What Are The Types Of Toilets With No Plumbing Required?

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Last Updated on August 16, 2022 by acechapman

Have you ever heard of toilets with no plumbing required? It can be difficult to install a toilet that has sophisticated plumbing systems. Also, it can be difficult to locate drainage lines and excavate drains.

There are many options for toilets that don’t require plumbing to make your job easier. These unique toilets are perfect for you, whether you need to create a temporary bathroom at home or use them as a portable toilet while on the road.

Optional Toilets With No Plumbing

Toilets without plumbing are great for those who live in tiny homes or need a temporary bathroom. Toilets without plumbing are both convenient and cost-effective. Take a look at the following options if you’re looking for one:

Upflush Toilets

As the name implies, instead of flushing liquids or solids down the bowl, the toilet flushes the waste to either the back of your loo or to a septic tank. An upflush toilet requires both the macerator as well as the pump. The macerato is an essential mixer that transforms solid and liquid wastes into sludge when you flush the toilet. It then pumps the sludge easily pumped through a narrow pipe into the sewer.

An in-flow sewer, while a drain line, water source, and a water line source are still required, is not necessary anymore. This feature allows for the installation of an upflush to be installed at any location in your area.

toilets with no plumbing

Incinerating Toilets

Incinerating toilets make use of electrical heat to burn waste into small amounts of ash. You only need to empty the system frequently. Incinerating toilets don’t require a water supply or additives.

The Incinolet toilet system is a great example of an incinerating bathroom. Both liquid and solid wastes are captured in a paper bowl and then slipped into a furnace chamber. The furnace chamber burns the waste material to make ash. Incinolet toilets are preferred by customers for a variety of reasons. It is possible to still build your home on the same ground where an Incinolet toilet has been built.

Composting Toilets

The biological process of converting liquid and solid waste to soil nutrients is used in composting toilets. These toilets can be powered by electricity or batteries. The composting toilets require very little water. Bathrooms are easy to install and maintain. They can also be connected to other composting systems.

For self-contained models, you will need additional pipes. Some composting toilets require a power supply to heat or ventilate. You will also need to empty the tank and clean the composting bowl frequently if you have composting toilets.

toilets with no plumbing

Camping/RV Toilets

The RV toilet is a great alternative to composting toilets. These toilets are popular choices for campers and it uses very little water. Because of their unique features, people call RV toilets portable toilets. These toilets come with a sludge tank but are a bit more expensive to maintain.

Thetford Aqua Magic V Toilet is an example of the most popular RV toilet. Because it is compact, you can install it in many utility vehicles.

Factors to consider before you choose toilets without plumbing

Toilets are an essential fixture in every living space. If you decide to replace your old toilet or add a new one, here are some key factors that you need to consider.


It is important to ensure the toilet is durable before you decide which one to buy. You can check the materials used to make the toilet’s inner components to confirm its durability. The toilet’s internal components are responsible for its operability, longevity, and hygiene.

You should carefully examine the inner components of these items:

  • Ceramic- Check to see if the valves on your toilet are ceramic. Ceramic materials are durable and can withstand high temperatures, rust, and hard water.
  • Polymers- If your inner toilet material contains polymers, it might have higher hygiene. It uses polymers in the manufacture of valves, aerators, and cartridges.
  • Composite- Durability is assured by-chrome-pasted toilet bowls

Repair and Maintenance Costs

Consider the cost of repairs and maintenance before you make a decision on which toilet to buy. Look for a bathroom that has spare parts readily available in your area.


Do you need a professional to install your toilet? It is important to consider if the toilet that you will be buying is easy to install. It will save you money if you install the toilet yourself.

Wrapping Up

Toilets with no plumbing are a great option if you are looking to install a temporary toilet or add a bathroom to your home. An example of this is an upflush toilet. They take up very little space and place it anywhere in the house, even in the basement.

An incinerating toilet is a great eco-friendly option. It combusts the wastes and turns them into ash. You can also compost and use portable RV toilets while camping or traveling in your RV. Before you buy your favorite toilet without plumbing, it is important to think about all the factors that we have discussed.

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