Best Off-Grid Toilets

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When you’re off the grid, you need a toilet that can stand up to use without the standard plumbing many of us are used to. Continue reading to find out the best off-grid toilets available today.

Whether you’re on the go, want something for composting, or just don’t feel great about the chemicals in regular toilets, there are a number of decent options out there for you.

These great off-grid toilets can keep everything working smoothly without having to worry about nasty chemicals.

Off-Grid Toilet Reviews

1 – Thetford 92814 Porta Potti 345

off-grid toiletsThe Thetford 92814 is a fantastic off-grid toilet that is great for use in vehicles like trucks, vans, or RVs.

It’s a compact option that is made to give you the convenience of a toilet without taking up a ton of space or adding a lot of weight overall.

Furthermore, it’s designed to keep odors under control thanks to the sealed valve on the holding tank.

This is also a choice that is made to be easy to clean, allowing you to remove the seat as well as the cover to clean the parts separately and get everything squeaky clean.


  • Highly compact
  • Great for camping
  • Unlikely to leak


  • Incorrect product dimensions
  • Obvious packaging
  • Easy to scratch

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2 – Separett Villa 9215 AC/DC

off-grid toiletsFor those searching for a highly advanced composting toilet, the Villa is a fantastic option. It offers a waterless design, allowing you to save water while having your needs met.

Commonly, it’s a top choice for those who have decided to make the change to a tiny home.

In addition, this option is made to allow you an easy way to change out the container without having to worry too much about waste spillage.

For those who have children, there is also an additional child seat you can purchase that will allow them to use the toilet more easily.


  • Sized like a real toilet
  • Very reliable
  • Easier to empty


  • Can fill up quickly
  • Expensive

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3 – Palm Springs Portable Camping Toilet

off-grid toiletsWhen you’re away from any plumbing hookups, a self-contained option like this Palm Springs toilet is a fantastic choice. It’s made for you to easily take camping or use in an RV or on a boat.

Furthermore, it’s designed to offer a comfortable size so that it can be used just like a standard toilet.

This is also an option that is made to be durable, with a finish that seeks to keep scratches hidden so that the toilet remains looking great.

On top of that, you’ll also have access to a 5-gallon tank for waste as well as a 3-gallon tank that is used for clean water.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Doesn’t fill up quickly
  • Great for road trips


  • Holding tank leakages
  • Breakages can occur
  • Too small

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4 – Nature’s Head Dry Composting ToiletT With Crank Handle

off-grid toiletsWhen it comes to composting tanks, Nature’s Head is a pretty popular brand name.

They make a variety of off-grid toilets, such as this dry composting toilet.

This option is made to be user-friendly, so you won’t need to worry about the use or installation being overly complicated.

Additionally, this toilet offers a crank that you can use to agitate waste and allow it to compost more quickly. That way, it takes less time to become something potentially usable.

Thanks to the molded design, it’s also made to be comfortable and easy to use for just about everyone.


  • Quick to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • Highly durable


  • Can require frequent cleaning
  • Issues with flies
  • Breakages can occur

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5 – Nature’s Head Composting Toilet With Spider Handle

off-grid toiletsThis is another fantastic Nature’s Head option that allows you the ability to not only enjoy the use of an off-grid toilet but also receive the benefits of being able to compost the waste rather than sending it down the drain.

Because it’s such a simple option, it’s also unlikely to need all the maintenance that can be expected from a standard toilet.

On top of that, this option also does a great job of keeping odor locked away. If that’s not enough to interest you, the 5-year warranty just might do the trick!


  • Keeps odors locked away
  • Great for motor homes
  • Easy to install


  • A more expensive option
  • A fan can cease working
  • Imperfect seat design

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6 – Nature’s Head Self-Contained Composting Toilet

best off-grid toiletsIf you prefer an elongated seat, then this toilet is worth taking a look into. It offers the ability to compost waste, avoid chemicals and keep you comfortable while you do it all.

When you need to empty and clean it, you can also take it entirely apart to make sure the job is done well.

When you’re traveling or just want to be a little more eco-friendly, this is a fantastic choice to do it with.

There’s even an air circulation fan that can help to avoid a buildup of unpleasant smells.

Furthermore, the stainless steel components allow for a high level of durability.


  • Traps odors
  • Easy installation
  • Tall


  • Not best for 2+ people
  • Fan breakages
  • Attracts flies

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7 – Camco 41544 Premium Travel Toilet With Detachable Tank

best off-grid toiletsThis simple option allows you access to a 3.75-gal. tank for the purposes of flushing and a 5.3-gal. holding tank.

When you need to empty it out, this holding tank is also detachable to make the job a little bit easier.

Furthermore, the interior makes use of slick inner materials to make cleaning much easier.

This fully contained option is fantastic for camping, road trips, and any situation where you may not have access to plumbing.

At just under 12 lbs. when it’s empty, this is an easy choice to pack up and take wherever you may need it.


