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Do you know cleaning a toilet bowl is much easier now? Did you know the best toilet brushes are easily available online? In our mission to help people find the right toilet for their homes, we also want to help them take care of them moving forward. Continue reading to learn more about the best toilet brush review that we have gathered.

This review will help you find a range of toilet brushes to clean the bowls and do this house chore with ease and great comfort.

With so many brands and types of brushes available, here is a list of the best toilet brushes. They are high quality and will make their way to your bathroom for sure.

Go through this review carefully and by the time you will reach the end of this article. You will have a clear choice in your mind for which one to buy.

Top-rated Toilet Brush Reviews

1 – Simplehuman Toilet Brush with Caddy, Stainless Steel

gray toilet brushCleaning a toilet seat before you take it is the thumb rule. The Simplehuman toilet brush has an innovative design of a crescent shape, giving an outstanding look to the bathroom too when kept anywhere.

Its creative style makes it reachable to every hard-reaching corner and area to scrub easily. Its stiff outer bristles and strong yet comfortable grip help in taking off tough stains from all the hidden areas.

Additionally, this brush comes with stainless steel handle and a unique magnetic grip collar that let you use it vigorously and carry it without dripping respectively. It has a slim and dome-shaped cover that is used to keep the brush.

It helps in hiding the brush and the bathroom remains well-cleaned and shiny after use. Therefore, this is a perfect add-on to your home to maintain hygiene, cleanliness, and the stunning look of the bathroom.

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2 – Mr. Clean Turbo Plunger and Bowl Brush Caddy Set

toilet brush and plungerAn affordable yet stylish brush is a must-add-on to any bathroom. Likewise, this caddy set includes a plunger and toilet brush for making the cleaning an easy and effective process. The large round brush cleans the bowl in a minute and also reaches every corner below the seat.

There are tough bristles on the front that eliminate the dark deep stains from the surface. Also, you can store this caddy set anywhere as it does not take much space in your home and looks good too when kept in a corner.

Additionally, this toilet cleaning kit of superior quality has a scrubber handle, one storage compartment, and refill caddy disks. All these tools make cleaning a very pleasing and satisfying job every time.

The rubberized grip adds more comfort and support for the user. Therefore, maintain your toilet well to last for a long time with the help of this efficient cleaning kit.

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3 – InterDesign Duetto Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder

slim toilet brushEvery modern brush comes with effective results if used properly. The same is seen in the case of the InterDesign Duetto Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder which has a sleek holder for the brush. This holder hides the brush in itself when not in use and allows you to use it efficiently.

The availability of stiff plastic bristles cleans every area of the bowl, taking less time and consuming less of your effort too. However, these bristles do rust soon because of the metal gripping so you may need to keep it out of Sun’s reach.

Besides it, it is highly durable as there are chrome accents on this product. The black brush head can be removed manually and replaced so as to increase its life.

Being sleek in design, its dimensions when measured are at 4-inch in diameter and 17.2 inches in length. You can place it anywhere in the bathroom as this piece consumes minimal space.

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4 – OXO Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush

best toilet brushA new addition to a bathroom that is stylish, efficient, and compact is a must. The OXO Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush is a decent option for cleaning bathroom seats and hidden areas of germs and bacteria.

There is a canister door that paves way for the brush to store when not in use. This holder has ventilation slots in between that allow the air to enter it and therefore this is how the brush gets dry sometimes. The brush has a tapered brush head and sturdy blue bristles for effectively cleaning under the rim and many other hard-to-reach areas.

This magic wand has a durable and superior quality cleaning brush that cleans the surfaces in no time.

Overall, the ergonomic design offers great security and a comfortable grip to make cleaning a lot easier task for every member of the house. It is a perfect addition to your home.

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5 – Lysol Bowl Brush Rim Extension and Caddy

toilet brushThe Lysol Bowl Brush Rim Extension and Caddy stand out among all the brush sets for their durability, high-quality and built-in antimicrobial agent.

This brush and caddy set is a masterpiece of cleaning as the antimicrobial agent fitted into the fibers helps tremendously in cleaning the bowl. The dark and deep stains can be easily rubbed off by using this unique set.

This set comes along with sufficient protection against any odor-causing bacteria, mildew, and mold. The under-the-rim fiber extension is strong and lasts for a long time. It provides a comfortable as well as strong grip to the user so as to clean every difficult area easily, without bending much.

The bristles are well attached and will not fall off so easily. With the help of this toilet cleaner, your bathroom will remain sparkling and shining clean whenever you enter.

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6 – Fuller Brush Toilet Bowl Swab

toilets brushes reviewCleaning the bathroom and keeping the bowl neat is a must thing to do. The Fuller Brush Toilet Bowl Swab has a simple procedure in order to make the cleaning effective. The cleaner needs to be poured into the cup and from there the strands of the brush soak the liquid.

In the next step, the cup is used as a wringer, which squeezes out excess water and helps you in cleaning a large area. A few swipes will help you have a better finish and cleanliness.

Its handle’s length measures up to 15-inch making it durable and efficient enough to use. Therefore, you have to apply less pressure and can mop the complete surface without bending much.

It reaches every difficult area to clean easily and can be kept anywhere in the bathroom as it takes very less space. Overall, it gives desired shine to your toilet so is an ideal product for the bathroom.

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Special Features of Toilet Brush

brushes reviewsMaintaining a bathroom and cleaning it shining bright all the time takes a lot of time and effort. Among all the household chores, this is the only task, which is time-consuming as well as no one like doing it.

However, there are some toilet brushes that help in making this job an easier and more comfortable one. The stains, splatters, streaks, and spills can now all be scrubbed off by using the best toilet brush.

