How often Should You Clean The Toilet?

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How often do you clean the toilet or bathroom varies depending on several factors, such as how many people use it and what their needs are. You will need to clean the toilet more often if you have children who are learning to use it. Sometimes, you might need to wash the toilet multiple times per day.

The bowl is the most frequently used part of the toilet. The bowl’s cleanliness is often a determinant of how frequently the toilet should be cleaned. The toilet bowl can last for up to a week if it is kept clean and kept clean by users.

All of these factors play an important role in how often you clean your toilet. You should also look at the other parts of your toilet, such as the tank and the floor surrounding the toilet. A toilet is more than just the bowl and seat.

how often should you clean the toilet

How often you clean your toilet will depend on several factors

Here are some factors that can influence how often you clean your toilet.

Number of users

The rate at which the toilet is used increases with increasing household users. Because germs are more prevalent in the toilet, people will touch the seat more often and use the toilet seat more frequently.

You should wash the toilet every day if you aren’t the only one who uses it.

Frequency of usage

You need to clean the toilet more often if it is used frequently. You will need to clean the toilet more often if there are more people using it. However, even fewer people use the toilet as often means that it needs to be cleaned more often.

For example, in cold weather, we tend to use the toilet more often than we do in dry weather. When people use the toilet more often in cold weather, it is natural to clean the toilet more.


Children who learn to use the toilet need you to clean it more. Boy can be very naughty when it comes to using the bathroom. Sometimes they will stand far away from the toilet and then go to it. They can be pretty unpleasant and require you to clean the toilet every time they use it.

They won’t be able to maintain a good routine for using the bathroom, such as flushing after each use. This is a great time to show them how to flush the toilet and wash their hands after using the bathroom.

The amount of dust in the area

Dust can settle in the toilet bowl, toilet seat cover, toilet seat cover, outside of the tank, and around the house. Dust can get into the toilet from any area. You will need to clean it more often to keep it pristine and prevent contamination.

The best way to keep dust from your toilet is to use a fan. This will remove any odors and keep it clean.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a separate toilet or part of a larger bathroom.

A standalone toilet will require less frequent and more frequent washing due to the fact that there won’t be any water on the floor or soap. You must wash a toilet that has a sauna, shower, or other fixtures as often as possible.

A shower that produces steam close to the toilet will cause the steam to settle on the parts. This is also true for shampoos, soaps, and other chemicals that are used in the bathroom. These items can build up and make the toilet sticky.

These are the key factors that will help you choose the right way to care for your toilet. It is important to keep your toilet pristine so that you can see any worn or damaged parts.

how often should you clean the toilet

How often should you wash different parts of your toilet?

Because they are all different, the rate at which you wash them will vary. These are the parts of the toilet that you need to clean and how often you should clean them:

Toilet Bowl

Even though it is the most frequently used part of the toilet, the toilet bowl needs to be cleaned at least once a week. The bowl will come in contact with most dirt, so you should clean it under pressure from the tank. This removes the need to wash the bowl often.

With increasing numbers of users, the frequency of washing your bowl increases. You should also scrub the bowl if it starts to develop lines from hard water or dirt.

How to clean your toilet bowl

These steps to clean the toilet bowl:

  • Use the toilet cleaner to clean the inside of your toilet bowl. It will take about 15 to 20 mins to remove the dirt.
  • Use the toilet brush to clean the toilet bowl.
  • Check the appearance of your toilet by flushing it.

You may have to clean the toilet again if there is dirt. Otherwise, that’s enough.

Toilet Seat And Cover

Wash the toilet seat and seat cover as frequently as the toilet bowl, which is usually once to twice per week. The toilet seat is often in direct contact with the skin so, clean it more frequently.

To begin, you can use wet towels to clean the toilet seat after every use. This can be difficult to do for everyone who uses the toilet. Therefore, it is important to clean the toilet seat daily. Clean the bowl daily if the toilet does not have a seat.

How to clean the seat cover and toilet seat

You can clean these two parts of your toilet as follows:

  • Pour the toilet cleaner first on the underside. Then, apply the cleaner to the top.
  • Then, do the same with the toilet seat covers. Give it another 15 to 20 minutes or according to the instructions on the cleaning agent.
  • Make sure to clean the seat cover and toilet seat. You should also clean the connection between the toilet bowl and the cover at the back. This hinge is often overlooked and can lead to unpleasant smells such as urine and other unpleasant odors.
  • Use water to clean the seat and cover. Then, wipe the floor with water to get rid of any water.

