How To Dissolve Paper Towels In The Toilet?

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Many people mistakenly flush paper towels down the toilet as toilet paper. Paper towels are much more durable and have a more complex construction. If you place a lot of paper towels into the bowl, the water will remain in the bowl and eventually clog the toilet. You might have been in such a situation before or are afraid of it. This article will answer all your questions. Continue reading to find out how to dissolve paper towels in the toilet.

How to dissolve paper towels

Here are some tips to help unclog your bowl as quickly as possible. Be careful and use gloves when performing each tip.

Let it Sit

Let the paper towels sit in the bowl for several hours to aid them to dissolve. Water can often soften the load and help it dissolve on its own. Don’t be impatient.

Flush a Few Times

If the towel doesn’t dissolve after a few hours you can flush it at least three to four times. This creates pressure on the towel, which can help it to dissolve.

Use warm water and dishwasher soap

Warm water with dishwasher soap is another method to soften paper towels. It is important to avoid using boiling water as it will crack the porcelain.

After you have poured your dishwasher mixture, allow it to sit for a while before flushing the toilet. You can also flush the toilet while you pour the mixture.

how to dissolve paper towels

Use A Plunger

If none of the steps above have helped, it’s time to get out the toilet plunger. You should only use a high-quality plunger and not one made of hard plastic.

Clear out all traces of urine and other waste from your toilet bowl before you begin.

You will now need to place the plunger in the bowl so that it covers the drain completely. To create suction, move the plunger upwards and downwards. The plunger should not be moved only downwards.

After you have done this for a while the suction should be enough to cause the towel’s water to evaporate on its own. You will know that your job is complete if the toilet bowl empties after you have removed the plunger.

Use A Toilet Auger

The plunger may not work. You can try a closet auger or toilet auger if that fails. An auger is a flexible, 3 to 6-foot cleaning cable that attaches at the end of plastic elbow sleeves. The cable is equipped with barbs that move clogs.

Place the plastic sleeve in the opening of your toilet. Next, extend the cable through that opening. You can move the cable around to help you grab the paper towel and make it dissolve completely.

how to dissolve paper towels

Frequently Asked Questions

Will paper towels eventually dissolve?

This one is still up for debate. Cellulose, a natural protein found in plants, is the main ingredient of paper towels. Cellulose can be broken down over time and dissolve in water. The quality and frequency of use of paper towels can affect whether or not they will dissolve in water.

Can Liquid Plumber dissolve paper towels?

No. The liquid plumber will not dissolve paper towels.

How do you get paper towels out of the plumbing?

There are several ways to pull paper towels from the plumbing. You can grab the towel with a wire hanger or a plumber’s snake. Another option is to pour boiling water down the sink to loosen the towel so it can flush out.

What do you do if your toilet is clogged with paper towels?

You can unclog your toilet with a plunger if it is blocked with paper towels. If this fails, you can use a plumbing snake or a plunger to unclog the toilet.


Hopefully, now that you’ve read this article, you are familiar with how to dissolve paper towels in the toilet bowl. If none of these methods work, you might want to consult a professional plumber. This could help you save money and time in the long term.

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