What Is A Smart Toilet?

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The basic smart toilet model, which was originally called a washlet and a toilet, is a combination of a Western-style toilet and a bidet. Smart toilets were invented in Japan and have been used widely in society for around 20 years or so. These toilets have simple controls to adjust water pressure and water temperature.

All types of systems can now be integrated with the new smart home technology, which is rapidly becoming mainstream.

What Are Smart Toilets?

Smart toilets can be used in the same way as regular toilets but with more customizable and automated functions and features. Many intelligent toilets have a few basic functions, such as voice control, heated seats, ambient lighting, and bidets. There are many options, from simple functionality to more advanced technology. Smart toilets are like a spruced-up version of your porcelain throne with all the bells, whistles, and features you didn’t know were possible.

Smart toilets are hands-free toilets that provide extra hygiene. Advanced programming means that you don’t have to touch the lid to open or close it. It will clean and dry your body after you are done. This intelligent toilet can also clean and deodorize itself after doing your business.

what is a smart toilet

How Does A Smart Toilet Work?

Smart toilets can perform more than just flushing. These sensors detect whether a person is in the bathroom and for how long. These sensors can be connected to Wi-Fi and provide real-time information. The motion sensors can detect a fatal event and alert facility management. The sensors can also monitor the quality of the air in the bathroom.

What are the Features of a Smart Toilet?

Smart toilets come with many features. You’ll receive more bells and whistles the more you spend.

Smart Flushing

This is one of the best features you will love about a smart toilet.

Smart toilets can flush themselves. These toilets have a tiny motion sensor. The sensor detects when you move away from the toilet and flushes the toilet.

This will be a great experience for most families. We all know someone who is notorious for forgetting to flush the toilet.

If you’re one of those people who enjoys a good flush, don’t be discouraged. The best smart toilets will flush half of what you tap on them with your foot.

Overflow Protection

This is when your toilet becomes clogged and you flush it anyway. The water you flush cannot go anywhere but up. This can lead to a toilet overflowing, which can create a mess.

Many smart toilets, even the most expensive ones, include overflow protection. If there is a blockage, the toilet will not flush. This will allow you to clean the toilet yourself. Unfortunately, there aren’t any toilets that unclog by themselves.

what is a smart toilet
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Water Conservation

Smart toilets use less water than standard toilets.

Your smart toilet will not be different in an age where everything can be personalized and customized. It will also have sensors that measure the amount of water pressure required to clean the bowl after use.

Self-Closing Lid

Yes! Most smart toilets include slow-closing lids. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the lid crashing down.


You can use a bidet to replace toilet paper. Simply squirt water into your back end to clean it. Many people believe it is more hygiene-friendly than toilet paper. Many smart toilets that have bidets include a dryer. This will make it easy to save time and leave you feeling incredibly clean.

Advanced Features

Adjustable Settings

Smart toilets will come with adjustable settings. You can adjust the pressure of the bidet to suit the preferences and weight of the members of your family who use the toilet. Based on who is sitting on the toilet throne, the smart toilet will adjust itself accordingly!


Some smart toilets even come with music. Many people would rather read a book than listen to music. You may be able, depending on which toilet model you choose to use, to connect your phone to the speaker or to store MP3 tracks.

Heated Seats and Foot Warmers

You can’t ask for more when you have to conduct business on a cold winter night. Heated seating as well as foot warmers are the best options! A heated seat is one of the most desired features in a smart bathroom. Some smart toilets even have foot warmers.

Remote Control

You can connect some toilets to your Wi-Fi, even the more expensive ones. Once connected, you can use your smartphone to control the toilets from anywhere in the house.

Now, you may not appreciate this brilliant feature, until you are rushing home from the grocery store and suddenly–urgently!–need to use the toilet. You wouldn’t mind if you could flip a switch to guarantee a heated seat every time you enter that door.

smart toilet
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The best smart toilets have self-cleaning capabilities. The dreaded chore of cleaning the toilet bowl is now a thing of the past. Self-cleaning toilets may use less water than normal.

People love self-cleaning functions. But, this feature is not available in all smart toilets, and you will likely find it only in high-end models.

Smart Toilet Benefits

Smart toilets make your life simpler. These toilets simplify and make it easier to do your business. Although every smart toilet is unique, there are some common benefits to installing a smart toilet in your bathroom.

Save Water

Smart toilets can be smart enough to sense how much water is required to flush the toilet, and then only use that amount. This lets the toilet conserve water on a regular basis, as opposed to toilets that only use a certain amount each flush.


Smart toilets flush automatically without touching the flush button. This means germs can’t be transferred from one person to another by touching the handle. This is a great option for people who forget to flush the toilet as well as those who aren’t as diligent. Some toilets have sensors that automatically open and close the toilet, so there’s no need to touch the lid each time you use it.


Smart toilets have a major advantage in that they reduce the amount of paper required. Some people prefer to have a roll of toilet paper to dry their hands after using the bidet. If your toilet does not have an air dryer, you might want to skip this step. However, smart toilets can dramatically reduce the amount you need to purchase and use. This makes them a great option for an environmentally-conscious household.

what is a smart toilet

Are Smart Toilets Worth it?

Smart toilets can be expensive, but they are well worth it for those who have special needs. Smart toilets allow people with disabilities, aging, chronic diseases, or injuries to have more independence and control over their hygiene.

They are often non-touch and self-cleaning which makes them very convenient and hygienic. Smart toilets are a great investment because of their many benefits, including lower water consumption and less toilet paper usage, as well as the space-saving size.

Wrapping up

A smart toilet is a great option if you don’t have the budget for a new toilet and are willing to spend more. You can also improve the quality of your daily life with features like self-flushing and self-cleaning.

If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom, now is a good time to plan for the future. You will be able to have a bathroom that will last and will not fade.

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