You don’t have to dry the seat cover or other parts of your toilet. it will dry on its own. However, you can dry the surface by wiping it with a piece of cloth.

Below the bowl

You should clean the sides of the toilet bowl from the outside every time you clean it. Although you can clean it more often, dirt and water can build up around the toilet bowl’s rim. To eliminate any germs, you must clean them.

Clean the toilet bowl’s exterior at the very least once a week.

How to clean underneath the toilet bowl

You can clean your toilet bowl by following these steps:

  • Make a soapy mixture of a cleaning agent with water.
  • Use the toilet brush to scrub the sides of your toilet bowl, making sure you cover all areas.
  • Rinse the parts that have been washed with water and allow them to dry.
  • Wipe the floor clean and dry it.

For the best results, clean the toilet bowl from the bottom to the P-trap.

Toilet tank

Because it stores water for flushing, you can clean the toilet tank less often (once a month in most cases). You can wash the toilet tank as often as every few months if you only use soft, clean water that doesn’t contain any minerals or sediments.

When you are performing routine inspections on the tank’s integrity, the best time to clean the inside and out is during the cleaning process. You can clean the outside with a damp cloth. It will only collect dust. You should wash the inside with detergent or a cleaner and scrub it thoroughly.

To clean a tank, turn off the water supply and scrub it with a toilet brush. Rinse. To clean the tank’s exterior, you can use soapy water with a piece of cloth and then rinse it off.

How to clean a tank in the toilet

Turn off the water valve to empty the toilet tank. You can find it at the bottom of the toilet, or on the wall behind it. To turn the water control valve counterclockwise, shut it off.

  • Place the lid off the toilet tank on the floor. Flush the toilet tank until it is completely empty. It may take several flushes depending on how large the tank is to get the water out completely. You can save water by cleaning the bowl as well as flushing the water.
  • The tank may still be in good shape due to the high quality of your water. To clean it, you will need a scrub and a multi-purpose cleanser. you may need Vinegar to clean any rusty stains or mineral deposits on the tank’s bottom.
  • Spray the tank with a multi-purpose cleaner, which can remove dirt and tough stains.
  • Make sure you clean all corners of the tank with a long-handled toothbrush.
  • You can clean all parts of the toilet tank, such as the flapper, ball float, refill tube, handle chain, or bar, by spraying the cleaner on the sponge.
  • Spray the parts with the cleaner only if necessary to avoid corroding metal parts.
  • Turn the valve on and fill the tank with water.
  • To get rid of any dirt and grime, flush the toilet multiple times.

Toilet handle

You should clean the toilet handle with the toilet tank. Do this about once to twice per month. You can clean the toilet handle more often, however, since it is touched every time the toilet bowl is used. You can wipe the handle with a damp cloth after cleaning the bowl and toilet seat.

It doesn’t matter what handle you use, but it does not affect how often. There are buttons, knobs, and handles. Lever handles, knobs, and hanging handles all exist. Each one is used by the person using the toilet so they need to be cleaned as often as possible.

Washing the handle of the toilet is the same as washing the tank.

The floor surrounding the toilet

To prevent germs from building up, clean the area around the toilet’s base regularly. You will carry a lot more germs every time you use the toilet if you don’t clean it. This could lead to infection and other issues.

For best results, these areas should be cleaned using the above-mentioned methods. For as long as you are using the toilet, keep following the recommended procedure.

How to clean around the toilet

You can clean the area around the toilet as follows:

  • Use the manufacturer’s recommended mixture of floor cleaner and water.
  • Place the mixture on top of the toilet.
  • Use a long-handled brush to scrub the floor. Be sure to brush the entire area where the toilet seat meets the floor.
  • Clean the floor with a mop.

This is applicable to concrete, tiled, or cement floors. Different cleaning methods will apply to wood floors as well as floors made from other materials.

Wrapping Up

If it makes your home more comfortable or if you have children who are constantly using the bathroom, then I would not say no.

It is important to remember that toilet cleaning should be done regularly. This prevents it from becoming too dirty and makes it easier to clean.

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