How Do Bidet Attachments Work?

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Bidets can replace your current toilet seat. They typically have a heated seat with a water heating system, adjustable sprays, and other convenient features. What if the appliance is too costly or you don’t require all of those extras? In this article, we will discuss how bidet attachments work.

Bidets are becoming more popular every day. It’s not surprising, as everyone is more concerned about hygiene and their health. Some models can be quite expensive. Bidet seats are available in a range of prices, from just a few hundred dollars up to more than $1000. There are many options.

What should you do? What can you do when there are so many options, especially if you have a limited budget? Consider a bidet attachment.

Let’s start by explaining what a bidet attachment is and how it works.

What are bidet attachments and how do they work?

Bidet attachments are devices that can be installed onto a standard toilet to provide a stream of water for cleaning the genitals and anus after using the bathroom. They typically consist of a control panel with buttons or levers for adjusting the water pressure and temperature, as well as a nozzle that extends from the back of the toilet bowl.

To use a bidet attachment, the user sits on the toilet as usual and activates the bidet function by pressing a button or pulling a lever on the control panel. The nozzle extends from the back of the toilet bowl and releases a stream of water, which the user can adjust to their desired pressure and temperature. The user can then use the stream of water to clean their genitals and anus. Some bidet attachments also have a drying function, which uses warm air to dry the area after it has been washed.

Bidet attachments work exactly like a standard bidet seat. An attachment provides a spray wand to clean the female and posterior parts.

how do bidet attachments work

What should you look for in a bidet attachment?

You must first buy a bidet attachment to your toilet. This is because you want it to be safe for you and your family. These are some of the most important points to remember.

Ambient or dual temperature?

A bidet attachment doesn’t offer all the features that a high-end seat would. It is unlikely that you will find a heated seat, warm-air dryer, or deodorizer.

Some attachments allow you to connect your bidet to the hot water supply of your bathroom, even if it is just a simple wand. You should consider whether this is important to you and other members of your family.

You will pay a premium for a dual-temperature bidet attachment. Despite this, many buyers will find that the additional cost is worth it. Warm water bidet attachments can work like magic but, can still be cheaper than bidet seats.

Length Warm Water Bidet Hose

You will need to connect the second hose to the hot-water supply of your bathroom if you want to purchase a warm water bidet attachment.

It is possible to make things simple if there is exposed plumbing underneath the sink. It can be difficult to drill a hole in a cabinet if you need to.

You must at least check before you purchase! You must ensure that the warm water bidet hose included with the attachment is long enough for the hot water valve underneath the sink.

Speed of your Warm Water System’s Supply

A warm water bidet attachment should also be considered depending on the speed of your warm water supply. Some bathrooms can supply hot water almost immediately to the faucet.

Those farther from the hot water heater can take a while to get warm water flowing. If it takes five minutes to warm the water from the heater tank, then it is not worth getting a bidet attachment.

Control Panel: Left-Handed, Right-Handed?

Many bidet attachments will feature simplified controls due to the smaller number of features. The attachment will also have an integrated control panel.

Consider how important this is for you and your family. This applies to anyone who has trouble moving their arm back at an angle. You might also find it difficult to turn stiff knobs or push buttons. For those users, a bidet seat with separate remote control may be a better option.

Are there any left-handed people in the house who use the bidet attachments? Bidet attachments, which are similar to bidet seats, often have their controls on one side. There are many options for southpaws, however.

Brondell SouthSpa bidet attachments, for instance, house the dials on either side of the toilet. Some right-handers may prefer a left-hand model. Maybe your bathroom doesn’t have enough space for a jutting control arm to the right side.

Feminine or Posterior Wash, Or Both?

A bidet attachment that has dual cleansing functions is a good option if you want to please all members of your family. This attachment has both a rear and feminine washing mode. The bidet can have dual nozzles, one for posterior wash, and another for feminine wash.

Sometimes it can be done with a single positionable nozzle. The angle can be adjusted by moving the nozzle manually forward or backward. You can also change the spray angle with other models, such as the TUSHY bidets. This switch is located on the control panel and is therefore much easier to use. It is more hygienic as well.

Water Temperature & Pressure Adjustment

Many attachments for bidets allow water pressure adjustment. This feature can go beyond individual preferences and be a valuable one for many bidet owners. This feature might be important to anyone who has had recent surgery or is suffering from hemorrhoids.

Check to see if the hot water connection can be controlled to adjust the temperature to your personal preferences. This can be a very important feature for some buyers.

Maximum Cleanliness

You will likely need to clean your bidet attachment. A bidet attachment that has a self-cleaning nozzle will help you save a lot of time and effort. Some models have a splash guard that caps the nozzles, so they are not visible when in use. To keep the nozzle system clean and safe, the bidet nozzles must be retracted behind the splash guard after use.

how do bidet attachments work

How Do You Install a Bidet Attachment?

An attachment is a better option than a bidet chair, aside from the lower cost. They are also easier to install.

The only thing that is needed is that the attachment’s adjustable brackets line up with the holes in the toilet bowl. Attachments don’t require an electrical connection, which helps with that universality.

You don’t have to be a professional do-it-yourself in the bathroom. Most people can set up a bidet attachment within an hour or less. A screwdriver is not necessary, but it’s often enough. A wrench that is compatible with your toilet’s water supply will be necessary. A crescent wrench with an open end is the best.

Start by removing the toilet seat from the tank and then turning off the water supply to the toilet tank. Then drain the water from the toilet by flushing it completely. Next, disconnect the water supply line from the fill valve under the toilet tank. To catch any water left behind, make sure you place some towels underneath the hose assembly.

The rubber washers should be placed in the T-adapter. Next, connect the T adapter to the fill valve for the toilet tank. Connect the water supply line to the T-adapter. Connect the other end of the provided bidet tube to the open side of your T-adapter.

Place the attachment on your toilet. Adjust the brackets so that they align with the holes in your toilet bowl. Next, attach the toilet seat to the attachment. Tighten everything down, but not too tight.

Connect the other end to the bidet outlet by connecting the bidet hose. Check for any leaks by slowly opening the water supply. Make sure you test your bidet.

Additional Connection for Warmwater Bidet Attachments

Some bidet attachments work by providing an additional warm-water connection, as mentioned previously. These dual-temperature bidet attachments can be connected directly to your hot water supply. It is as simple as connecting the cold water hose to that second connection.

As with the cold water connection, turn off the valve that permits hot water to the bathroom faucet. This is usually located in a cabinet under the sink. To catch any water left behind, place some towels under the hose that comes off the valve.

Next, disconnect the hot water supply line using a crescent wrench. Make sure that all rubber washers have been inserted into the hot-water T-adapter. Then, connect the T adapter to the hot-water shutoff valve. Finally, reconnect the hot-water supply line to T-adapter.

Connect the hot water bidet hose to the T adapter. Slowly open the hot water valve, looking out for drips. Test your bidet if everything is sealed properly. Done! Completely!

What Bidet Attachment should you Buy?

It is impossible to pick the best bidet attachment that suits everyone. It is worth starting with a list of the top-selling brands and models.

Wrapping Up

Bidet attachments are a convenient and hygienic alternative to using toilet paper, and they can help to reduce the amount of toilet paper that is used and disposed of. They can also be more gentle on the skin, as the water can be adjusted to a comfortable temperature and pressure.

Now that you’ve learned on how bidet attachments work, it’s worth considering if you have a limited budget. You might consider upgrading to a bidet chair if you are unable to afford some of the features that bidet seats lack, such as a heated seat or warm air dryer.

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