How To Fix A Slow Close Toilet Seat?

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When tilted inward, a slow-close toilet seat will sink slowly. This keeps them from sliding down and could cause damage to the hinges and toilet seat, or even wake up the rest of the family. If the lid suddenly stops closing, the dampers control the soft-close action. These may need to be adjusted or replaced. The damper to the left controls the seat, and the damper to the right controls it. Continue reading to learn how to fix a slow-close toilet seat.

What are Slow Close Toilet Seat Hinges?

The hinges on the toilet seat are crucial in allowing the toilet seat to close softly and slowly. There are many types of hinges for toilet seats. The hinges are what attach the toilet seat to the bowl. They protect the function of the toilet and prevent obstructions.

When properly used, soft-close toilet hinges can be very simple. It is important to maintain it in a good condition.

how to fix a slow close toilet seat

How to Fix a Slow Close Toilet Seat?

These techniques can be used if your toilet soft close stops working.

  1. Adjust the hinges on the toilet seat.
  2. Tighten your soft close toilet seat bolts.
  3. Replace or remove the toilet seat.

It defeats the purpose of purchasing a toilet that has loose hinges or other defects. This post will help you to fix this problem.

It is as simple as fixing any other furniture in your home to fix a slow-close toilet seat. To help you solve your problem, we have created a simple-to-follow checklist.

Adjust the Hinges of the Toilet Seat

These are some ways to fix a slow-close toilet seat that isn’t closing properly. Keep in mind what works best for you and ask for help if necessary.

Make sure your toilet seat is soft-closed before you begin these repairs. Also, be aware of the type of hinges that it has. This will save you time when you adjust the hinges.

Slow down the Metal Peg-Style Hinges

  • Look for metal hinges that look similar to vertical pegs in your toilet seat.
  • Straighten the toilet seat up and away from the hinges.
  • After removing the toilet seat, turn it upside down and begin to fix it.
  • Then, grab the dampers at the back of your seat with your fingers and pull them out.
  • To tighten your soft-close toilet, turn the dampers inward.
  • Slide the hinge back, and place the toilet seat back onto the bowl.

Make adjustments if your toilet seat has plastic clip-on hinges

  • You will find a rectangular plastic covering at the back of the toilet seat.
  • Slide the seat forward, and then remove it.
  • Start working on the soft-close by placing it upside down on a smooth surface.
  • Use needle-nose pliers to pull the cylindrical dampers from the hinges.
  • Then, turn the hinge dampers toward the toilet seat.
  • Reinstall the hinge dampers.
  • Place it back on the bolts of the toilet bowl.

Tighten Your Soft Close Toilet Seat Bolts

This guide will help you adjust the hinges on your soft-close toilet seat. As we’ve already mentioned, in order to adjust hinges you need to know how to tighten bolts and hinges.

  • Locate the bolts that connect your toilet seat and the bowl. Use a screwdriver to gently turn them.
  • Once you have removed the bolts from the toilet seat, turn them clockwise until they stop turning.
  • When installing your seat hinge, turn the bolt counterclockwise. Then, screw the bolts back together.

These are the steps to take if you want to replace bolts and not just adjust them.

  • When your bolts aren’t moving, it is usually time to replace them. You should use a small hacksaw to cut the bolts off.
  • To remove it, clean the debris from the bolts and turn each one counterclockwise.
  • If necessary, attach the hinges and bolts to the toilet seat.

Removing Or Replacing The Soft-Close Toilet Seat

In soft-close toilet seats, a toilet seat damper is important. It is used to attach the toilet seat and prevent it from moving in a particular direction. There are many types of dampers, but we will be focusing only on those that are used for soft-close toilets.

You can remove or adjust dampers by doing the following:

  • Locate the screw covers on the back of your toilet seat and use a flathead screwdriver for the removal.
  • Remove the bolt and nut from the bowl. Then, take the seat out of the bowl and clean it.
  • Place the screw back into the holes. Then, use the adhesive washers to slide along each bolt until they come in contact with the other.
  • You can tighten the plastic nuts with your hands or a pair of pliers until they stop.
how to fix a slow close toilet seat

Frequently Asked Questions

Are soft-close toilet seats any good?

The soft-closed toilet seats make it almost impossible to bang them. If you lose your grip, they will not make any noise. Soft-close toilet seats make almost no noise compared to traditional ones.

How long does a soft-close toilet seat last?

Soft Close Toilet Seats last 5 to 10 years. If they are well maintained and cleaned, the slow-close action of the toilet seat can last from 30,000 to 50,000 times. The problem is that if particles build up within the hinges, they can cause a halt in the slow-close action of your toilet seat.

Is it possible to adjust a slow-close toilet seat?

You can align soft-close toilet seats with the bowl. The majority of the soft-close toilet seats cannot be adjusted. However, it is possible to make minor adjustments to the hinges. This is usually done when the hinges become weaker and require tightening.

Wrapping up

It is essential to identify the type of slow-close toilet seat and its mechanics before you attempt to fix it. This information is essential as you can’t fix the seat correctly if it isn’t. It is also a good idea to let a plumber fix it, as they are skilled in the task.

There are many benefits to a slow-close toilet seat. The soft-close toilet seat is quiet and prevents accidents. This is especially important if you have children in the house. You can repair or replace it if you need to improve its quality. It will last a long time if you take care of it.

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