How To Flush Toilet Without Handle?

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Water must always be available for a toilet to work properly. It should be able to quickly fill up the tank with water each flush so that it is ready for the next one. This is not always possible. Your home might run dry or your toilet may stop working properly. In this case, how do you flush your toilet without its handle?

If the tank isn’t working, you can manually flush the toilet by pouring water into the bowl. This will wash out any waste into the drains. If the tank is not working but has no water supply, you can pour water from another source and flush it. If your tank has water but the arm lever is damaged, you can pull the chain from the tank. To release water from the bowl, pull the rubber flapper if the chain is stuck or broken.

Whatever the reason, you still need to flush your toilet. Without water, it is nearly impossible to flush your toilet. Water is what will dissolve the waste and then allow it to flow into the pipes.

Here are the steps you should take if your water supply is cut or your handle doesn’t work or your tank is having issues.

how to flush toilet without handle

How to flush a toilet manually without a handle?

Put water in the toilet bowl

This is a great option if your tank has a problem. Although it is obvious to fix or replace the tank, you might not be able to do this. You can just simply pour the water directly into the toilet bowl.

You will need approximately one to two gallons of water per flush. The type of toilet you have and how much waste is in your bowl will determine the water required for a manual flush. More waste will therefore result in a greater need for water. If your toilet is has a blockage, you may need to use more water.


  1. You will need goggles, gloves, or other means of covering your face. Also, you will need at least one bucket containing at least two gallons of water.
  2. Cover your face and hands.
  3. Pour the water into your toilet bowl and then increase the speed until you create enough pressure for the toilet to flush.
  4. Continue adding water until you find the right amount for your toilet. You should immediately deal with a clog.

Put water in the toilet tank

Another way to flush your toilet when you don’t have running water is to fill the tank with water from another source and then flush it the normal way. This is a good option if your tank is functioning properly with no water supply.

This method can be used with any water source, including the pool or pond. However, it must not contain muddy water that could cause problems for your toilet.

The amount of water required to fill the tank of your toilet will vary depending on its model. Some toilets require approximately one and a quarter gallons, while others may need more.


  1. Grab a bucket and collect water from the source you choose.
  2. Then, begin by taking off the lid of the toilet tank.
  3. You can pour the water into the tank up to the maximum level or full. You can also pour the water until it is 1 inch (22.5 cm) away from the tank’s edge. It’s a waste to fill the tank with water if it goes overflown.
  4. After filling up the tank to your satisfaction, flush the toilet the normal way. To keep things clean, it is better to fill up the toilet tank before you use it. You can cover the tank with a lid if there isn’t running water.

Lift the Flapper

To flush a toilet that has a broken handle, you must first remove the lid from its tank. This is the water reservoir in which the handle is located. The flapper is located at the bottom of the tank. The tank’s bottom will have a rubberized stopper, usually red. Lift the flapper hinges open so that the water supply can flow down through an opening into the bowl. The flapper should run from the handle lever to the tank’s interior. You can pull this chain upward to lift the flapper and flush out the toilet.


  • Take off the lid from the toilet tank.
  • Find the flapper at bottom of the tank.
  • To flush the toilet, lift the flapper gently and pull the chain from the handle lever to the flapper.
  • Then, lift the flapper if the chain is not connected to the flapper.
  • The tank’s water level should not exceed 1 inch from the tank’s top. To flush the toilet, you can use one of these methods if the water level is too low.

If the handle is broken or missing, you can grab the stub with a plier-like instrument. Use a small “vice-grip” plier to temporarily hold the handle.

Be careful not to break the teeth on the stub. Also, you can try the bucket method as described above, or the one up next.

It will vary depending on which type of toilet you have. Some toilets have flush buttons, while others have arm levers. They may need different fixes.

how to flush toilet without handle

How do you flush a toilet when the chain breaks?

Common problems include a broken or detached toilet tank chain. This can render your toilet handle inoperable. You can still flush the toilet with a broken chain. To flush a toilet with a broken chain, remove the lid from the tank.

  • Take off the lid from the toilet tank.
  • To flush the toilet, reach down into the tank water. Flip the flapper upwards.
  • Reattach the chain if possible.

How do you flush a toilet without a handle?

It is easy to flush a toilet without a handle. Manual flushing is the best method to flush a toilet.

  • Take off the lid.
  • Find out if the chain is attached to the flapper.
  • Then, pull on the chain if the flapper is not removed.
  • To flush the toilet, remove the flapper from the chain by reaching down into the water.

The flapper can break or slip from the chain’s lever. If this happens, you can either reattach the chain or replace damaged components. Your flush handle will work again once you have a chain running down from the interior lever to the top flapper. Before you make any repairs, turn off the water supply to the toilet. It is much easier to repair a toilet that has an empty tank.

Wrapping up

Although all the above methods can be used to flush your toilet manually if it doesn’t have a handle, you should only use them temporarily. The best and most long-lasting solution is to replace or repair defective parts. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from a professional plumber in your area.

If you have running water and a functioning flapper, this method will flush the toilet manually. You can manually flush your toilet if it doesn’t have running water or the water level is low because of a leaking flapper.

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