Why Does My Toilet Smell Bad?

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Does your toilet smell like sulfur or rotten eggs after you flush the toilet or shower? Yeah. This is the worst stench you’ve ever smelled.

More than 80% of Americans and 50% of Brits complained that their homes smelled like rotten eggs over the past year.

Then why does it smell like rotten eggs?

Sulfur odors in your toilet, bathroom, and anywhere else in your home (like the kitchen, outside, or outside) can be dangerous and serious for your health as well as safety.

What makes my toilet smell bad?

There are several reasons why your toilet smell in your bathroom.

Vent Pipe Deformation

Vent pipe clogging is one of the reasons for toilet smell in your bathroom.

The main air circulator plumbing network, the vent stack, maintains the pressure and circulation of all faucets within your house.

To allow waste air and sewage air to flow through the vent stack, a vent pipe is used. Thus, preventing the smell from returning.

There are many things that can block the roof vent pipe, including high winds blowing, cyclones, and snowfall.

Blockage in the vent pipes can cause blockage, which prevents airflow. The waste air that is rising returns to the faucets and causes foul odors.

Toilets can overflow when the vent pipe has a blockage.

The P-Trap Have Dried Out

What is a P-trap? A P-trap is a trap that looks like a P-shaped shape and is used to reduce waste smell and pressure. Also, a P-trap works almost like a vent pipe but inside your house.

The P-bends are protected by a P-trap to maintain a certain level of water seal. It is an additional plumbing system below the sink.

The pressure is equalized by drawing air from the outside while water drains through the P trap.

However, heavy rain or snowfall can block the vent and cause the pulling out of the P trap seal of the water.

As air is drawn into the drainpipe, you might hear a gurgling sound. You may also smell rotten eggs from the sink during this time.

If the system isn’t exposed to outside air, then, the vacuum will capture air from any other drainage fittings.

It could be a sign of a larger airing problem if the sink smells sulfurous after flushing it. The P trap water also dries out when the toilet flushes.

Problems could also be caused by an accumulation of trash. Water can eventually leak from the P trap due to the capillary action caused by the hair and fabric coils.

It is therefore essential to keep any debris out of the P trap.

Faucets And Toilets Not In Use For A Long Time

YES. The water barrier prevents toilets and faucets from being used for too long. Thus, leads to a rotten egg smell in your bathroom.

Water barriers can dry out if they aren’t used enough. It is naturally susceptible to drought because many of the faucets and toilets in our home get used frequently. To get rid of the bad smell, run water through the pipe.

In one location, sulfur smells like Rotten Eggs. The most distinctive odor of sulfur gas is rotten eggs. It comes from waste materials.

It is a strong combination of sewer gas and rotten eggs. Sulfur will close your jaw and make you numb to the air.

It’s usually a sign that something is wrong if you smell it.

why does my toilet smell

What Makes Your Toilet Smell Like Rotten Eggs

If the toilet smells like rotten eggs it is likely that sulfur gas has leaked into your home and must be vented out.

Rotten eggs found in the house or bathroom indicate that there is a major problem with the ventilation system. You need to investigate it.

Again, the toilet smell like rotten eggs indicates:

  • Blockage of drainage
  • Your septic tank has reached its maximum capacity
  • Broken Drain Line
  • Get rid of all the traps
  • Toilets that are clogged
  • Cracked Pipe

After flushing the toilet, you can smell the rotten eggs

After flushing, you will smell like rotten eggs because the water barrier of the P-trap is dry. Sometimes, P-trap refers to a water barrier that prevents the sewage gas from backing up.

This could lead to a blocked toilet or a reluctance to use the toilet. Regular use of the toilet can cause the water in the P-traps to evaporate, drying up the bend.

The sulfur smell of the waste air begins to spread throughout the region.

A blocked toilet drain is another reason for rotten egg smells following flushing, especially after heavy rainfall.

Create a Plan

Now that you’ve identified the problem, it’s time for you to find a solution. Ventilation is a good place to begin. Let the fresh air flow through all windows. Turn on exhaust fans and ceiling fans. You will be able to reduce some of the stenches while working. Avoid using scented products like candles or air fresheners as this will only make the problem worse.

How to Remove Toilet Smell

Add detergent to your toilet tank

The best way to make your toilet smell great is to add detergent to the water you use for flushing. The detergent’s scent will last for a while in the bathroom, even after each flush. Lavender scents are best for bathrooms.

You can flush your toilet with the same water that you use for washing laundry if it does not have one. Because it contains the same components, this has nearly the same effect as flushing with detergent. This is a great way to save water, making it not only natural but also eco-friendly.


