How To Flush A Toilet With Frozen Pipes?

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Many people desire to know how to flush the toilet with frozen pipes every winter. But, is it safe? It is important to know if it is safe to flush the toilet with frozen pipes.

The drain pipes that remove the toilet’s waste are completely separate from the supply pipes. One of these pipes brings water into the toilet. If the supply pipes freeze, the toilet can only be flushed once, unless the water is manually added. The toilet will not flush if the drain pipes become frozen.

Can I use the toilet if the water supply line is frozen?

Yes, the water supply line can be frozen to allow you to use the toilet, but only once you have used the water in the tank. The frozen pipe blocks fresh water from entering the tank to fill it. Also, the water level in the bowl will be lower because some of the tank water has been diverted to the bottom to fill the bowl.

If pipes freeze and you have to use the toilet, grab buckets of water from another place, such as a sink. To flush the toilet, pour cold water into the tank.

how to flush toilet with frozen pipes

Can I use the toilet when the drain pipes are frozen?

The toilet can still be used even if the drain pipes have frozen. These pipes are less likely than others to freeze. However, if they do, don’t flush it. Otherwise, it will back up into your bowl. If you continue to flush the toilet before water can exit the plumbing, eventually water will seep onto the floor. To clear out the ice buildup in the toilet’s drain pipe, you can pour hot water down it.

How to Clear Clogged Vent Stacks and Main Lines

A blocked vent stack or mainline is another consequence that can sometimes occur after cold weather blows through. The toilet will back up, and it won’t flush. This is when another fixture’s drain, such as the bathtub, will back up with water.

This will allow you to flush the toilet again. To clear the obstruction, run the cable of a toilet snake or toilet auger down through the roof vent pipe. If the pipes are frozen by cold weather, it may prove difficult to move. This task may require the assistance of a plumber. You will need to clear the main line by inserting the auger cable into a sewer.


This is often the most difficult part of thawing a frozen toilet. These DIY detection methods can be used if you have access pipes to the basement or crawl space of your home.

A thin layer of frost or condensation can provide a visual clue.

* Run your hands along pipes. Frozen pipes feel very cold to the touch.

* Use a screwdriver to tap the pipe. If the pipes are frozen, a solid sound is indicated.

It is usually difficult to reach the frozen toilet pipes within walls without removing the sheetrock. You may need to call a plumber if you don’t have access to the frozen lines.

how to flush toilet with frozen pipes


Sometimes it’s possible for the outside temperature to melt a frozen toilet pipe. Open your bathroom cabinets and closet doors, and turn on the furnace. If this works, you should upgrade the insulation around your pipes as soon as you can.

If you can’t find a warm house and your toilet isn’t refilling, there are six options.

Apply A Heating Pad

Wrap a heating pad around affected pipes and switch it to low. Although this takes some time, it reduces the chance of having to deal with frozen burst pipes.

Drape With Hot Towels

Warm some towels and place them on the frozen toilet pipe. To catch drips, place plenty of newspapers or dry towels under the area.

Warm It Up With A Hot Water Bottle

You can use a hot water bottle to solve this problem. You can use a hot water bottle or two to fill the pipes with boiling water. Wrap it in a towel so that it doesn’t leak. Then place the towel against the pipe, making sure it doesn’t burn your skin.

Heat It Up With A Hair Dryer

Another way to thaw a frozen toilet pipe is to use a hair dryer at the lowest setting. Warm air should be directed from the nearest toilet to the frozen pipe.

Wrap With Heat Tape

You can purchase electrical heat tape at most home improvement stores. Wrap a single spiral-shaped layer of heat tape around the pipe. Then plug it into a safe outlet and make sure to check the tape frequently.

Turn On A Space Heater

This method works best for small areas. However, be careful. Place a space heater in front of the frozen toilet pipe and turn it on low. It should be at least three feet from any flammable materials.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you will find the answer to your question on how to flush the toilet if the pipes are frozen. I hope you found the following thawing tips helpful in thawing frozen toilets.

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