How To Remove Scratches From The Toilet Bowl?

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Sometimes scratches are caused by using a plumbing snake to clear clogs out of your toilet. These scratches can be unsightly but are easily fixed with elbow grease. Scratches in the toilet bowl are likely to be metal scuff marks. To remove scratches from a toilet bowl, drain the water and then scrub and buff the scratched area. It is important to remove superficial scratches without dulling or making new scratches.

What can scratch a toilet bowl?

Toilet bowls can be made of porcelain, ceramic or vitreous China. Vitreous china is made from a mixture of clay and minerals that has been fired at high temperatures. The bowl is then glazed to give it a hard, glossy finish.

You can scratch the surface of your toilet bowl with harsh, abrasive cleaners. Minor scratches on the toilet bowl aren’t visible to the naked eye, nor is it visible when the toilet has been filled with water. However, they can cause discoloration.

Small scratches can also accumulate over time. This can cause more discoloration or scratches in the future. Toilet bowl cleaners can cause stains and scratches as well as bleaching.

how to remove scratches from toilet bowl

How to Remove Toilet Bowl Scratches

  • Turn off the water supply valve at the toilet’s base. Flush the toilet and raise your toilet seat. To drain most of the water, place a plunger on top of the toilet drain.
  • Then, use a cloth to apply household rust removers such as CLR. To thoroughly clean the toilet bowl, scrub the area with a cloth. This can often remove surface scratches and blemishes, without causing damage to the toilet bowl.
  • If the CLR method fails, pour vinegar into the area. Then, let the vinegar bubble the baking soda, and cover the area with baking soda. Use a soft cloth to scrub the area. Rinse with clean water.
  • If the previous methods don’t work, dip the end of the pumice rock in the water. Then, rub the stone gently over the scratch. The stone can be used to rub the scratch along its length. Continue to rub the scratch with the stone until it is gone. To avoid scratching further, do not apply more pressure than necessary.
  • Turn on the water supply, and let the tank fill. To remove any residue from the cleanser, flush the toilet several times.

How to Prevent Toilet Bowl From Getting Scratches

It is not always a good idea to repair scratches on a toilet tank. These tips can help prevent scratches from occurring on your toilet bowl.

Avoid UsingThe Use Of Bleaching Agents

While bleach can be effective in removing stubborn stains, it can also cause scratches to the surface.

Make your own cleaning products

Mixing one part of water and vinegar with three portions of baking powder can make a reliable cleaning solution. This makes the best cleaning solution and will not scratch your toilet bowl.

how to remove scratches from toilet bowl

Ensure Cleanliness

Your chances of scratching your toilet bowl will be increased if it is stained. These stains are difficult to remove, so you will need to use a stiff brush and bleaching solution. Aggressive scrubbing won’t be necessary if you make sure that your toilet is always clean

Keep an easily accessible brush for cleaning

Place a soft brush to clean your toilet bowl. Thus, making it easy to clean any minor stains that may occur. You can avoid scratches by ensuring that no stubborn stains remain. Then, flush the toilet after cleaning the toilet.

Avoid using acidic cleaners as they can cause scratches to your toilet bowl.

You should repair the minor scratches as soon as possible to reduce the chance of more serious scratches.

These tips will help you keep your toilet bowl clean and free from scratches.

Wrapping up

It is easy to repair a scratched toilet bowl. You just need the right materials and approach. Also, you can use the tips to maneuver scratches on your toilet bowl. You now have the knowledge to fix a scratched toilet bowl or prevent future scratches.

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