Best Frameless Shower Doors of 2024

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A frameless shower door can transform an ordinary restroom into a luxurious spa, with its straight lines and clear visibility. Their clean lines and transparent makeup release the room to create a spa-type ambiance in your private sanctuary. So, read further to learn more about the best frameless shower doors.

The bathroom isn’t just a toilet anymore. It remains a location to take some time off, a getaway from the hassles of everyday life. Frameless shower doors have made a significant impact on the transition from the bathroom into a relaxing atmosphere. The frameless shower doors that offer the most style and relaxation can bring the simplicity and purity of nature into the home.

Thanks to the framework, extra space is generated in bathrooms, and this makes them much more accessible. Various door types and finishes offer a variety of appearances for a spa merchandising dream.

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What should you consider when choosing a shower door without a frame?

Regardless of the shower door’s style, configuration, or size, choosing a frameless shower door will involve a significant quantity of work. The many shower doors on the market cater to different functionality. Therefore, this shopping guide can help narrow down the model you need, ensuring you have the right shower door for the bathroom.

Types of Shower Doors

Unlike a framed shower door, frameless designs don’t have a frame along the edge of the door. They are available in both sliding and hinged models. Either type may have a frame or rail to attach to, but the metal is not connected to the door’s edge.

Single-Sliding Frameless Shower Doors

A one-sliding, frameless shower door has a single, stationary panel that supports the sliding one. These are typical of frameless door designs and are developed to work without a frame or bottom track. Also, the stationary panel serves as a support for the door.

These shower doors function well in large bathrooms with lots of open space. When you have got a massive bathroom to fill with overhead, these doors keep lots of space on the other side without compromising your ability to shower.

Dual-Sliding Frameless Shower Doors

In a double-sliding design, the doorways on both sides of the shower can slide either partway open or closed. This type of design is most suitable in smaller-sized and medium-sized bathrooms because it offers several options for entrance to the shower, either by using a side entrance or within a door. It’s more costly than a single-sliding frame and needs a more complex installation.

Pivot (or Hinged) Frameless Shower Doors

Shower doors hinged either open outwards or swing both inward as well as outwards. Hinged doors with a center hinge resemble two parallel bifold doors.

Single-hinged frameless glass shower doors take up less space, making them the ideal option for smaller washrooms. Some people find it easier to clean sliding doors than single-hinged frameless glass doors, as soap scum and mineral deposits from rain don’t collect in a track where they can obscure the glass because of the door’s hinges.

Sliding Tub Frameless Shower Doors

This type of frameless shower door often attaches to the bathtub, offering an alternative to the typical shower curtain. They come in full and half models, in addition to the hinged or sliding setups. Because these are smaller and therefore less expensive, these affordable shower doors are a popular choice in small bathroom spaces.

Qualities To Look For Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless Door Size

It’s crucial to weigh the different options when selecting a shower door. Wait until the other shower components are set up, such as the backer board, tile, and decor, to be sure the precise measurements are determined correctly and that the door is properly designed. The frameless shower door installation can be complicated and may need additional permits, if possible. Unless you have plenty of DIY experience you will need the help of a licensed professional.

Frameless shower doors tend to be 22 to 36 inches in width; heights can vary from 48 to 72 inches depending on the style you choose for your bathroom. It’s common to have your frameless shower door custom-designed since it must line up precisely to prevent water from escaping the shower.

Measuring Frameless Shower Doors

You need a variety of measures to ensure you order a door that fits. Begin with height. Measure from the top of the fiberglass or tile on the wall to the floor of the shower. This measurement tells you the standard door height needed. You can measure higher if you’re considering oversize or custom doors.

Next, measure the full width of the door. Measure the top, middle, and bottom of the shower opening. If there’s a difference in these measurements, use a level to check the angle. In a perfect world, the showering walls would be parallel, but you might be able to use a tapered filler to equalize the opening if the walls aren’t level.

After that, you will need to measure from the centerline to the edge. This measurement will be used for sliding doors since you’ll want to make sure these doors line up precisely.

With the measurements, it’s time to consult a professional to help select a door that’s equal to or slightly smaller than the measurements that you have taken. Please note that if you are interested in a hinged door, you’ll want to make sure you can open it without hitting anything else in the room.

Glass Thickness

Frameless shower doors vary in depth from one-third to one-half inch. These shower doors are slightly more likely to fall or be dropped during or after installation because the glass is thicker. As you can imagine the thicker the glass the less likely it is to shatter in case of dropping or falling.

The thicker the glass door, the more expensive it’ll likely be, and needless to say, it’s massive and weighty. Alternately, bathtubs built for this size glass door may be overly large, and it may be hard to construct your own. Ramping up the thickness of the glass door is a great option to dodge this issue, although a 3/8-inch one usually fulfills the function.

Our Top Picks

Below you will find our top picks for the best frameless shower doors. We’ve selected known brands with models that fit anywhere on the spectrum from classic showers to more innovative ideas. Most of these picks were based on looks, quality, and installation options.

Best Overall: WOODBRIDGE Frameless Shower Door Black Matte

sliding shower door

Quality construction with remarkable workmanship to deliver the best in contemporary design and creativity in partial and full-sized shower doors from Woodbridge. Offered in a myriad of sizes and optional colors for Woodbridge shower base.

This frameless glass design is adjustable from 56-60 inches wide and 76 inches high. The beautiful stainless steel construction hardware will not rust, chip, or be scratched off (guaranteed for life) and the large solid stainless steel rollers create a smooth door closing and opening.

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Runner Up: VIGO Elan Frameless Sliding Rectangle Shower Door with Black Tint

shower door reviews

The Elan by VIGO offers a beautiful, frameless sliding shower door that seems to transcend the boundaries of nature and your home. Features for excellent controls and high-quality glass elevate your shower to the artistic level of design.

The built-in adjustability of each VIGO model allows it for usage in any bathroom or shower area. VIGO’s products are an excellent choice for designing every day with the greatest satisfaction.

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Best Hinged: DreamLine Aqua Ultra Hinged Frameless Glass Shower Door

best shower door

Featuring both a frameless shower and tub, the DreamLine Aqua Ultra frameless shower screen transforms your bathroom into an open, inviting, and visually amazing space. Glass: 5/16″ (8 mm) thick, ANSI-certified, clear tempered glass; frameless curved design. Also, it can be installed on either left or right wall.

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Best Dual Sliding: DreamLine Encore Semi-Frameless Bypass Sliding Shower Door in Satin Black

best shower doors

The Encore bypass shower door or tub door has a sleek frameless look. It adds a modern design to your shower or tub. The Encore shower door’s frameless construction is quiet and smooth. Thus, giving you access to your bathroom from any door side. This beautiful frameless shower door is reinforced with fiberglass for durability; cUPC certified; Direct stud installation.

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Best Bang For The Buck: DELAVIN 56-59 in. Frameless Sliding Tub Door, Shower Door

bathroom shower door

These glass shower stalls are perfect for small bathrooms. Compared with swinging shower doors, these frameless bypass shower doors retain no space whether open or shut. The sliding shower door can help to transform your bathtub into a shower room. It is useful for your home’s redesign.

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In conclusion, when looking for a frameless shower door, it is important to consider the materials and the company. To make your search easier, use the helpful tips from this article.

It is important to consider the quality of materials, as well as the company you purchase from when buying a frameless shower door. Lack of attention to these factors could be detrimental to your investment of time and money. Remember to use the tips outlined in this article when considering purchasing a frameless shower door.

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