Toilet Buying Guide

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You might think that there’s not too much selection when it comes to toilets, but you would be wrong because the selection is actually quite ridiculous. This can make it hard to choose the right one for you, as there is actually a lot to keep in mind. What we are here for today is to provide you with a toilet buying guide, so you can choose the right throne for your throne room.

1. Take Measurements

Toilet Buying Guide
The steps in buying a new toilet are all about measuring how much space you have to work with. First off, you want to measure the distance between the rear bolts of the toilet and the wall, and you also want to measure the distance from the side walls to the bolts as well. You also want to check the bolt configuration.

You don’t want to buy a toilet only to end up realizing that it does not have the proper bolt configuration for the floor. Also, you need to make sure that the shape of the toilet is not so that the bolts on the toilet bottom cannot reach the floor. If you have a toilet base that is shorter than the distance between the wall and the bolts, you will have enough room.

Consider side clearance when doing this. On a side note, something else you want to consider here is how tall your new toilet should be. Now, if you have cabinets, shelves, or other general height restrictions, yes, a shorter toilet will have to do. However, if it is comfort you are going for, you will want something a bit taller, so you don’t have to bend down quite as far as you go to sit down on it.

2. A One-Piece or Two-Piece Toilet Set?

The next thing is whether you would rather go with a one-piece or two-piece toilet design. One-piece toilet design is generally going to be the more expensive of the two. Thus, it comes with everything you need to be included, which is the bowl, the seat, the tank, and everything in between. Additionally, it all comes attached in a simple one-piece design. Not only do these come with everything you need, but the chances of there being a leak between the tank and the bowl are nearly zero, plus these one-piece models tend to be quite easy to clean as well.

On the other hand, two-piece toilets do have their advantages. For one, they come in separate parts, which means that you can select exactly what you want to get for the seat, bowl, and tank. Next, even though you are buying separate items, a two-piece toilet will usually be cheaper than a one-piece model.

While less expensive, a two-piece toilet bowl has a higher chance of suffering from leaks than a one-piece set, not to mention that cleaning is harder as well, and the toilet seat may not come included.

3. Select Your Toilet Bowl and Seat

The next thing you need to consider when purchasing a toilet is the bowl itself. Toilet bowls usually always come in a standard round shape or in an elongated shape. Round bowls tend to be the more space-friendly option because they are quite compact, so they work well for bathrooms where you don’t have much space to spare; plus, you can find a wide array of toilet seats to match round bowls.

On the other hand, an elongated toilet bowl, while it will take up more space in your bathroom, tends to be much more comfortable to sit on. If you are a large person, or just like to have a high level of comfort, it’s probably the elongated toilet seat you will want to go for. Additionally, elongated toilet bowls also tend to be taller, which can help add to the comfort level.

Finally, when choosing a bowl, also make sure that the piping in the bottom, also known as the trap way, is glazed and fairly large, as this will help prevent clogs from occurring. You might also want to look into a sanitary bar, which blocks liquid and grime from collecting under the tank at the rear of the bowl.

Of course, the shape of the seat you can put on your toilet will be dictated by the shape of the bowl. Also, do you prefer a plastic or wood toilet seat?

4. Choose the Flushing System

Toilet Buying Guide
Perhaps the most important factor to keep in mind when purchasing a toilet is what kind of flushing system you want. Old-school toilets used as much as 4 gallons of water per flush, or more, but to conserve water and meet some states’ laws, most manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon of low-flow toilets. This means that you want to look for a toilet that uses no more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush. You might want to look for a dual-flush system so you can use less water for liquid waste, or a bit more water for solid waste.

Two Types Of Flushing Systems

Since you don’t want to be wasting water, it’s important to choose the right flushing system. There are two main types of flushing systems available, which include the gravity-flush system and the pressure-assisted system.

Gravity Flush System

A gravity-flush system simply uses the weight and force of the water to remove contents from the toilet bowl. These tend to be quiet and feature minimal maintenance, but they do use a fair amount of water.

Pressure-Assist Flush System

Pressure-assist flush systems also use air pressure to flush, so they use less water, but they are also much louder and harder to maintain.


There you have it folks, everything you need to know about the toilet buying guide for your needs. Keep the size, shape, and bolt configuration in mind. Choose your seat and bowl, decide whether you want a one or two-piece set, and keep the flushing system in mind.

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