Why Aren’t Bidets Common In The US?

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When you have a visitor from another country, one thing they will notice is something missing when they enter an American bathroom, a bidet. Why are Americans not using bidets instead? There is no single reason why bidets haven’t become more popular in the United States. However, there are several theories. There are many reasons why bidets have not been a common fixture of American bathrooms. These top reasons may resonate with you.

why aren't bidets common in the us

Why Bidets Aren’t More Common With The Americans

Americans Love Tradition And Habit

The United States loves tradition, for better or worse. Americans will follow a tradition, no matter how old or ineffective, and do so regardless of whether it has been practiced for many decades. This could be why bidets aren’t that common in American homes. The younger generation is likely to set the trend for bidets in the toilet.

Gen Z and Millennials are more open to challenging traditional patterns and challenging them. These people are more open to discussing taboo topics, making them prime candidates for introducing the American public to the benefits of the bidet.

There was a long-standing tradition of people not liking bidets dating back to the 18th Century. Research suggests that the Britons used their dislike for France’s upper classes to make a bad impression of their lifestyle in the 18th century.

Another theory is that the first time they saw a bidet was when American soldiers visited France’s brothels during World War II. This appliance became synonymous with the depraved, sinful lifestyle of prostitutes. This may be the reason why bidets have never been common in America.

Lack Of Information

The bottom line is that most Americans don’t know how to use their bidets. The United States has a lot of confusion about what a bidet is and how it works. Many Americans avoid the appliance because of this. Many Americans assume it is too costly and complicated to install, and they will need a large bathroom to house a standalone bidet.

There are also hose and sprayer attachments available, as well as toilet seat extensions, which are very easy to install. These options are not well-known, but they might be more willing to try a bidet.

Even though individuals may be able to use a bidet properly, they still fear trying something new. This is an entirely human experience, and not exclusive to Americans. However, fear can keep people from finding the right thing that will change their lives. A bidet will not solve all their problems but it will likely give them the best post-potty experience they have ever had. A strange, half toilet, half water foundation device in the bathroom can prove to be intimidating for newbies.

In general, Americans just don’t get it. Asking a group of people why they don’t use a bidet will result in them all saying “it’s too complicated.” This is because it can be difficult to set up, pick a model and then actually use the device. This combined with the fact that Americans have a long tradition of using toilet paper and lack of information makes it hard for bidets to be considered common and American-friendly.

The device will remain a mystery until people find out more about it and how to improve their bathroom experience.

American Bathrooms Are Not Designed For Bidets

Before the invention of hand sprayers, bidet seats were too costly and difficult to install due to space limitations. American bathrooms are not built to hold standalone bidets. A bathroom’s current layout may make it difficult to install a new fixture. For smaller bathrooms, however, there is no combination toilet/bidet or bidet seat available.

If toilet paper is the way they’ve used for the majority of their lives, and they just accept it as the best way, there’s no reason why they should switch to a bidet. However, a bit of education can show that a bidet can be used to help people clean up after they have finished their business. People who don’t have a bidet as a child might not understand what it is.

Americans Are Against Potty Talk

Americans view nudity and private affairs as taboo in general. Take a look at France or Spain, where you won’t find any problem sunbathing naked. As with sexuality, Americans are prone to view private activities as something that must be kept secret.

Many cultures find it strange that Americans don’t use a toilet, and some people have never heard of one. It could be that the traditional American conservatism has resulted in a dearth of bidets being used in American bathrooms.

It can be very strange to use a bidet if one hasn’t seen one before or doesn’t know much about them. They might wonder, “Why not just use regular toilet paper instead?”

why aren't bidets common in the us

Why Should Americans Switch To Bidets?

Bidets are a more effective way to clean your backside. They also promote personal hygiene. Bidets are healthier and less likely to cause irritation or infection. The bidets use water which is gentle and soothing to the skin. The bidet’s use is also environmentally friendly and safe for your plumbing system. Here are some of the reasons people should have bidets installed in their bathrooms.

Better Cleaning

Toilet paper is not as clean as water. The bidet works by releasing a gentle stream of water that will remove dirt, sweat, and other unpleasantries. This will make you feel clean and fresh.

Less Infection And Irritation  

A bidet is an alternative to using toilet paper after using the bathroom. It causes less irritation and infection. Regularly wiping your back with toilet paper can irritate and leave you feeling sore or raw. This is especially true for people with sensitive skin or hemorrhoids. This problem can be solved by a bidet, which allows you to clean your skin without having to rub. A warm stream of water from the bidet will soothe any irritations caused by excessive toilet paper use.

Better Personal Hygiene

Toilet paper can be difficult to clean. It often leaves behind a stench and skid marks. The presence of fecal residue can lead to irritation and allergic reactions. Modern bidets use powerful, well-directed jets of warm, clean water to leave you feeling refreshed and clean. Water is the best thing to promote personal hygiene. This article explains whether bidets are sanitary. This topic has been the subject of a lengthy discussion.


Bidets are more comfortable than dry toilet paper. A bidet’s gentle stream of water is much more soothing than toilet paper’s rough texture. Even the most smooth toilet paper is still subject to friction when cleaning. It can irritate you if you use too much toilet paper. A bidet is an easier and more comfortable option for cleaning.

Environment friendly

The average American uses 141 rolls per year of toilet paper. This accounts for around 20 percent of the global toilet paper consumption. Deforestation is inevitable because toilet paper is made from trees. To make a single roll, it takes 37 gallons of water. Bibets are an eco-friendly choice. They reduce deforestation, use less water and take up to an eighth of the water used.


There is a lack of communication and understanding regarding bidets, which is why they aren’t normally popular in American toilets. Some companies and brands make the bidet experience more accessible to Americans.

It’s easy to install your bidet using toilet seat attachments, sprayers, and other economical options.

Although Americans may not be ready to adopt this appliance immediately, some are starting to accept the idea of using bidets.

Many Americans don’t know what a bidet does and how it cleans. This is despite their reluctance to admit it. The bidet is an extravagance until they accept this fact and find a new way to look at private matters.

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