Toilet Wax Ring Replacement In 9 Easy Ways

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A good wax ring is what lies beneath every toilet. Even the best toilet wax rings can become brittle over time. It’s time for toilet the wax ring replacement. The wax ring, which is made from sticky wax and helps to seal the bottom of the toilet with the sewer pipe, does exactly what it says. It is easy to maintain and can last for as many as 30 years. Sometimes wax rings can dry out and crumble prematurely. You need to replace it when this happens.


What you will need:

  • Large sponge
  • Putty knife
  • Vacuum for wet or dry use
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Rugs or towels from the past
  • Bucket
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Pliers
  • Toilet wax ring new
  • Use paper towels
  • Two flange bolts, two washers/two nuts
toilet wax ring replacement

Is water accumulating around the toilet’s base? Your wax ring may be worn. The wax ring forms a watertight seal between your toilet base and the drain pipe when it is working properly. Water can leak onto the floor if the wax deteriorates over time. A toilet wax ring replacement can fix the problem. The average replacement wax ring costs between $2-10, so it’s a fairly inexpensive DIY project.

Drain The Toilet Bowl

After you have assembled your materials, drain the toilet. Then, turn off the water supply to the toilet. You only need to turn the shutoff valve located behind the toilet. In order to drain any excess water from the bowl and tank, flush the toilet.

To remove any lingering water, use a dry/wet vacuum. You can use a plunger or a vacuum if you don’t own a wet/dry one. Then, you will need to dry the area with a sponge.

Disconnect the water supply line

To remove the toilet from the floor you will need to temporarily disconnect your water supply line. The water supply line to your toilet is located under the tank. Some toilet models can be unscrewed by hand. Others may require an adjustable wrench. You can use the pliers if neither of these options works.

This is crucial for “mess management.” If you have a flexible pipe, drain the water into a bucket. If you don’t have a flexible connection, make sure your bucket can catch any water that releases when you disconnect the line. To avoid damaging your bathroom floor, you can also use towels to put down.

Prepare the Base for Removal

You can expect things to get serious if you reach this stage in the process of replacing your wax ring. If you are uncomfortable lifting the toilet off the floor, it is not too late to call the plumber.

The flange bolts are located on the sides of the toilet for those homeowners who want to persevere. These bolts, as the name implies, keep your toilet attached to the floor. First, remove any caps that may be covering the bolts. Next, remove the bolt nuts using a wrench. Next, remove the washer and the plastic disc from the base bolts. You are now free to use the toilet.

Take the toilet off the floor

Before lifting the toilet from its place, it was necessary to remove the plastic disc and washer. Get ready to lift! Remember that your toilet is likely to weigh around 100 pounds.

For the best leverage point, bend at your knees. Concentrate on lifting the toilet from its two flange bolts, without using your back. Place the toilet slowly on a towel or blanket once you lift it off the ground.

Examine the Flange

You should now be looking directly at the flange. The circular flange is covered with the broken wax ring. It doesn’t matter if it is broken or not. The ring will seal tightly around the flange. Next, use a putty knife to remove any remaining wax rings. Then, remove any debris to create a smooth, dry surface.

You should bolt the flange into the floor. You can take a moment to loosen the bolts and inspect the flange. Do not cover the flange again if it is cracked or broken. To avoid another bathroom disaster, call a plumber and have the toilet flange replaced. It costs $145 to $165. You can replace the toilet flange yourself if you are comfortable doing it yourself.

Replace the Flange Bolts

You are now ready to put in the shiny new flange bolts that you bought at the hardware shop. These bolts should fit in the slots but it doesn’t necessarily mean that your toilet installation was flawless.

Verify that every bolt is at the same distance from the drain’s center to ensure everything is in its correct place. The bolts should be parallel to the wall behind the toilet.

Install the New Toilet Wax Ring

Now, attach your wax ring to the bottom of the toilet drain. You can also attach it to the top of your toilet drain flange. If in doubt, follow the instructions that came with your wax ring. Then, use a Caulk to seal the toilet to the flooring. A small opening of 1-inch should remain at the back of the bowl. This will allow you to check for any future leaks.

Take a deep breath and lift the toilet to align its base holes with the flange bolts. The new wax ring should fit comfortably between the objects.

The Sit Test

You deserve a rest! It’s time to get up and take a seat. This “sit test”, which is actually a check that your toilet is attached to the floor, is done for verification. To ensure that you don’t feel any wobbling, move around on the seat.

After the toilet passes the sit test you can replace the metal washer and plastic disc before screwing in the nuts to the flange bolts.

Give it a good flush

Last, reconnect the water supply line to the tank. The fitting should be snug and secure, but not tight enough to cause pressure damage.

After you restore the water supply, flush the toilet several times. You’re good to go as long as there is no moisture in the toilet’s bottom.

toilet wax ring replacement

DIY vs Hiring a professional for your toilet wax ring replacement

For those who are comfortable with plumbing, this is an easy DIY project. DIYers can get overwhelmed by anything, from a broken flange to a wobbly bathroom. Take this as a sign to call a professional plumber. A toilet wax ring replacement cost is between $50 and $200, plus labor.


It is easy to replace a toilet wax ring inside a skirted toilet. Accessing the toilet bolts is a problem in a skirted toilet because they are hidden within the skirt.

Some toilets have standard toilet bolts, while others have a bracket on the trap. Horizontal screws are used to attach the bracket to the bracket.

It is important to be able to access the bolts and screws on your toilet. Each side of each skirted bathroom has a small hole that is covered with a cap.

After removing the cap, you’ll be able to access the bolts on the toilet and should be able to remove it easily.

Wrapping Up

It is not difficult to replace a toilet wax ring. Safety is the most important thing. Bathrooms are the most slippery, so there is a high risk of falling and sliding.

Toilets can also be very heavy and easily broken. It is a good idea to have someone help with lifting the toilet.

Aside from that, it can also save you money by knowing how to change a toilet wax ring. In fact, a plumber might ask for as much as $100.

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