Where To Dispose Of A Toilet Safely?

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Toilet bowls, toilet seats, and urinals that are not biodegradable can all end up in landfills. The US dumps more than 7 million toilets every year. This is bad news for the environment. There are many eco-friendly options to dispose of an old toilet if you’re planning on renovating or remodeling your bathroom.

Proper disposal of a toilet is important for both environmental and public health reasons. When disposing of a toilet, it is important to follow all local laws and regulations.

Why replace an old toilet?

Like all fittings in your house, toilets eventually wear out and need to be replaced. You may be just looking to replace a broken unit or upgrade to a more efficient and comfortable toilet model.

A new, water-efficient toilet system can reduce your water consumption by 50 to 75 percent. Toilets that are older than five years old not only waste water, but can also cause cracks and stains to form over time.

You need to dispose of your toilet safely, not take it to the dump site. There are many options for disposing of your old toilet after you have installed it, such as recycling or repurposing.

where to dispose of a toilet

Safe And Proper Ways To Dispose of an Old Toilet

Safety should always be the top priority when disposing of an old toilet. Toilets can be heavy fixtures so make sure you call for help when moving an old toilet from your house or business to the place where it will be disposed of.

Make sure that you have emptied the entire tank of water before moving your old toilet. This can be done with a turkey baster or a handheld pump/siphon. To dispose of the toilet in small pieces, do not try to break it. Broken chinaware can be very dangerous because of sharp edges. To avoid injury or environmental contamination, ensure you follow the correct channels and dispose of your toilet safely.

There are safe ways to dispose of your old toilet depending on the regulations in your city.

Local Solid Waste Disposal Company.

To find out if your local solid waste disposal agency offers curbside pickup of toilets in your area, call or visit their website. While some entities will remove your old toilet without notice, others require advance notice before collecting it from the curb. Some may not permit curbside pickup of large items.

If you have the option to receive the service in your locality, please place the toilet unit for collection on the day and time specified by the service provider. Sometimes it is advisable to take out all non-porcelain items such as toilet seats and plumbing before the service provider picks up the toilet unit. If the company requires such preparations, ask them.

Check with your waste disposal company if you are allowed to dispose of old toilets in the dumpster if you live in an apartment complex.

where to dispose of a toilet

Local Habitat For Humanity ReStore.

Habitat for humanity is a network of retail centers that sell used and new household items. The proceeds of the sale of these donated items are used to finance local building projects.

To find out if your toilet is accepted by Habitat for Humanity ReStore, and who will take it away from your home after you have removed it, contact them.

Take your old toilet to a transfer station or landfill.

You can bring your old toilet, depending on where you live, to either your local solid waste disposal company’s transfer station (or your city’s landfill). A transfer station is an enclosed facility that sorts waste before transferring it to different landfills in your country or state.

Many of these facilities can handle large and bulky items that aren’t allowed for curbside pickup. There might be an additional fee for disposing of your toilet at the center, particularly if you’re not a resident customer. Before you drop off your toilet, make sure to get in touch with the company to find out about any fees or payment methods.

Drop off your toilet at a local recycling center.

Drop your old toilet at a local recycling center that takes porcelain. Ask your local water authority for recommendations on reputable recycling facilities to take your toilet. You might have to pay a fee to drop off your toilet at certain locations. Call the recyclers in your area to get quotes before you choose a center to dispose of it.

Toilet Recycling Programs.

Local authorities may have programs for functional recycling. They crush porcelain toilet bowls and mix them with concrete to make sidewalks and roads.

To find out if your city has a recycling program for toilets, check with them. The best place to find out more about toilet recycling programs in your region is your local solid waste company. You may be asked to take out non-porcelain materials like the toilet seat, bolts, and other plumbing fixtures in order to prepare the toilet to be recycled.

List your toilet with online recycling groups.

Freecycle provides descriptions and locations for items that are available free of charge from your community. Please share your contact information as well as a description of the listing of your toilet.

Once another member contacts you, set up a time and place that suits them and take the toilet. Many waste disposal companies partner with these online groups. They can provide recommendations by email or phone on who to contact.

Repurpose your old toilet.

Sometimes called creative reuse, upcycling is the process of making a discarded or old toilet more useful and beautiful. It usually gives an item a new purpose.

Here are some amazing upcycling ideas for those who feel creative and want to reuse an old John.

  • Yard Decoration: You don’t have to throw away your old toilet. Instead, you can re-purpose it into a useful item like a decorative planter. Both the tank and bowl can be used to plant flowers in a garden. To create a functional and beautiful flower pot, fill the tank and toilet with potting soil. To make your planter stand out, you can add glass or tiles to create a mosaic design.
  • Wall hangings and sculptures: You can use the lid or toilet seat as a blank canvas to paint your project. A toilet seat can be used as a frame to hang beautiful photos as an addition to your home decorations.
  • Fish tanks: The back of an old toilet can be converted into a fish tank. You will need some plumbing knowledge to make it work. The bowl can be used to store supplies or fish food.
  • Pet Bowl: Simply clean and disinfect the toilet tank and turn it into a bowl for your pet. Make sure to close any gaps and pour water into the bowl. To ensure large dogs don’t have to stand so much, fill the bowl to the top.
  • Alternate Seats: A toilet can be transformed into a chair by cleaning it, attaching the lid and seat securely, and painting it to match your decor. You can also add wheels to make it easier to move it.

Take it apart into pieces.

It is possible to also disassemble an old toilet and get parts you can reuse for other projects. In the event of a toilet system breaking down, components such as bolts and nuts, valves or flanges or washers, elbows, and hoses are very useful. You can retrofit parts like flappers and handles to other toilet systems.

Sell it or give it away.

Either you can sell or give away your toilet if it is in good working order. Surprisingly, you might be amazed at the number of people who are looking for second-hand toilets on online platforms like Craigslist and local newspapers.

Consider donating the toilet to someone who would appreciate it regardless of its style, color, or shape.


It is important to properly dispose of a toilet in order to protect the environment and public health. The best option is to have the toilet professionally removed and disposed of by a licensed plumbing company. If this is not possible, it is important to follow local laws and regulations and properly seal and dispose of the toilet in a designated waste facility. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your old toilet is disposed of safely and responsibly.

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