Wall Mounted Toilets: Problems And Solutions

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Wall-mounted toilets in the U.S. are still relatively new and not as widespread as European bathrooms. However, this type of toilet slowly is gaining more popularity. Wall-mounted toilets offer many unique advantages but, may have problems too. You should also be aware of these potential issues before installing them in your bathroom. We will discuss wall-hung toilets and their common problems, as well as possible solutions.

What is a Wall-Mounted Toilet?

A wall-hung toilet is different than a regular one because it is mounted on the wall and does not touch the ground. This type of toilet requires special installation. This is why you will need to hire professionals to install it in your bathroom.

The wall-mounted commode includes three components.

  • Bowl
  • Tank
  • Carrier

The tank and bowl are both standard toilet fixtures. They are fairly self-explanatory. The carrier is the latest addition to the design. The ‘carrier’ is the one that carries the toilet bowl. It attaches to the wall. To provide sufficient support for the bowl and the person who is using it, the carrier is made of solid steel.

Wall-hung toilets are more costly because they require a carrier. It’s the installation that can add up, as it’s not an easy DIY job. If you are looking to install a wall-mounted toilet in your bathroom, be prepared to spend a lot of money.

Installation of a Wall Hung Toilet

Attach the carrier to the wall as the first step. You will most likely need to construct a secondary wall to conceal the carrier. Although it is not required, the steel frame that protrudes from the wall is not a great sight to see. Three openings must be provided for the second wall. These openings can be used to check the tank of the toilet and help make future repairs easier.

Other wall openings are for the pipe connecting the tank to the toilet bowl. Wall-mounted toilets are available in either gravity-flushed or pressure-assisted models. Discuss with your contractor which option is best for you. There are many factors to consider when choosing between gravity-flushed and pressure-assisted toilet systems.

A wall-hung toilet can only hold 500 lbs. These are the highest-quality models. You can also get up to 800 lbs of weight support from other high-quality models. It is best to consider the height of your toilet bowl, and that comfort is always the most important consideration.

wall mounted toilets problems

Wall-Mounted Toilets: Problems & Solutions

These are the three most frequent problems with wall-hung toilet commodes. Here are the solutions to these problems.

Loose and wobbly toilet.

The most common problem with wall-mounted toilets is loose screws. This is evident when the bowl wobbles slightly when you sit down. This problem is most likely to be caused by incorrect installation. It is important that you address this issue as soon as possible, as it could lead to bigger problems down the road.

We recommend that you hire professionals to install your wall-mounted toilet because installation is the main cause of the problem. Although this is an easy solution, it can be quite costly. You can rest assured that the tank, carrier, toilet bowl, and tank are compliant with the installation requirements.

Flushing uses more water than is necessary.

This is a serious problem as you’ll be wasting water which will increase your monthly bills. The water tank will also suffer as it will not be able to store enough water to properly flush.

This one is easy enough to do without the help of a professional plumber. To check if the ballock or float is loose, you will need a screwdriver. You can simply tighten them back into place if they are.

You can purchase a replacement at your local hardware store if the ballock or float is damaged beyond repair. Even for those without any plumbing experience, this component is easy to install.

Water is leaking from the toilet.

Water leaking from your wall-mounted toilet is a sign that you need to act quickly. Poor plumbing or damage to pipes are the main causes of this problem. Leakage in any plumbing system should be dealt with immediately. This issue can also cause water damage to the surrounding areas, which can prove costly to fix.

Locate the source of the leak first, then shut off the water supply to the toilet. To locate leakage more easily, you can also use a color dye. These are some of the possible solutions:

  • Secure the toilet bowl to your carrier.
  • You should inspect the bowl for cracks. You might need to replace the entire bowl if there are cracks.
  • Use a wrench to check and tighten the pipes.
  • If the braided hose is damaged, replace it.  
  • The problem could be caused by a cracked wax seal between the bowl and the wall. Take out the toilet bowl and remove the wax ring, then reapply the wax seal.

Sometimes, the problem can be caused by a defective water regulator. It is worth calling a professional plumber if you have this problem.

wall mounted toilets problems

Wall-Mounted Toilets Advantages & Disadvantages

These are the benefits and disadvantages to help you decide whether to install a wall-hung toilet.

Wall-Mounted Toilets Pros & Cons


  • It can effectively save floor space. This is the main advantage of choosing a wall-mounted toilet. This type of toilet takes up no floor space and is ideal for small bathrooms. A wall-hung toilet is a great option if you want to maximize the space in your bathroom.
  • It’s easy to clean. Cleaning is much easier since the toilet bowl isn’t attached to the ground. It will be much easier to clean those difficult-to-reach places in the bathroom like the surrounding toilet bowl.
  • Versatility in height adjustment. A wall-mounted toilet bowl can be adjusted to your height for optimal comfort, unlike regular toilet bowls that are set at a fixed height. A wall-mounted unit can replace uncomfortable toilet bowls.
  • Modern minimalist appeal. The water tank is hidden behind the second layer of the wall, so only the toilet bowl will be apparent. This will require you to remove the drywall in order to install the water tank carrier and tank. However, it is not difficult. You will be able to have a modern bathroom that is sleek and has a well-designed space.


  • It is difficult to install. The installation is one of the biggest problems with wall-mounted toilets. If you want to install this type of toilet in your home, you will need to remodel a portion of your bathroom. We recommend that you hire a professional to install wall-hung toilets. You should also consider that the carrier screws can become loose over time. It is better to have it correctly installed and secured to prevent future problems.
  • It can be complicated to repair. Wall-mounted toilets require a second layer of wall, so access panels or openings on the double wall will make repairs easier. Some models will have access panels. However, standard units will not have access panels to the double wall. We cannot stress enough how important wall openings are for overall convenience.
  • It usually comes with built-in features. Any new features that fail to work properly will result in more expensive repairs. Wall-mounted toilets now include built-in dryers and automatic lids. There are even illuminated bowls. These features are sure to increase comfort and ease, but it also opens up the possibility of future problems.
  • Installation can be costly. Wall-hung toilets are also quite expensive to install. Although the components are relatively inexpensive, properly installing them will require a lot of work and can be expensive.


Wall-mounted toilets can add a modern touch to your home and have many benefits. However, it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of this type of toilet. One of the problems with wall-mounted toilets is the installation. To avoid any future headaches, we recommend hiring a professional to deal with wall-mounted toilet problems in the future.

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