  • Standard toilet size
  • Great for camping
  • No leaks


  • Can be messy
  • Cracks can occur
  • Customer service issues

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8 – Sun-Mar Excel Self-Contained Composting Toilet

self-contained composting toilet reviewWhen you’re off the grid and need something reliable, this Sun-Mar toilet is a fantastic option.

Because it doesn’t require any electricity, you won’t need to worry about having to plug it in anywhere.

It also uses no water, which is excellent when you want to seriously cut down on water use.

In addition, this is a simple device with a very humble look, so it won’t be an eyesore wherever it is used. On top of that, it’s also designed to keep odor trapped so that using it isn’t a stinky experience.

It’s a great option for 2-3 people.


  • Great for trips
  • Simple to use
  • Highly durable


  • Leakages can occur
  • May clog easily
  • Issues with draining tube

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9 – Sun-Mar Compact Self-Contained Composting Toilet

best camper toilet reviewThis is another low-profile, simple option that looks great in just about any bathroom. In addition, it doesn’t use any water, making it incredibly eco-friendly.

Consequently, it’s a great choice for those who want to use the waste for composting purposes. It’s also a heavy-duty choice, ideal for year-round use.

With the help of this handy tool, you’ll be able to turn waste into usable material. Not only will you be saving water, but also avoid allowing that waste to build up somewhere without real use.

It’s a toilet that is easy to use, though it can be somewhat costly.


  • No odor
  • Runs quietly
  • Long-lasting


  • Cleaning can be difficult
  • Can emit unpleasant odors
  • Not ideal for composting

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10 – Sun-Mar Excel-NE Self-Contained Composting Toilet

camping toilet reviewsSun-Mar is a relatively popular name when it comes to off-grid toilets, so it’s no surprise how often their toilets show up on this list.

These non-electric models are perfect for remote cabins, camping, and a whole lot more. They don’t require any plug-ins, making them so easy to use.

Furthermore, they give you a convenient way to compost the waste so that it can become useful. Without water, you can also trust that you aren’t wasting gallons upon gallons flushing the waste away.

Being self-contained, it’s also not going to pollute.


  • Easy to use
  • Keeps things neat
  • Best for seasonal use


  • Handles can break
  • Not great for regular use
  • Unpleasant odors

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Buyer’s Guide

When you’re shopping for an off-grid toilet, it can be helpful to know what aspects to pay attention to as well as what to look for.

Not all toilets are the same; some may cater more to seasonal use while others work well when used all year long.

To gain a better understanding of what these toilets can offer, check out this convenient buyer’s guide.

What is an Off-grid Toilet?

An off-grid toilet is something you can use where there may not be a water hookup. They are often self-contained, meaning they offer a tank for all of the waste to go into. There are also options that allow you to use or avoid using electricity depending on what you need.

Furthermore, you can also opt for off-grid options that avoid using water or allow you to compost the waste. This is ideal for those who are keen on recycling it, or who want to save water.

Off-grid toilets are also great for those who want to avoid the nasty chemicals that can end up going down the drain.

There are a lot of situations where these kinds of toilets can be very useful, such as while camping, on road trips, or on a boat. Additionally, they can be used in place of a standard toilet when you want to.

How Do Off-grid Toilets Work?

This can largely depend on the kind of off-grid toilet you get. For those who look for the most budget-friendly options, it may simply be a bucket with an attached toilet seat that allows waste to accumulate easily in one place.

However, they can get more complicated if you want something a little more luxurious. For example, many off-grid toilets include a separate container for waste to go in that is typically sealed to avoid unpleasant odors in the bathroom area.

Furthermore, some options also contain a clean water storage system to allow the toilet to flush similarly to a standard toilet.

The only difference is that instead of emptying into the sewer, the waste goes into its own container until it is emptied. As the name states, they keep things easy when you’re off the grid.

How To Install an Off-grid Toilet

In most cases, installing an off-grid toilet is very simple. They are often self-contained so you won’t need to worry about hooking them up to your plumbing system. Oftentimes, that can be the most complicated part of setting up a standard toilet, so it’s great to avoid.

Some off-grid toilet options may require electricity or batteries in order to flush, while others may not. This is going to be important to keep in mind while you’re searching for a great off-grid toilet. Knowing the ins and outs of your purchase can ensure you get the best value.

Similarly, some of these toilets use water while others do not. If you choose an option that flushes with water, then make sure to fill up the clean water tank before using it. At that point, all you have to do is use it, flush it, and make sure to refill the clean water tank regularly and empty out the waste tank as needed.

Types Of Off-grid Toilets

While you’re shopping, it’s worth considering all the different types of off-grid toilets out there! That way, you can easily choose the best one for your needs.

Composting Toilets

These toilets are designed to allow you to easily use the waste accumulated in the toilet for compost purposes.

In some options, you can also get a composting toilet that includes a handle, which you can use for agitating the accumulated waste, allowing it to compost more quickly.

