TOTO Washlet With Integrated Toilet Review

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A compact, one-piece, skirted toilet and bidet combination. It is one of the very few dual-flush toilets that meet all the requirements of ADA compliance. Although other dual flush toilets meet the height and bowl specifications for ADA compliance, they do not meet the levered flush requirement. This model overcomes this by having an automated flushing mechanism. It is a technology-packed toilet with both construction and electronically controlled features. Let’s read more in this TOTO Washlet with Integrated Toilet Review.

The toilet has Toto’s 3D Tornado flush system that uses a series of nozzles to increase the flushing capability of the toilet using minimal water. In combination with the ultra-smooth ceramic glaze, this helps keep the toilet cleaner for longer and minimizes the need for manual cleaning.

There is an automatic opening and closing of the lid, which then triggers the automatic flush. The seat is heated and you can adjust the washing feature of the bidet for both direction and temperature. Also, you can adjust these functions along with the variable warm air drying via the wireless remote control pad. This is one of the best toilet reviews on the market. Compare other Toto Models to find the best fit for your bathroom.

Toto Washlet Integrated Toilet: Review

Design / Materials

The toilet is made from vitreous china with an ultra-smooth finish that inhibits the growth of bacteria and the development of stains.

Flushing System

This toilet and bidet combo has a dual flush system that triggers automatically when the seat closes itself after use. The low water consumption and the efficiency of the flush in removing waste meaning that this toilet is considered a High-Efficiency Toilet. Click to read other Dual Flush Toilet reviews in the market!

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This model uses a combination of a highly efficient flushing system along with a high-gloss surface to minimize the need for manual cleaning. The surface of the toilet helps prevent the buildup of stains as well as the growth of mold and bacteria.


The dual flush of 1.28 GPF and 0.9 GPF are well within the specification for a high-efficiency toilet (HET) and the MS970CEMFG is Water Sense approved. This allows, in some geographical areas a rebate on your water bills. Check the EPA webpage here to check eligibility.

Ease of Installation

The toilet uses a standard 12” rough into the waste pipe. This toilet can be a little more involved than installing a conventional toilet, especially if as a replacement. The water pipe on existing installations may need moving due to the enclosing skirt interfering with the outlet. A 120v electrical supply is also a requirement. The second page of this pdf from Toto gives the necessary dimensions.

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Toto Washlet Integrated Toilet Pros & Cons


  • toto washlet with integrated toiletFully automatic toilet and bidet combination
  • ADA compliant
  • Automatic deodorizer and air purification system
  • Water Sense certified
  • Dual flush HET toilet
  • Flush system and surface treatment mean less manual cleaning
  • Wireless remote control operation
  • Memory settings for 2 users


  • Can be a little more complex to install than a conventional toilet, this is mainly due to the need of having an electrical outlet near the toilet to provide power and the possibility of having to move the water supply point to avoid interfering with the skirt of the toilet
  • Takes a little time to learn to use all the features

Overall    4.5/5

To some, it may seem as if the Toto Washlet is a toilet and bidet which is packed. It does take a little time to learn how to use these features. But, once you do, the toilet is a real pleasure. The vast majority of users would not consider going back to a conventional toilet after using it. Hope that our Toto Washlet with integrated toilet review will help you find the right toilet.

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  1. which Toto integrated bidet toilet would be comparable to Kohler Veil.
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