How Do You Measure A Toilet Seat?

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Although replacing a toilet seat can be done quickly, it is not difficult. You need to be able to accurately measure the toilet seat before you replace it or buy a new one.

This article will provide you with comprehensive guidance on how to measure a toilet seat. It will focus on the most important areas to remember when measuring toilet seats and the two main types.

Main Dimensions Of Toilet Seats

Bolt Width

This is the area between the two holes that will hold the toilet seat. This is the most critical zone that you should be aware of as any mistake there will prevent you from inserting the bolts through your toilet seat or toilet. Unlike the other two zones, where any measurement error would only cause minor inconveniences, this one is the most important. You can measure this distance by using a ruler or measuring tape. 5.5 inches is the standard size for your reference.

Toilet Seat Width

This is the measurement of a toilet seat’s width. Simply measure from the largest point on the toilet. To cover the entire distance, make sure you measure from the outside edges of the toilet.

Toilet Seat Length

The length of your toilet seat. This measurement is also important and you should remember to record it accurately. Measure the distance from the bottom of your post holes. Use a ruler or measuring tape to reach the edge of the toilet bowl. This measurement should range from 16.5 to 18 inches. This measurement will allow you to determine whether you require a toilet seat that is round or elongated.

how do you measure a toilet seat

Round VS Elongated Toilet Seats

Once you are familiar with the process, it’s easy to decide whether you want a long or round toilet seat.

A round toilet seat measures approximately 16.5 inches high, while an elongated seat measures up to 18.5 inches.

Selecting a Material and Style for your Toilet Seat

Now you are ready to go to the hardware store with your measurements. You’ll be amazed at the variety of toilet seat styles and materials available.

High-impact plastic is the most popular material. There are many options for colors and styles to choose from, including classic whites and blacks as well as unique prints and patterns. You have many options to make your toilet stand out.

Another common material for toilet seats is wood. Popular options include natural wood, bamboo, and medium-density fiberboard. Wood seats are naturally more hygienic than plastic ones. It is possible for the seat to sustain water damage if it is not dried promptly after cleaning.

People recovering from surgery or childbirth can use special materials such as cushions and elevated seats. The cushions on toilet seats are soft and the elevated versions allow you to stand better. These materials are also warmer than plastic or wood but can crack and split over time. You need to replace it more often. This is because you only usually use it for temporary purposes.

how do you measure a toilet seat

How To Install Your New Toilet Seat

After you have purchased and selected a toilet seat, it is time to install it.

Take out the old toilet seat

Use a screwdriver to pry open the caps of the seat bolts and remove the bolts. You may need to hold the toilet bowl’s underside with one hand if they aren’t loosening. Once you remove the bolts, remove the seat from the toilet next.

Use a multipurpose cleaner to thoroughly clean the toilet bowl.

Install the new toilet seat

Place the seat bolts in alignment with the holes in the post and push them through. Screw the nuts loosely from the underside. Place the new toilet seat in the bowl, then tighten the nuts. Now you can put the bolt caps in place and it’s ready to use.

Wrapping Up

You now understand how to measure a toilet seat is simple and straightforward. However, it does require a little bit of concentration as well as accuracy.

You should also consider that the position of your eyes can sometimes affect the value displayed on your measuring instrument.

Record every measurement you make on a piece of paper. It is easy to lose the numbers. Also, note the measurement unit whether it is in or centimeters inches.

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