When you want complete control, you can also opt for a toilet that diverts solids and liquids into different containers. That way, you’ll be able to keep your compost as pure as possible, avoiding the inclusion of urine in the mix.

They’re great choices for those who are keen on compost. Check out this infographic if you’d like to see exactly how a composting toilet works.

Electric Toilets

These are the ideal choice for those who want something more luxurious without requiring a plumbing connection. These typically allow you to make use of a clean water tank in order to flush the toilet more efficiently.

Keep in mind that the added water can mean these toilets are heavier than others.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that these toilets may not work as well when electricity isn’t available. As a result, it’s worth considering whether or not a water-flushing toilet is really necessary.

Furthermore, these devices can often be a bit more expensive than other options out there.

Non-electric Toilets

These are great options for those who need a toilet somewhere they won’t have any electricity. When you need something that can be kept in an RV, truck, or van, on a boat, or that can be used while camping, these are some fantastic toilets to go with.

Mainly, these are perfect for those who need such accommodation a little more often and want something more luxurious than a standard bucket toilet. They can often do a better job of keeping odors contained than the more budget-friendly choices.

Consequently, they can also be great for regular seasonal use.

Bucket Toilets

When you’re looking for the ideal choice for less frequent use on camping trips and more, these are good choices.

They are often very budget-friendly, allowing you to save money while having somewhere comfortable to use the bathroom.

In most cases, they have very simple designs and are essentially a bucket with a toilet seat added to them. That way, you can sit comfortably and won’t have to worry about using the bathroom in the woods where it can be a messy, uncomfortable process.

Instead, you can easily pop up a small bathroom tent and use one of these portable toilets for a much more private setup.

Incinerating Toilets

A less common option is the incinerating toilet. Instead of flushing or storing waste, it’s designed to incinerate it, resulting in leftover ash rather than solid waste.

When you don’t want to flush or compost the waste, this can be a decent option to use. Through the power of electric heat, the mess is taken care of in a clean, efficient way.

Naturally, you will need to empty out the ashes regularly. However, the setup allows that process to be much more sterile and waste can be reduced to ash very quickly.

Keep in mind that if you have guests over, it will be necessary to show them how to use it, which can be an awkward situation for some customers.

Benefits Of Owning An Off-grid Toilet

There are a lot of benefits you can get when you choose an off-grid toilet. Take a look at them below.

Composting Abilities

For those who keep their own gardens, compost can be a key way to help them grow. Many are also aware that fertilizer is a great way to allow your plants to be healthy and strong.

Why purchase fertilizer when you can make it yourself? By allowing the waste to be composted and used on your plants, you gain a great way to grow your own quality food without having to purchase fertilizer.

Obviously, it is always wise to check the regulations and bylaws in your area before you compost human waste. You can read more at Grey Water Action.

Ease of Maintenance/Installation

Many of the off-grid options are self-containing. You won’t need to worry about plumbing, which makes them very easy to install and use. In some cases, you don’t even need to add water.

Once you get it set up in a comfortable, secluded area, you’ll be ready to use it.

With simpler designs, breakages and replacements can be much less expensive.

Preserve Water

If water conservation is something that is highly important to you, it can help to know that many Off-grid toilet options don’t use any water whatsoever.

Because of that, you won’t need to worry about using it for the purposes of waste removal.

Problems With Off-grid Toilets

Alongside the benefits, there are some issues that can sometimes occur with these toilets. The following are common issues to consider.


With standard toilets, the odor is largely taken care of when the waste is flushed away.

However, with off-grid options, the waste is typically stored within the toilet itself.

Consequently, there is a greater potential for unpleasant smells in the area.


There is also a pretty large potential for these toilets to be rather messy.

As long as no damage occurs in the storage areas, everything is likely to be fine. However, if cracks or seal leakages occur, then it can result in a very gross situation rather quickly.


A lot of the luxuries included in standard toilets are what makes them comfortable and easy to use.

However, off-grid toilets can sometimes have fewer of these luxuries, making for a less comfortable experience overall, whether it’s a result of odors or other aspects of the toilet that might not be ideal.

Maintenance And Cleaning of Off-grid Toilets

As mentioned earlier, maintenance for off-grid toilets can often be less costly than with standard toilet models.

Keep in mind that this can really depend on the model you get and how complicated it is. The simpler the toilet, the easier it will be to fix or replace it at a minimal cost.

However, these options do require more effort in the cleaning department, since they tend to store the waste rather than getting rid of it immediately. That means that here and there, you will need to empty out the waste tanks and make sure they get thoroughly cleaned.

Otherwise, issues like mold can occur when the waste has been sitting for too long, which can make cleaning more difficult.


For short-term or seasonal use, or for those who don’t mind a little extra work for the eco-friendly nature, there can be some really great off-grid toilet options out there.

Shop carefully, and make sure you get what you need.

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