How To Install A Wall Hung Toilet

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Installing a wall-hung toilet can be a great way to modernize your bathroom and create a more spacious look. These types of toilets are mounted to the wall, which allows you to easily clean under and around them. They are also easy to install and can be done by most homeowners with some basic DIY skills. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps of how to install a wall-hung toilet.

Wall Hung Toilet Installation

install wall hung toilet

Before Installing

Turn off the water supply before you start to install the wall-hung toilet. Next, remove your old toilet. Drain the tank then remove the connector. Next, use a hammer with a chisel to break the grout that holds the toilet to the ground. The waste pipe must be moved after that. Then, seal the hole in the floor.

Assemble Your Mounting Frame

Assemble the frame that will house the toilet tank. As per the instructions in the manual, join the bars to form the frame. Install the brackets and flush pipe for the tank. Mount the tank onto the frame.

To fix all fasteners, use a small torque wrench. Next, secure the waste pipe with the plastic clamp and metal feet.

Mark The Wall And Floor

Begin by drawing a 1.08 m vertical line on the wall, starting from the floor. The line should be parallel to the middle of the waste pipe. Draw the lines in a perpendicular manner at 1.08m(2nd line) and 1m(3rd line). Next, mark the third line with two lines 235 mm each to the right or left of the vertical.

The frame should be placed so that the 90-degree elbow from the waste pipe can be inserted into the clamp. Mark the points where the mounting holes of your frame touch the floor. Next, remove the mounting frame.

Before you proceed to the next step, ensure that there is a minimum distance of 230 mm between the wall and the frame.

Install The Mounting Frame

Use a 10-mm drill bit to drill holes in the floor and wall. Next, insert the plastic anchors into the holes. Place the mounting frame on the floor with its metal feet. Attach the frame to the floor using screws.

Attach the threaded bar to the top of the frame and mounting brackets. Next, attach the mounting brackets to your wall using screws. Turn the threaded rod to align the frame vertically. While doing this, use a bubble level.

Install The Flush System

Remove the red plastic handle from the tank. Next, take off the plastic cover that covers the water connections. Install a stop valve at the water outlet from the wall. The stop valve output should point to the right. To prevent leakage, make sure you apply enough Teflon tape on the thread.

Attach a flexible hose to the stop valve’s output. Next, close the stop valve. Check that the water supply to the bathroom is on and that there are no leaks. To check the water pressure, place the free end of your hose in a bucket. Close the valve.

Connect the free end to the water input thread on the flush mechanism. Finally, attach the inspection shaft. You will need to remove the inspection shaft if the flushing mechanism fails in the future.

Install The Drywall

You can cover the top, sides, and front of the mounting frame with drywall. Cut the drywall exactly where the toilet fittings will be installed.

Install The Wall Hung Toilet

install wall hung toilet

Join the flush pipe to its seal. Next, insert the flush pipe into the toilet bowl. Mark the end of the pipe that protrudes from the bowl with a pencil. Then, insert the flush tube into the flush unit. Mark the location where the flush pipe protrudes from the flush unit with a marker.

Take the length of the pipe from the pipe’s edge to each mark. Add 5 millimeters to the sum of both lengths. Cut the flush pipe to this length. Next, smoothen the edges of the pipe with a piece of sandpaper. Then, place the flush pipe in the flush unit.

Attach the threaded rods supporting the toilet bowl to its mounting frame. The rods should extend 6 cm beyond the frame. Install the wall-hung toilet bowl by inserting the threaded rods into the mounting holes. To fix the toilet, use washers and nuts. Use a bubble level to verify that the top of your bowl is horizontal.

Install The Flush Plate

Cut the plastic covering of the flush plate with a utility knife. Install the mounting bracket for the flush plate onto the drywall. Connect the blue hose to the flush unit and attach the air button to the plate.

Next, open the stop valve and place the flush plate on the mounting bracket.


To verify that the toilet is working, press the air button. Fill the bowl with silicone sealant if everything seems to be in order. Install the toilet seal.


Installing a wall-hung toilet can be a straightforward process for most homeowners with some basic DIY skills. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily install your own wall-hung toilet and create a more modern and spacious look in your bathroom. Remember to gather all of the necessary supplies and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for any specific details or requirements. With a little bit of effort, you can have a fully installed wall-hung toilet in no time.

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