How To Retrieve Foreign Object Stuck In Toilet Bowl?

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It is not uncommon for objects to get caught in the trap of the toilet. Children love to flush things down the toilet to see what happens. The problem is that foreign objects such as keys, keys, spoons, and forks can get caught in the trap, blocking your toilet system. Slow bowl water drainage and baking up are common signs that a foreign object is stuck in your toilet bowl. You might be able to see the stuck object occasionally, but other times it may not.

The easiest way to get rid of a stuck object in the toilet is to grab it with your hands. A hook wire hanger is a good tool to remove it. However, a plunger is the best tool for flushable items. A snake or an auger can be also used if the object is lodged in the drains. Sometimes, it may be necessary to completely empty the toilet to get rid of the stuck object.

Here are some examples of how to remove toys and other items stuck in your toilet. Protective gear is required to protect your face, hands, and feet. Also, make sure the room is well ventilated.

How to Remove Foreign Object Stuck From The Toilet Bowl?

Grab with your Hand and Pull Out

Grab and pull, using your hands to grab the object, and then quickly get it out of the toilet. If you are able to spot the object, this will eventually work well. Follow the steps below if the object is covered in water or you are unable to see it clearly.

  1. Turn off the water supply and make sure that no water is entering the bowl.
  2. Then, drain any excess water from your toilet bowl. You can either use a container or a duster to remove the excess water.
  3. You should now be able to see the trap’s opening. To see the foreign object stuck inside the toilet trap, look closer. Grab it and pull it out if you can see it. This could be the best-case situation.
  4. You can also reach into the trap with your hand and feel for the object. Reach for the object if you feel it and grab it.

Hook with Wire, and Take It Out

foreign object stuck in toilet

If you can’t get the object by using your hands, it is likely that the object is deeper down in the drain. This is the best way to get items such as keys, spoons, or forks out of the toilet trap. Find a sturdy wire and make a hook at the end. If you have a coat hanger, you can also use it. Insert the wire gently into the drain. Hook on the item to pull it out.

Avoid scratching bowl sides with a hanger. Use light force when pulling or pushing the wire in.

If the object is not being collected by your hook or hand, it may be deeper and therefore requires a more intensive solution. So, let’s move on to the next three options.

Plunge the Toilet

Although it is the most obvious solution to a clogged toilet, it may not work for every clog. This is a great option for stuck rags in the toilet. You can either push the item further into the drain pipe or pull it out with the plunger’s suction. Both are great options for getting rid of the stuck object.

  1. The right plunger is the one for the job. This is the flange plunger, also known as the toilet plunger. For bent surfaces like the toilet trap, the flange plunger offers more suction.
  2. The plunger’s bell shape means that you need to ensure enough water in your toilet bowl in order to achieve a seal and suction.
  3. Place the plunger into the water in the bowl. To allow water to enter the cup, place the plunger at the mouth of your toilet trap. Then press down on the hole to seal it.
  4. You should pump in a steady, firm motion. Be careful not to overdo it. To ensure that the seal is not lost, keep the plunger at the same angle.
  5. To check if the item is still there, plunge about five to six times. Continue to plunge if the item is not out.

Use A Drain Snake Or Toilet Auger

Toilet snakes are a type of plumbing tool that uses a snake or auger to remove a foreign object that is stuck in your toilet bowl.. It has a cable and a tube with a j-shaped shape.

Insert the drain snake into the toilet. It will work its way through the toilet looking for whatever you are looking for. This is a guide that will show you how to remove the object using a snake.

  1. Protective gloves are required to hold the snake in place. You should have the cable at your front, ready to go inside the toilet.
  2. Place it so that it can get into the drain. Then, slowly, start to crank it in.
  3. To unwind the snake into the toilet drain, rotate the snake clockwise. You will feel resistance when you reach the stuck object.
  4. To remove the object, turn it counterclockwise. Keep moving steadily to ensure that you don’t lose the object in the trap.

It is easy to retrieve a closet/toilet auger with an electric auger. If this is a tedious process or you don’t have an auger, you can use the electric auger to dislodge your toilet bowl which will eventually expose the trap.

Remove The Whole Toilet 

foreign object stuck in toilet

After you have tried everything, it is time to remove the entire toilet and inspect the trap instead.

This process can be very involved and may require a professional. This involves turning off the water supply to your toilet by the shutoff valve and then partially disabling it.

You may need to remove the toilet bolts and mounting rings and caulk if there are any.

There will be some costs associated with replacing the wax ring or mounting bolts that seal the base of the toilet to the mounting rings. Here’s a guide to help you get started. Hiring a plumber will cost you more.

  1. Use a screwdriver to remove the plastic cups that cover the bolts of the toilet. After you have exposed the bolts that hold the toilet to the ground, take a screwdriver and remove the plastic cups.
  2. To remove the toilet completely, unwind the ends using an adjustable wrench.
  3. Now, lift the toilet bowl off and place it against a wall.
  4. Make sure to check the drain trap for foreign objects and then remove them.
  5. Next, start the process of putting back the toilet. Connect the trap to the toilet bowl. Take the wrench and bolts and screw them on in a clockwise direction. Continue to tighten the trap until it is securely attached to the ground. If you wish, seal the mount with a wax ring and caulk the toilet with a sealant if you prefer.

Tips to Avoid dropping Foreign Objects in the Toilet

It is obvious how difficult it can be to get objects out of the trap. The work will be more difficult if the object is located in the main pipe.

This isn’t the type of work you want. Here are some great prevention tips.

  • To prevent children from dumping all manner of items in the toilet, make sure you keep the cover on the toilet seat. Toys, coloring tools, hairbrushes, and many other items can be found on the toilet seat cover.
  • If it isn’t toilet paper, avoid putting things down the toilet. Even sanitary towels can get caught in the trap. Limit your waste to toilet paper and sanitary towels.
  • Teach your children how to properly use the toilet.
  • Before flushing, always check your toilet bowl for obstructions or objects.

Wrapping up

Sometimes, you might accidentally drop something in the toilet bowl. Follow these steps to retrieve a foreign object stuck in your toilet. Try to maintain your toilet clean as much as possible. Small objects that are stuck in the toilet bowl can build up over time.

If all else fails it’s better to call a plumber to prevent further damage as getting a new toilet can be more costly.

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