3 Best Composting Toilet Reviews & Buying Guide 2024

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In our best composting toilet reviews, we will explain how they work and the different methods that different manufacturers use to achieve the best end results. With modern technology, composting toilets have become more efficient and self-contained.

They are compact enough to be used in an RV or small boat. The toilets tend to be more expensive than conventional flush toilets. But, the fact that they can be used where conventional toilets cannot. Nor do they need the plumbing associated with conventional toilets. That being said, the price begins to look a lot more competitive.

We’ve spent uncountable hours testing to come up with the top 10 best toilets, so you don’t have to waste time. Check this out:

The 3 Best Composting Toilets On The Market Right Now

1 – Nature’s Head Self-Contained Composting Toilet

composting toiletNature’s Head composting toilet is a very self-contained, compact toilet. Despite its small overall size, it still has an elongated comfort-sized seat.

It uses no water to operate and has a urine separator (which typically needs emptying about every two days).

The toilet will work at any temperature. Before use, the toilet is filled with about 2 gallons of absorbent. As the toilet is used the spider-shaped agitator handle is turned a few times to mix the waste with the moss.

The toilet needs emptying after about 90 uses. There is a vent pipe with a fan, which operates on either 12v or 110v to remove any odors from a vent pipe. It manages solid waste very efficiently.

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2 – Sun-Mar Excel Self-Contained Composting Toilet

best composting toiletThe Sun-Mar Excel is the bestselling composting toilet in North America and has a large capacity. It can cope with three adults or a family of five on a continuous basis or up to 6 adults on a weekend vacation.

The toilet has an electrical heat and vent fan. Under normal circumstances, it can evaporate all liquids, so it handles liquid waste very nicely.

To cope with excessive use or power cuts there is an emergency ½” drain outlet to stop overflows. The seat of the toilet is quite high to accommodate the composting tray in the base. As the toilet is higher than a standard toilet (also called comfort height toilets). It includes a small step to make the toilet more comfortable to use.

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3 – Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet

composting toiletThis toilet is very similar to Nature’s Head Self-Contained toilet. Except that this version comes with a standard crank handle instead of the slider handle.

It has the same elongated seat design for added comfort. As well as the separator which channels urine into a detachable urine bottle. It makes use of the same optional 12v or 110v vent fan which blows foul odors out through a 5’ outlet pipe.

The toilet has a container and a lid to remove the waste product and additional containers. Additionally, the lids are available if you want to compost the waste for long periods. It should be mentioned that some people have found the 5’ outlet pipe a little short when used with an RV. Therefore, it could be worth buying some extra piping to extend the waste gas outlet.

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What Is a Composting Toilet?

A composting toilet is a type of toilet that uses no or very little water to flush the waste away. Instead, you can mix peat moss or sawdust with your solid waste. It is left to turn into a harmless fertilizer by aerobic action, so there is no need for water usage.

Composting toilets are typically found in areas with no water supply and no connection to a drainage system. Alternatively, they are a very practical option for use when camping, in an RV, or on your boat.

How Does It Work?

The theory behind composting process on these toilets is very simple. It allows waste materials to decompose in a similar way to the garden waste in your garden composter.

The main difference is in the material. For a composting toilet to work efficiently, you need three things.

First, you need a vent system as the waste is 90%. This will allow the water to evaporate and any odors to dissipate.

The environment in which the waste is decomposing must be suitable so that the decomposition can take place quickly.

Finally, the compost waste must be safe and easy to handle. Modern, self-contained composting toilets are designed to deal with all these elements with a minimum of effort and input from the owner.


The three examples of composting toilets are very simple to install. All you need is to attach two brackets to the floor to secure the toilet in place. You will need an electric supply, either 12v or 110v to operate the extraction fan.

Many toilets have a pipe to vent the gasses and odors of solid waste. So, you may need to drill a hole to route the pipe to the open air, and that is it.

Before first use, you need to fill the toilet with the appropriate amount of peat moss or sawdust and the toilet is then ready to use. By the time that the toilet needs emptying, much of the unpleasant odors have dissipated, and emptying the tray is not an unpleasant task.

Benefits of Owning a Composting Toilet

There are numerous benefits to owning a composting toilet vs a traditional toilet:

  • They do not need water for flushing and therefore reduce water consumption.
  • This reduction in water consumption reduces the need for the disposal of wastewater.
  • They are especially suited for new construction at remote sites.
  • Composting toilets have a very low power consumption.
  • A self-contained system removes the necessity of transportation of wastes for treatment/disposal.
  • Composting human waste and burying it around non-edible plants keeps organic wastes adding to the environment.
  • you can also dispose of kitchen waste in composting toilets.
  • In some states, installing a composting toilet system means that a smaller leach field can be installed at a lesser cost.

Downside Of Using A Composting Toilet

Along with the benefits, composting toilets do have some disadvantages:

  • Maintenance of composting toilet systems needs more work and responsibility by both users and owners than with a conventional toilet system.
  • You can’t go willy-nilly with the toilet paper.
  • If you poorly maintain and incorrectly install the composting toilet, removing the waste can be an unpleasant job.

Wrap Up!

A composting toilet will not suit everyone. Although composting toilets are safe, clean, and efficient, some people will have a psychological aversion to using them. Additionally, a standard flush toilet is much more convenient for many people. In the right circumstances, a composting toilet is a perfect answer to solving an otherwise difficult problem.

In remote areas, it is just not practical or cost-effective to arrange a water supply and a sewage disposal system. However, in an RV, a composting toilet can be much more effective than a chemical alternative.

Hopefully, our best composting toilet reviews show you what is possible and the convenience of using a composting toilet.

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