alternative to bathroom design, frameless mirrors provide a simple and inconspicuous appearance. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Thus, making them a versatile option for any bathroom.
  • Vanity Mirrors: Vanity mirrors are a necessary bathroom accessory, especially for applying makeup and maintaining personal hygiene. They can be either on the vanity countertop or fixed on the wall.
  • Medicine Cabinet Mirrors: Mirrors in medicine cabinets are an efficient and useful addition to any bathroom. They provide a mirror for personal hygiene and grooming. As well as providing you with storage space for supplies and medications.
  • Lighted Mirrors: For bathroom decor, illuminated mirrors are a popular option, especially for applying makeup and other activities that call for accurate illumination. They frequently have integrated LED lights that offer bright, even illumination and come in a variety of sizes and designs.
lighted bathroom mirror

Towel Racks

Towel racks for bathrooms are a practical and fashionable addition to your bathroom. It gives you a place to hang your towels and keep them close at hand. The placement of towel racks is crucial for both utility and aesthetics. You can also use them to improve the bathroom’s overall decor while also acting as a useful storage solution.

  • Wall-mounted Towel Racks: For bathrooms, wall-mounted towel racks are a popular option. They conserve space and keep towels off the floor. To satisfy various towel storage requirements, these towel racks are also simple to install on any wall.
  • Towel Rack Shelves: As they offer both a flat surface for storing other goods and a hanging place for towels, towel rack shelves are a practical choice. They can also be a space-saving alternative for arranging towels and other bathroom necessities.
  • Standing Towel Racks: You can freely move and position standing towel racks wherever you need to be. You don’t need any drilling or wall attachment, therefore, making them a flexible and portable choice for towel storage in bathrooms.
  • Over-the-door Towel Racks: You can accomplish towel storage in bathrooms or other spaces with the help of over-the-door towel racks. They are also practical and efficient.
wall-mounted towel rack

Medicine Cabinets

Medications, toiletries, as well as other small goods can be stored in medicine cabinets, a practical bathroom fixture. They come in a range of shapes, sizes, and materials to accommodate various bathroom decors and storage requirements.

  • Surface-mounted Cabinets: Surface-mounted medicine cabinets are mounted directly to the wall. Thus, making them an efficient storage option for bathrooms with limited space or places where recessed installations are impractical.
  • Recessed medicine Cabinets: The installation of open medicine cabinets into the wall cavities results in a modern, room-saving storage option that is flush with the wall surface.
  • Mirrored Medicine Cabinets: Mirrored medicine cabinets offer a flexible storage option. They combine the utility of a medicine cabinet with a full-length mirror. Thus, making the bathroom appear roomier and adding ease for getting ready in the morning.
mirrored medicine cabinet

Storage Shelves

You can organize your towels, toiletries, and other bathroom necessities with the help of bathroom storage shelves. They are a useful and adaptable storage option. It is simple to select one that suits your bathroom’s decor and satisfies your storage.

  • Wall-Mount Shelves: Bathrooms benefit greatly from wall-mount shelves. They offer storage without taking up valuable floor space.
  • Freestanding Shelves: Freestanding shelves are a terrific alternative for those who want to rearrange the arrangement of their bathroom storage. They are adaptable and also simple to move around.
  • Corner Shelves: Bathroom corner shelves are a great way to make use of the corners in bathrooms by storing things without taking up valuable floor or wall space.
  • Over-The-Toilet Shelves: Since they make use of the space above the toilet and offer additional storage for towels, toiletries, and other bathroom necessities, over-the-toilet shelves are a popular option for tiny bathrooms.
bathroom wall storage shelves


Every bathroom needs a variety of bathroom fixtures, including a toilet, sink, bathtub, or shower, as well as storage shelves. The type and form of the bathtub or shower, as well as the type of storage shelves, can vary depending on personal preference. Toilets and sinks, however, are non-negotiable. 

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