How To Keep Your Toilet Drain Clear?

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Toilets can clog or malfunction. It can be embarrassing and inconvenient. Continue reading to learn how to keep your toilet drain clear.

Blockage occurs in the waste line that runs from the toilet to the soil stack and the sewer. You can throw things in the toilet and the vents will function properly.

Water flow will slow down if the blockage isn’t addressed immediately. It can lead to the overflowing of the toilet and the accumulation of debris. So, it is important to maintain the toilet drain clean by performing regular maintenance.

There are many ways to clear the drain. Some of these can be found here.

how to keep toilet drain clear

Keep Your Toilet Drain Clear

Awareness about disposable items

Keep the drain clean and avoid putting tampons or diapers down the toilet. They can cause blockages if they come into contact with water. Don’t treat your toilet like a garbage disposal container.

Toilet flushing simultaneously

It may be possible to dislodge debris using water force. It moves debris. You can do this with your family members, and you will be able to flush all your toilets simultaneously. This will keep any obstruction from growing if you do it once a month.

Keep Side Sewer Tree Root Free

As time passes, the side sewer of your hose will become clogged. This is when there is a possibility of root incursion. The line runs from the house to the main sewer, which is covered with vegetation. You can flush a root control product periodically to avoid such an outcome. It works by reducing the size of small roots thanks to dichlobenil and the enzymes it contains. They cannot become a larger root.

Restraining Vegetation Growth

It is important to monitor the growth of vegetation. You can control the vegetation by using copper sulfate crystals to surround the side sewer. Two feet above the sewer’s endpoint, you will need to dig 2-inch holes in the ground. You may need to make more holes if you want to control more vegetation.

After drilling holes, place a 2-inch PVC tube in each hole. Next, fill the remaining pipe with copper sulfate crystals. Hot water dissolves the crystals. These dissolved crystals can be used to prevent the growth of vegetation in the area.

You have a precaution. Copper sulfate is not permitted in wet areas. You should check the policy in your region before you apply copper sulfate crystals.

Clear the Tanks

The toilet tank should not be used as an additional counter space. Do not place soap, tissue paper, or brushes on top. These items could accidentally fall into the bowl.

Maintaining a Schedule

We usually do a lot in our homes at different times of the year. Routine maintenance of your drainage system should be included in your daily routine. You may also need to perform tasks that take only a few seconds to clear the drain.

Flushing with hot water

You can also use hot water to flush your toilet drain. You can flush the drain with hot water. To flush the toilet, you will need to put boiling water in the bowl. The water will run through the drains clearing out any deposits. You can get a better result by repeating the task every week.

how to keep toilet drain clear

Use Cleaner

To keep my toilet drains clean, I usually use cleaners. Any of the available cleaners is possible. An enzyme cleaner like Bi-OKleen is a good choice. It should be used no less than once per month. These cleaners have enzymes that can capture organic matter. They also help to remove odors from pipes.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

It is a horrible experience to have your toilet overflown. It’s a catastrophe. It will be very costly to get relief. You must take the necessary steps. You can also use vinegar and baking soda, in addition to the mechanisms mentioned above. This is a significant step. Use hot water to flush the drain. Next, add 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/2 cup baking soda. This was done at least twice per year. It produced a great result.

Snaking Drain

The plumber’s snake can be a great tool for clearing stubborn clogs. It will pass through the drain and if it encounters a blockage, it will start drilling into it. The handle should be turned. You can ensure that your pipes are free of any clogging by using the drain snake at least once every six months.

Do not delay

You should immediately address any weak or slow-draining symptoms. Do not leave the situation unattended for too long before taking action.

Try your plunger before calling a plumber. If all else fails, don’t hesitate to call the plumber.

Keep Drain Vents Clear

One thing is often overlooked when drain cleaning. The drain vent runs to the roof. It can block drains and cause obstructions. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that there is enough airflow through the toilet.

It influences water flow and prevents debris settlement. In addition to pulling debris out of the vent openings, you can also spray water into them. You can thus remove blockages.

If you find a clog, you can send a drain snake down to the vent.


Clogged drains are a disaster for everyone. Basic drain maintenance is the first task in keeping your toilet drain clear. This will then ensure that you don’t have to face an unexpected emergency at any hour.

Overflowing toilets can cause serious damage to floors and ceilings. It will save you money if you take the time to keep the drain clean.

There are many ways to clean the toilet drain. The best option to fix the problem is the one you like the most. It is important to have your drain checked by a professional every so often, despite the fact that you do regular maintenance.

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