Toilet Guts Replacement. Step-By-Step Guide

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Although the toilet’s exterior shell is very durable, the parts inside can wear down slowly and cause leaks or overflows. This could all lead to water loss. Guts replacement in your toilet is necessary when this happens.

While some people may be able to afford to replace their entire toilet, this is not necessary. You only need to replace the toilet’s guts. These are the main components of the tank, including the overflow tube, flush valve, as well as fill valve.

You can use this method to completely re-invent your toilet, but you must do it correctly. These steps will show you how to replace your toilet guts.

toilet guts replacement

How to Replace Toilet Guts

Turn off the water supply

Turn off the water supply before you attempt to repair a toilet. Locate the shutoff valve located at the back of your toilet and turn it clockwise.

Get rid of all water from the toilet tank

Once the supply is cut, flush the toilet and then open the tank lid. Next, use a sponge to drain any remaining water from the tank. This will make sure that your floor is dry as you move on to the next steps.

Take out the fill valve

The inlet hose should be removed from the bottom of your tank. Next, remove the back nuts that hold the fill valve in place. The fill valve should now be loose and easy to take out of the tank. Next, remove it from the tank and take out the flush handle.

Separate the tank and the bowl

You will have more room to remove the fill valve, flush handle, and the tank from its bowl by removing them. Use a screwdriver to remove the bolts and screws that hold the tank to its bowl. Then lift the tank from the table and set it aside.

Take out the gasket that connects the bowl and tank

The gasket seals the waterway between them by removing the tank from its bowl. To remove the remaining gasket pieces from the bowl, use a flat-head screwdriver or another sharp tool.

toilet guts replacement

Install a flush valve

Unscrew the bolt holding the old flush valve below the tank and take it out. Install the new flush valve and attach it to its back nut. Next, place a new rubber gasket below the tank in the threaded portion of the valve.

Place the tank on the bowl

Once the rubber gasket is in place, place the tank back into the bowl. Make sure the gasket rests squarely on the bowl’s water intake to ensure a tight seal.

To prevent leakages, secure the tank to your bowl with screws and nuts.

Install a new flush handle

The flush handle is the last piece of the gut that needs to be replaced. Attach the new flush handle to its slot with a back nut.


This toilet guts replacement will make your toilet as good as new. You must also reconnect the water supply to your toilet and test it for leaks.

Following the steps will make everything work better.

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