Toilet Makes Bubbling Noise. How To Fix It?

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A blocked pipe, vent stack, or water main can cause a toilet to make a gurgling or bubbling noise.

It is alarming to hear bubbling or gurgling coming from your toilet. This is a sign that you have serious issues and should act immediately to fix them.

What Does A Bubbling Toilet Mean?

Your pipes are most likely to be the cause of your toilet’s strange bubbling noise. Therefore, it is important to determine if it’s a minor problem or a sign that there is a bigger problem.

Toilet bubbling or gurgling can be a sign of something blocking your pipes or interfering with the flow of air. Negative air pressure is when the air cannot flow properly and backs up in your pipes. Thus, causing your toilet to make a bubbling noise.

What are the causes of the toilet making a bubbling or gurgling noise?

Toilets clogged

This is something that most people are familiar with if they have ever had to deal with clogging the toilet. There are so many things that can cause a toilet to clog. Clogging can also affect vent pipes and toilet drainage. You might as well have a blockage in your toilet’s drain pipe.

Some clogs are easy to fix, while others may require professional help. Poor flushing or flushing of any hard materials can cause the toilet to clog. Now, most modern homes prefer dual-flush toilets which have strong flushes that reduce toilet clogging.

Calcifying Elements

Your toilet tank can also cause clogging. Clogging can also occur if the toilet tank is contaminated with calcium, magnesium, and iron.

This is especially true for hard water, as it can get calcified. As your tank is being filled, you may hear gurgling sounds.

Clogged Vent Pipes

A vent stack is a pipe that connects to your main roof vent and allows gases to escape. So, you may need to call a professional if you are unable to clear the blockage using augers or plungers.

Main Water Issue

Toilet gurgling can sometimes indicate that there is an issue with the water main. This means that your city will need to address it.

You will notice other drains in your home gurgling or water from the toilet bubbling in the bathtub. This is a sign that the problem is beyond your control and you should call the city.

How To Fix A Bubbling Toilet?

toilet makes bubbling noise

Use A Plunger

It is likely that this is a minor blockage. To test if the toilet water level is high, you can add some water to the tank. Then, use a household plunger to push the toilet about a dozen more times.

Use A Snake Or Toilet Auger

You may need a snake or toilet auger if you don’t have one. While commercial-grade augers can cost hundreds, if not thousands, you can purchase a hand-cranked model at a retail store for $15. An auger can reach deeper into your plumbing to remove a toilet clog.

Clear The Vent Stack

This inspection can be done before or after you snake your drain. A home’s intricate system of drainpipes needs an adequate supply of air to prevent them from becoming airlocks. Therefore, a clog in the vent stack may cause the gurgle by restricting airflow.

Clearing the vent stack involves climbing up onto the roof. If you aren’t comfortable, call the professionals. A strong flashlight, a thin rope, as well as duct tape, are all you need to inspect the vent stack. Attach a narrow, powerful flashlight to the end of a rope and duct tape it. Finally, insert the flashlight into the pipe that runs through the roof. You’ll be able to see a clog if it is within 8-10 feet of the pipe’s top.

Get In Touch With A Plumber

If your toilet is still gurgling despite all the efforts, call the plumber.

If you are still experiencing a gurgling or bubbling sound, you should contact a plumber. Plumbers use specialized equipment such as mini cameras that are dropped into vent stacks to look at clogs and powerful sewer augers that can cut through tree roots that could be clogging the main sewer line. It is possible that your main sewer line has collapsed or broken in your yard and may require professional help.

How To Avoid Toilet From Making Bubbling Noise?

toilet makes bubbling noise

After you have fixed the toilet, make sure to take the experience and plan ahead for preventing future clogs. Do not flush anything that was not designed for the toilet. Toilet paper is generally the best option. Even “flushable wipes”, which can cause clogs, are not flushable.

This is a serious problem that you should not ignore, even if it doesn’t bother you. Blockages in your system can cause serious damage and may lead to high repair costs.

If you’re unable to remove the blockage by yourself, contact a plumber. You can have peace of mind knowing that they will be able to tell you the exact location and cost to fix it.

Wrapping Up

You should now be able to solve simple problems that cause toilet bubbles using the information we have shared. We are happy to help you save time and money that you could have spent elsewhere. If the problem continues after you have solved it, we recommend that you call a plumber.

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