Will A Toilet Unclog Itself Overnight?

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Although it may be tempting to close the lid and allow the clog to sit, this is not the best idea. It is not usually dangerous to leave a clogged toilet unattended overnight, it is best to unclog it immediately. The reward is greater than the risk. It is not something that anyone wants to find their toilet still blocked and unusable when they wake up.

What is the worst thing that could happen?

You don’t want this to happen. Overflowing a clog is the most common problem. The result is a bathroom that’s flooded with water.

A slow leak could occur if your toilet is old or your pipes aren’t in top condition. An extended toilet clog can lead to a slow leak if the pressure is too high.

Use proper precautions

Before you attempt to unclog your toilet, close the flapper valve at the back. This will stop the toilet from overflowing, and let some of the water drains. You should not flush the toilet again in an effort to remove the blockage.

Be careful when using nearby drains. Although the majority of cases involve the toilet is blocked, it is possible that there is a blockage somewhere else in the pipe. It is possible that your nearby sink or shower has become blocked as well. This could indicate a blocked pipe or a backed-up septic tank.

will a toilet unclog itself overnight

Ways to Unclog Your Toilet

A clogged toilet can usually be fixed easily. These are easy to do with common household items and require very little effort.

Use a Plunger

If you need to clear a blocked toilet, a plunger is the best option. They are reliable, efficient, and extremely affordable. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a fancy plunger, and even the most expensive ones will still do the job.

The toilet bowl is sealed by the plungers. To clear the blockage, they must be immersed in water. You can pour water into your toilet bowl to increase the water level.

Once you have your plunger in the right position, start pumping it slowly. Although it may take several attempts, you will eventually get the hang of it. Continue doing this until you are satisfied.

Use a drain cleaner in your home

It’s shockingly simple to make a drain cleaner if you don’t own a plunger or your clog is more severe than you thought.

One cup of baking soda in your toilet. Then, add two cups of vinegar to half a gallon of hot water. Extreme heat can cause cracking in porcelain bowls so make sure the water is not boiling.

After you have finished, allow it to sit for a while and continue working on the clog. You can flush the toilet again after a few hours, or even overnight to unclog it. If the toilet is still blocked, you can either flush it again or try a different method.

A Quick Mixture of Dawn Detergent

Dawn dish detergent can also be used to clear clogs faster. A quarter cup of Dawn can be used to break up clogs. The Dawn naturally dissolves the clog and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Just pour it slowly into your toilet bowl and allow it to work. It may take several hours to unclog a toilet so let it sit overnight. If the problem persists, a stronger method may be required.

Never use abrasive cleaners such as Draino or bleach. These chemicals can cause serious damage to your toilet and further complications.

Make a plumbing snake (made from a hanger)

Although you won’t likely have a plumbing snake to use, you can make one with a wire hanger. Straighten the wire hanger and wrap it with a rag. Then secure it with duct tape. Push the end of the rag into the toilet. Twist the wire until it gives, which will indicate that the blockage is gone.

Why your toilet keeps clogging

You can go years without having to deal with a blocked toilet. It is equally possible that your toilet clogs every other week. Toilets can be of different quality and some brands are more susceptible to clogging.

It doesn’t matter what, it is important to be aware of best practices for using your toilet. It will help you determine the risks of letting your toilet sit and also give you an idea of how to fix it.

Bad Design

Toilets can get clogged easily if they are old or poorly designed. Although low-flow toilets can be more environmentally friendly than others, they lack the pressure needed to flush strongly. If your toilet is old, this can be an issue.

You will likely need to replace your toilet if you have one of these options. New toilets often have air vents which increase the flushing power. Be careful if they become blocked. To prevent the toilet from losing its pressure, you will need to clean them regularly.

Hard stool or excessive toilet paper

If you can identify the cause of your clog as either a large amount of poop or excessive toilet paper, it will likely go away on its own. They won’t go away immediately but will eventually soften and break down. You can speed up the process by pouring hot water into your toilet if you don’t own a plunger.

FlushingThings Not Meant To Be Flushed

This does not include children who have never flushed their toys, but it most likely covers more mundane items. Toilet paper is the only thing that should be flushed regularly, aside from the obvious.

Tampons, toilet wipes, tissues, and other trash can’t be flushed. It doesn’t matter if the toilet wipes claim they are flushable. Because they take longer to bio-dissolve, they are often mislabeled and misleading. A wipe can trap more material than was flushed, making it a partial clog. This can lead to a larger clog.

will a toilet unclog itself overnight

Before things get worse, call a plumber

If none of these methods work, it’s time for a plumber to come in. Although this can be costly, it is worth calling a professional if all other options have failed.

Although hot water or a plunger can clear most clogs quickly, it may not be sufficient in some cases. If there is a large object in the pipe or a blocked septic tank, this is possible. A plunger cannot fix a larger systemic problem with your plumbing.

Wrapping Up

Leaving a clogged toilet overnight thinking it will unclog by itself is not usually a bad idea. However, it is best to clear your clogged toilet to avoid causing more problems.

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