How To Change A Toilet Seat?

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It is easy to change or replace an old toilet seat. This simple DIY project can make a big difference in the appearance of your bathroom. A new toilet seat is a great way to update the space.

Before You Change A Toilet Seat

Clean The Toilet Seat

Before you remove the toilet seat, make sure to clean the rim and toilet seat. After it is clean, you can begin to remove it by finding the bolts that attach it to the bowl. These bolts are usually covered with plastic covers. The plastic covers can be popped open to reveal the nuts under the bowl. The nuts are typically made of plastic and can usually be removed by hand. In order to remove hardware made of metal, you will need an adjustable wrench or socket wrench.

Measure The Toilet Seat

To ensure you get the correct toilet seat, measure the toilet bowl. Toilets come in three shapes: round, compact, elongated, and elongated. Measure the distance between the bolts at the back of the seat. It is usually 5-1/2 inches wide but can vary depending on the toilet. Next, measure how wide the seat is at its widest point. Then, measure the length at the longest point of the seat (from the middle point between the bolts to your outermost lip).

A standard toilet should have a 16-1/2 inch diameter round bowl. Elongated bowls are approximately 18 inches. An elongated, compact seat will be somewhere in the middle. After you have taken the measurements you can start shopping for the right size of the seat.

You can skip measuring and still get a few stares. However, you can take the old seat to your local home improvement store to search for a replacement. Make sure to clean it first.

how to change toilet seat

Factors When Buying A New Toilet Seat

Even though it’s not the most innovative, toilet seat design has seen a surge in innovation over recent years. These key features are important to remember when replacing a toilet seat.

Quiet Closing

No more squeaking toilet seats. Now you can choose a product that has hinges that allow the seat to fall gently.

Molded Bumpers

Molded-in-place bumpers have a simple and straightforward advantage. They protect the toilet seat from damage, provide stability and reduce noise when closing it.


There are now dozens of color options for toilet seats. Bemis, a manufacturer, provides a color selector tool that allows homeowners to navigate the vast array of options.


A better seat is easier to clean. You should look for products that are easy to remove with a screwdriver. Quick-release seats allow for quick, tool-free removal. This allows you to clean the seat as well as the area surrounding the hinges.


You can choose a toilet seat made of stainless steel or zinc-plated hinges. These posts will not corrode and snap, but they will hold the seat in place. The most popular type of seat is plastic. While wood may be more comfortable than plastic, it is also more durable and easier to clean.


There are models called “trainer” that include removable potty seats for children; models with side arms and slip-resistant grips for seniors can be found on some toilet seat models.


Consider upgrading to a heated toilet seat if you are afraid of being stuck in an ice-cold seat during winter.

how to change toilet seat

How To Change A Toilet Seat

Tools you need:

  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Nuts and bolts

Unfasten The Toilet Seat

To open bolt caps, first, use a flathead screwdriver. These caps are found on the hinge of the lid and toilet seat. These caps protect the bolts and may be missing from your toilet. To remove the bolts, simply move the flathead to open the cap.

Next, use a wrench for the nut on the underside. You can then loosen the bolt with your other hand by using a Phillips screwdriver. The nut will slide out. This will enable you to take out the toilet seat.

Install The New Toilet Seat

Now you can put the new toilet seat on. The instructions change a toilet seat are the same regardless of whether it is made of porcelain or plastic. You may have to purchase new bolts with your replacement seat. If the bolts are not included, you can still use the bolts from the original toilet seat. The new seat will often come with new hardware which increases its newness.

Place the bolts into the hinge to attach the new seat. Line the bowl up with the seat before you begin. The bolts on the new seat should match the holes in the base. The bolts should be easy to push through the hole and align the seat with the base.

After everything is aligned, screw in the nuts underneath the toilet base. You can reuse the nuts or get new nuts for your replacement toilet seat. You can tighten the nuts by hand so the seat is securely in place. However, you can still adjust the alignment of the seat to your liking.

After you have aligned the seat correctly, tighten the nuts with a wrench. While you don’t want them to be too tight, they should be firm and stable. Voila! You have replaced your toilet seat.

Take Into Account When You Replace A Toilet Seat

There will be a slight variation in the number of options available to change or replace your toilet seat depending on what type of toilet you have. Elongated toilet bowls have more options while round bowls offer more options. These bowl styles are primarily different because of personal preference and comfort. Some people prefer an oval-shaped bowl to a rounder one.

Before you buy a new toilet seat, measure the current one. Pay attention to the color of the toilet, especially if you have a unique one. It can be awkward to have a toilet chair that is different from the rest of your unit.

Wrapping Up

Many reasons can cause people to change their seats. The project is not difficult, even though it looks complicated. The task can be completed without calling your plumber.

Measure the space between your existing seat and measure the value you need to find a replacement. Next, choose the one that best matches your toilet’s style and color. Make sure you have all the tools necessary to fix the seat of your toilet.

When performing the task, make sure you have to wear gloves. It is also a good idea to clean it with a cleaner before you replace it.

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