Bidet vs Washlet – Which One Would You Choose?

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Bidet vs washlet, are great alternatives to cleaning yourself after using the toilet. Both are hygienic, safe, and eco-friendly. You can have them installed on an existing toilet or as a standalone fixture.

These fixtures come in a variety of prices and installation times, but both will help you save money on toilet paper. Washlets and bidets can be easily added to any bathroom and are ideal for those with mobility issues, and they 

What is a washlet?

A washlet is a toilet seat that you place on an existing toilet. It has a spray nozzle in the back to clean. These fixtures plug into the water supply of your toilet and require electricity to function.

What is Bidet?

A bidet is an item that you can use to clean after toilet use. This can be straddled and you can use the attached faucets at the back to clean.

These faucets require additional plumbing because they are attached to the house. They do not require electricity.

Bidets are not new inventions like washlets. They have been around since the beginning of time and can be traced back to Europe.

Washlet vs. Bidet – What are the Differences?

Let’s now take a closer look at what the differences are between them.


Washlets cost $100-$1000 depending on how complex and customized the seat is. A washlet costs between $450 to $700, and you can install it yourself.

Bidets are about $300-$500 on average. Although this may sound like a cheaper option bidets must be professionally installed. Installation fees average $500 and can reach $1,000. The cost of installation fees can vary depending on the plumbing situation.

Toilet paper can be saved up to $200 per year by using both bidets and washlets. Washlets are more affordable than bidets at $500, so they’re the better option for budget-conscious people.


You must straddle the bidet and lower yourself down when using it. This is not ideal for people with mobility issues such as the elderly, because bidets are lower than washlets.

Bidets’ cold porcelain can be very uncomfortable for many people. There is no way to adjust the pressure at the faucet in the back.

The spray nozzle can be used for either front or back cleaning in washlets.

Washlets can be equipped with heated seats, unlike bidets. These seats can also be attached to your existing toilet so they don’t fall too low. They won’t require you to move from one fixture to the next to clean your toilet.

Bidets don’t have the same comfort features as washlets, so they come with more options. They’re also better for people with mobility problems.


If you already have a toilet, washlets can be installed in a matter of minutes. Installing a new toilet requires a plumber to connect it to the water supply.

Installing a washlet requires that a GFCI outlet is available nearby.

Bidets are, however, not a project you can do yourself. Bidets require professional installation as they require a new supply line and waste line. A plumber is the best choice.

The plumber will cut the lines, seal them, and then connect the plumbing lines. The location of the pipes and other plumbing conditions will affect the length of the installation.

Installation of a bidet is more complicated than installing a washlet. It will be completed by professionals so you can be sure it is done properly. However, you can save lots of money by buying a washlet and installing the washlet yourself.

bidet vs washlet
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The water will be cold because you connect the washlets to your toilet’s existing water supply. Most washlets come with a heater to warm the water as it comes out.

Bidets, which are separate from the toilet, use their own hot/cold faucets. This allows you to adjust the temperature to your preference and provides greater reliability.

The bidet as well as the washlet allow you to set the water temperature to your liking.


Bidets take up more space than washlets, as they are standalone fixtures. Also, you must adhere to strict building code regulations.

This regulation states that you must have 30 inches of space to install a bidet. For greater comfort, a minimum of 36 inches is recommended. A minimum of 60 inches must be allowed between a toilet and a bidet.

Because washlets can be connected to existing toilets, they don’t take up any additional space. There are no spacing restrictions. They are great for small bathrooms and powder rooms, and they are easy to install.

Which one of these two should you choose?

For those who have small bathrooms, washlets can be a better option. This is a great choice for seniors and those with mobility problems. These washlets are great for those who are tight on budget but still need a customized option.

Washlets do not require extra space. Washlets don’t require a lot more movement or straddling. This is great for older people and those with disabilities. Washlets are affordable and easy to install. These washers often have heated seats, adjustable water pressure, and even an MP3 player.

The bidet is the right choice for you if you have a large bathroom vs the washlet, aren’t mobility impaired, have a large budget, and need reliable water temperatures.

With no problems, bidets can be placed in a large bathroom and still comply with building code regulations. If you are able to move from one fixture to another to clean your bathroom, they can be a great option. A bidet is a good choice if you don’t mind straddling or squatting down. If you have a budget greater than $1000 and need reliable water temperatures for the long term, a bidet is a great option.

Wrapping Up

Washlet vs bidet, both are great for cleaning up after a trip to the toilet. Both save money each year on toilet paper and don’t require as much water. They are also eco-friendly.

The choice of which one you choose will depend on your space, preferences, physical abilities, budget, and other factors. These are all important factors to consider when choosing between a bidet and a washlet. These factors will assist you in making the right choice for your health and money.

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