The best friend of a bathroom appliance is lemons. You can use lemons to clean tiles and glassware and remove rust stains. Also, you can use lemon to eliminate bad smells in bathrooms. There are two ways to use lemons in your bathroom. The first is to place lemon slices near areas that have an unpleasant odor.

Second, lemons have a great ability to neutralize odors, so a few slices of lemon can be a good idea. Mix 1/2 cup lemon juice, 2 cups hot water, and 1/8 cup lemon juice. Spray the mixture on your bathroom appliances by putting it in a spray bottle. After cleaning out the bathroom, you can use this solution.

Baking soda

Baking soda is a good choice for absorbing bad odors. Bake the baking soda in a mason jar or bowl and let it sit in the bathroom. Baking soda’s neutralizing ingredient will absorb the bad smell and make it disappear. However, it is important to dispose of and replace baking soda every other month. This will ensure that your bathroom smells are effectively neutralized.

Essential Oils

Essential oils can create a wonderful natural aroma in your bathroom. Because they smell just like the essential oil of the plant from which they were extracted, these natural aromatic liquids are known as “essential”. You can use essential oils to make soaps, perfumes, flavorings, incense, as well soaps. Essential oils are used as the active ingredient in most household scent diffusers. There are many great essential oils available, so there will be plenty to choose from.

Eucalyptus Leaves

Australian Eucalyptus trees, also known as “gum trees”, can be found in Australia. Eucalyptus leaves have a pleasant, pine-like scent similar to mint or pine. The oils in the leaves can be extracted to create this scent. The oil content in Eucalyptus leaves is high, making them smell wonderful even before extraction. Hanging it in your bathroom will make your bathroom odor-free and cost-effective.

Ventilate Your Bathroom

It is a well-known fact that ventilation in your bathroom is key to eliminating unpleasant odors. Open your doors and windows to ventilate your bathroom. This will allow you to remove the warm, polluted air and replace it with a dry, cool one. Those without windows in their bathrooms face the greatest challenge.

An exhaust fan is the best option for ventilating a bathroom without a window. A bathroom exhaust fan reduces moisture levels. If you don’t have the funds to install an exhaust fan, you can leave a regular fan on while the doors remain open. After showering, you should wipe down the bathroom walls manually.

Use Activated Charcoal

You may have asked your parents why your fridge has a chunk of charcoal. Although it might seem strange and bothersome, activated charcoal can be used to deodorize. Activated charcoal, which is porous and more effective than regular charcoal, is a great absorber of odors.

To eliminate unpleasant bathroom odors, all you have to do is to place a cup of activated carbon powder in your bathroom. You should change it every week as the powder can absorb other smells and hold onto it. Baking soda is another option.

Make Your Bathroom Clean

It is important to remember that making your bathroom smell nice is not the same thing as removing bad smells. You should make sure your bathroom is free of unpleasant odors before you use scented candles or fragrances. This will prevent the fragrances from causing an even worse smell.

Regular cleaning is the best way to get rid of bad bathroom odors. Regular cleaning of the bathroom with a toilet cleaner and brushing it every two to three weeks is a sure way to make your bathroom smell wonderful. A clean bathroom will always smell great.

why does my toilet smell

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does the septic tank smell like Sulfur?

Septic can also smell like sulfur, but it smells more like rotten eggs and garbage.

Is it safe to shower in water that smells like sulfur?

The shower water that smells like sulfur is likely to be contaminated with high levels of Sulfur. This is why rotten eggs are common in shower water.

Too much Sulfur can cause stomach problems and also stomach pain. According to Longsecowater.com, many people believe that Sulfur can be beneficial for hair, skin, and nails.

However, data is not available to support these claims. But, we can benefit from the natural sources of Sulfur, which are eggs, poultry, and fish.

Overconsumption of or excessive treatment with Sulfur can cause GI problems as well as skin and hair problems.

Is it possible to get sick from the smell of sulfur in your toilet?

Sulfur is not a sweet scent. Our bodies prefer pleasant, sweet fragrances to foul odors.

After smelling a foul odor, we feel faint for several weeks.

Sulfur can smell like rotten gas mixed with garbage decomposing. It may cause you to become ill or do more damage than you are capable of.

What happens when you mix vinegar and coke?

Mixing vinegar and coke cause the mixture to fizz and produce carbon dioxide gas. This reaction occurs when the vinegar’s acetic acid reacts with the Coke’s sodium bicarbonate. This exothermic reaction releases heat.

Wrapping up

Bathrooms and foul odors often go hand in hand, but they don’t have to. You can stop this trend from happening!

Other methods include closing the lid before flushing and recaulking tiles. Regularly emptying the trashcan is another option. When you think about how to clean a stinky bathroom, there are many options.

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