How To Get Rid Of Toilet Bowl Smells?

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Is your toilet still smelling bad after it is flushed? Even though you have cleaned the bathroom and toilet, the toilet may still smell bad. What can you do to fix this problem? It might surprise you to learn what causes toilet bowl smells to seep into your living space.

What Are The Possible Causes Of Toilet Bowl Smells?

toilet bowl smells

Your toilet is your private space, and you would prefer not to be reminded. The stench in your toilet can affect your family’s health and safety. What causes a stale toilet? Here are some examples:

Low Water Level

If the water level in the bowl is too low, it can allow noxious sewer gases to seep into the bowl and escape. When the water level in the bowl is too low, waste and bacteria can become trapped in the trap (the u-shaped pipe located below the bowl), which can cause unpleasant odors. Additionally, the low water level can cause sewer gases to escape from the pipes, which can also contribute to the smell.


One possible cause of a bad smell coming from your toilet bowl is evaporation. If the water level in the toilet bowl is low, then the water in the trap, which is designed to prevent sewer gases from entering your home, can evaporate. This can allow sewer gases to escape into your bathroom, causing a bad smell.

Wax Seal

A waxed ring is placed around the base of each toilet to keep moisture out. Another possible cause of a bad smell coming from your toilet bowl is a damaged or improperly installed wax seal. The wax seal is a ring of wax that is used to seal the connection between the toilet and the drain on the floor.

Gas will leak from places you don’t want because of the movement of your toilet and the worn seal. It is possible to have the toilet inspected by a plumber who will install a new wax seal.

Bacterial Growth

Although we all know that sewer pipes can harbor some very nasty bacteria, most of the bacteria are still present in these pipes.

Bacteria thrive in warm, moist environments, and the inside of a toilet bowl can provide the perfect conditions for them to grow and multiply. When bacteria grow in the toilet bowl, they can produce a variety of unpleasant odors, including the smell of sulfur.

Toilet Crack

A small crack in the toilet bowl can cause water levels to drop on a regular basis. It can also allow water to seep out of the toilet, which can lead to water damage and bacteria growth.

A plumber may use a snake to unclog drains. The water will slowly leak and reach the drain and subfloor. This could cause even more damage so it is important to have the problem assessed by a professional plumber as soon as possible. You may need to replace your toilet.

Clogged Vents

Drain vents are installed in bathrooms and toilets to keep them ventilated. Foul odors can also escape from these vents. Foul odors can form in the immediate vicinity of these vents and become blocked or clogged.

These are some of the reasons why clogging can occur:

  • Blockage by dead birds, bird nests, or other animals
  • Grease, soap scum, or frost from cold climates can cause clogging

It is best to contact a plumber to assess the condition of your vents and then use their tools to clear them.

How to get rid of toilet bowl smells?

toilet bowl smells

Clean The Toilet Thoroughly

The English language’s most romantic four-word phrase.

  • Clean the toilet from top to bottom. Use either a commercial cleaning product or warm water and dish soap. This is a bit more, but you can still use a toothbrush to reach the corners and crannies. If you are using dish soap, make sure to read the instructions and wipe the toilet down with a clean, damp rag.
  • To clean the hinges, remove the entire toilet seat.
  • Use a store-bought cleaner and scrub to clean the toilet. Make sure you scrub all the way around the bowl’s edge and under your lip. We prefer to use bleach-containing cleaners that are quite powerful. For maximum ventilation, make sure you have your bathroom windows open and a fan on when using powerful cleaners.
  • Clean your throne. Microban 24- Bathroom Cleaner protects surfaces from bacteria for up to 24 hrs, even after repeated touches, and reduces odors. As a cherry on top, we like to give the toilet a final clean with this product.

Keep Your Toilet Clean

We aren’t pointing fingers, but we do believe sprinkles do happen. They don’t differentiate between toilets or non-toilets during landing.

  • All items found within close proximity to the toilet (e.g., shelves, stools, and garbage cans) should be cleaned.
  • Use bathroom rugs and launder mats.
  • Cleanse the walls around the toilet.

Clean The Floors

Yes, urine smells can be found on the floor near the toilet. The floor is often the culprit.

  • Clear the floor first.
  • To trap dirt, hair, and dust, sweep the floors or use a Swiffer to sweep them.
  • To make sure they are clean and shiny, mop the floors.
  • It is possible to even get down on your knees to apply a soapy, wet rag to the caulk that runs between the floor and the toilet. Make sure you wipe away any soap residue using a clean, damp rag.

Deep Clean The Drains

Trust us, it is much easier than you think. It should be easy to fix if your drain is causing the urine smell.

  • Clear out any hair stuck in the drain catcher, even if they are a large, wet, gross clump.
  • Spill the drain with hot water and Dawn Dish Soap.
  • Here is a ready-made product that can be used to unclog your drain. Follow the instructions on the label.

Make sure your bathroom smells fresh

  • Daily surface and weekly deep cleanings will keep your bathroom spotless.
  • To prevent lingering odors, you can use a Februaryreze Small Spaces. There are many delicious scents to choose from, and none contain urine.
  • To prevent odor backup, flush the drains with near-boiling water once per week.
  • If you are interested in more tips, we have a few more tricks and tips to make your bathroom smell great.


Toilets are private areas and nobody wants to remember what happened there. Many people use scents to mask unpleasant odors. There are many reasons that sewer gases can enter a room and cause toilet bowl smells. However, you don’t need to worry as it can be easily fixed.

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