How To Properly Use A Toilet Seat Cover?

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There is this debate about whether or not toilet seat covers make toilet seats safer to use. Because they are made from disposable paper, the toilet seat covers can easily absorb water and transfer it to your skin. So, let’s find out how to properly use a toilet seat cover.

This argument aside, many people also use the cover incorrectly, making public toilets difficult to use. It is common to find toilet seat covers in public toilets.

how to use a toilet seat cover

Properly using a toilet seat cover

Choose the Cleanest Toilet

Hygiene is important, but unfortunately, some people don’t care enough. If you’re using public toilets with multiple stalls, then choose the one with the best bowl.

Release The Middle Flap Section

Once you have identified the toilet seat cover, remove it from the dispenser. Then, pinch the three inside joints that connect the middle flap to its outer rim. The middle flap will be released and hung from the attached rear section.

Do not remove the entire flap. The rear section should be left attached as it is an important part that improves hygiene.

Place the toilet seat backward

A common mistake is to place the cover so that the flap falls inside the bowl from the back. It is completely useless.

Place the cover with the backside facing the bowl, so that the flap falls on the front and lines the side falling down.

This prevents pee from splashing everywhere and allows it to flow easily down the paper into the bowl.

Remember to place the outer ring on top of the toilet seat, so it completely covers the surface.

Properly align your seating

You must align the seat cover with the toilet seat properly. Also, ensure that your seating is not in direct contact with the toilet seat’s surface. You should use the cover as a barrier between your skin, and the surface below.

how to use a toilet seat cover

After use, dispose of the cover

Always remember to remove the seat cover from the bowl after use and flush it down. It’s totally unhygienic to reuse them.

Always cover any open wounds. Public toilet seats and public bathrooms can be unhygienic. Even if you use seat covers, this can lead to infection.


Toilet seat covers can be very effective if you use them correctly. These covers are made from paper which is derived from trees and can cause environmental damage. You should only use one of these covers and make sure you are using it correctly.

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