How To Remove A Toilet Tank In 3 Ways?

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Are you having issues with your toilet tank such as the tank cracking, leaking, or wobbling? You probably have seen worse. You may just want to replace it with a more functional and attractive one. But, first, you have to learn how to remove a toilet tank.

It is easy to remove and replace a toilet tank. This shouldn’t take more than an hour. This is one of those jobs that you don’t have to hire a plumber for.

Two Types of Toilets

One-piece toilets

It is impossible to remove a toilet tank from a one-piece toilet.

Two-piece toilets

It is possible to remove a two-piece toilet tank and have it reinstalled, or even replaced.

To allow flushing by the natural force of gravity, toilet tanks are strategically placed above the toilet bowl.

Two brass bolts are used to connect most toilet tanks to the bowl. Some toilets, however, such as Kohler toilets, have a three-bolt installation system.

To prevent leakage between the bowl and tank, the tank-to-bowl gasket (also known as a spud washer), is installed around the flush valve.

The opening in the tank’s bottom through which water can enter the bowl is called the flush valve. The toilet flapper seals off the flush valve when the toilet isn’t being flushed.

how to remove toilet tank

Causes of toilet leakage between the tank and the bowl

There are three possible causes for your toilet to leak between the tank and bowl:

  • An old tank to bowl gasket
  • A cracked flush valve
  • Loose toilet tank bolts
  • Tank bolt washers are worn out

Causes of Leaking at the Base Of The Toilet

The water supply line that runs underneath the toilet tank connects it to the house water system. Three things can be the reason for water pooling around your toilet’s base:

  • Toilet leakage between the tank/the bowl
  • Leakage of the water supply line
  • Leakage of the toilet wax ring

How To Remove A Toilet Tank?

Materials You Need

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Bucket
  • Rags/towel
  • Sponge

After you have assembled all of the necessary materials, remove the toilet tank.

Turn off the water supply to the toilet

  • Turn off the water shutoff valve for the toilet. The wall behind the toilet bowl houses the shut-off valve for the toilet.
  • You will need to turn the valve clockwise in order to turn it off. Many shutoff valves can be turned outwards, so you don’t have to turn them.
  • Pull the push/pull valve outwards until it is fully open.

Flush The Toilet

  • To drain the water, flush the toilet by holding down the flushing lever for a while. At the bottom of the tank, there will be some water left.
  • Take off the tank lid, and store it in a safe place to avoid any cracks in the porcelain.
  • To clean up any water left in the tank, use a sponge. This water is safe to use and clean.
  • Disconnect the water supply from the tank. This coupling is mostly made from plastic so you should always use your hands before using a wrench. It could be easily bent by the wrench.
  • To avoid wetting the floor, use a small bucket to empty the water from the supply line while you are removing it.

Remove The Bolts From The Toilet Tank

  • Use your wrench to remove the bolts from the tank beneath the toilet bowl.
  • If the bolts become swiveling when you remove the wrench, you can then use the wrench to reverse the nut.
  • Sometimes, the bolts will not come off because they are corroded. Use penetrating oil on the bolts to prevent corrosion and wait about 15 minutes.
  • If the bolts still won’t come off, you can use a hacksaw to remove the nuts, but be careful not to damage the tank body. A hacksaw blade is better than a hacksaw because it will not fit into a tiny space.
  • Remove the tank from the bowl after removing the bolts.
how to remove toilet tank

Make sure that the toilet bowl is compatible with the tank you are replacing. Also, you can buy a new toilet with the exact same model number that the one you just removed.

You can find the model number for a toilet by looking inside the tank. You can either print or mold the model number.

After removing the toilet tank, and making any necessary repairs (if applicable), it is time to install the new tank.

Although there are many options for painting the area behind the toilet, I believe this method is the most efficient and effective. All you need is a plastic bag to cover the bowl and then get to work.


It is very simple to remove a toilet tank. Installing a toilet tank is as simple as removing a toilet tank. Before installing any items, it is a good idea to inspect their condition. These include the tank-to-bow gasket, the fill valve, as well as the toilet flapper.

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