But with this humble tool, there come many more special features that must be considered while buying one for your home.


  • A good toilet brush is one that helps in cleaning the toilet bowl and hidden areas effectively. The main qualities that a brush must hold are its robust construction, durability, and ergonomic yet compact design. The best tool should not bend or break even after making repeated use of its fibers and bristles for cleaning and scrubbing.
  • Besides it, you must be in search of a toilet brush that has a well-designed outlook, sleek design, and aesthetic appearance that suit the decor of the home instantly. No one would want to keep a bathroom tool in a corner that degrades the complete outlook in a fraction of a second.
  • The brush must reach all the parts of the toilet bowl and other areas to scrub effectively. The holder has to be stable, easy to clean, and small enough to fit in a tight bathroom. Such tools are easy to store and place anywhere in the house.


  • Cleaning a toilet is not a tough job though it requires a certain amount of time from your busy schedule. After cleaning, scrubbing, and washing the toilet bowl, you must also keep the tool that is the toilet brush in a safe place so that it lasts for a longer time.
  • It becomes essential to keep the bathroom clean, bright, and hygienic so that bacteria, odor-causing mold, and mildew stay away. This makes your home look beautiful and neat at the same time.


  • After cleaning the toilet, you should set the toilet brush for drying out by placing the brush over the bowl. After this, close the lid over the middle of the handle so that it gets dry soon.
  • You should also use a disinfectant spray on the brush, bristles, handle, and holder. Allow the same chemical to stay for at least five minutes and then wash it off. Rinse the brush and holder under hot water. Let it dry out, and then give the tub a good cleaning. 


  • The cost of toilet brushes varies marginally as per the brand and quality of the product. A cheaply made tool of inferior quality is available for less than 10 dollars whereas, the range even spikes to over 25 dollars.
  • However, the price is directly related to the quality of the tool. A high-quality toilet brush for cleaning that is well made and durable comes in the range of 35 and 40 dollars. Such toilet brushes help you maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the bathroom by removing all stains and germs effectively. 


  • There are many online shops and offline ones that sell different kinds of toilet brushes. After reading this review, you must have gained complete knowledge about these tools to help yourself buy the best one.
  • There is a wide variety of brands and types available in the local markets as well from where you can shop for this essential tool. 


  • best toilet brushYou must take care of one thing the brushes have to be of good quality otherwise, they will fall apart in just no time. Also, a bad toilet brush does not complete the job of cleaning properly. The stains and marks remain intact if a bad one is used. Therefore, high-quality toilet brushes must be bought that keep your bathroom clean.
  • Also, in some cases, the bristles get rusted over time. This happens when a toilet brush is stored in a humid place.

These factors will help you a lot in keeping your bathroom clean and buying the best toilet brush. A toilet brush also needs proper maintenance so that it itself works for a long time without giving you a chance to buy a new one.

Although you must replace this tool once in three months as per the use, it should be stored in dry areas or hidden corners of the storage spaces. From the handle to the bristles, a toilet brush is like a complete package for cleaning a bathroom.

You must buy the best one out of the whole collection, making sure that it reaches every corner and hard-to-reach places without making much effort.

Learn More About Toilet Brushes Through Some Frequently Asked Questions!

It is easy to understand that cleaning a bathroom is not easy for everyone as there are certain tools, brushes, and cleaners used properly. Many have queries regarding one thing or the other.

Therefore you must give a thorough read to the following questions to learn more about the same.

How can a toilet be cleaned easily?

For cleaning a toilet, one must use toilet brushes and cleaners to get effective results. Cleaning with these tools becomes an easy job to do every day and maintains the shine of the bathroom.

What kind of detergents should be used?

Special detergents from a variety of non-abrasive and non-corrosive must be chosen for cleaning a bathroom. Chlorine and bleach tablets must be avoided to drop in the water tanks too.

What features make a good toilet brush?

There are certain qualities of a good toilet brush like robust construction, durability, and the ability to withstand repeated use without bending or breaking. Also, it has to be well-designed and aesthetically pleasing so as to blend into the home décor.

What are the advantages of having a good toilet brush?

Well, a toilet brush that effectively cleans and scrubs away every dirt particle, bacteria, and mildew is a good one to have in the bathroom. A toilet brush must reach every hidden corner to kill germs and clean that area, completing its job with great results.

Will a toilet brush cover a large area or a small area?

Most toilet brushes with fibers at the end cover a large area while cleaning.

What are some of the problems faced with toilet brushes?

Some toilet brushes are not reliable as they leave deep dark stains and splatters even after cleaning. Such brushes must be replaced with the best ones as soon as possible to keep your home clean.

Where can a toilet brush be stored?

The toilet brush is a handy and often used tool, but it should not necessarily be left out in the open. Its compact size allows you to keep it in storage spaces or hidden areas.

How often should a toilet brush be cleaned?

It depends on the number of times you use it. If it is used every day then it would be practically good to clean it after every use. A well-maintained brush needs not to be replaced by a new one very soon.

You must follow the above-mentioned tips and points to make every effort of yours effective. Hope these answers help you on a daily basis to keep your bathroom shining like a mirror.


The visitors and in-house members should complement the décor of the bathroom whenever they go inside. Cleaning a bathroom is a job to be done on time and these bathroom accessories clean even a toilet with a bidet, kill bacteria and maintain the bathroom with ease.

Beautiful yet effective brushes are easily available in the online market. Each brush has its own unique features and strengths, so you can pick the best toilet brush for your home to keep every corner of the toilet germ-free and hygienic.

So consider such options to make your shopping easy and less tiring.

Good Luck!

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