TOTO Neorest Toilet Review

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The Toto Neorest is a one-piece, compact dual flush toilet and Washlet (Toto’s name for a bidet) combined. This is a technology-packed toilet that uses a combination of electronics and surface treatments to provide a highly efficient toilet suitable for use by people of all abilities.

The surface glaze is Toto’s SanaGloss finish that minimizes the possibility of anything sticking to the surface. There is a dual 1-gallon and 0.8-gallon flush which is delivered using the Cyclone high-efficiency siphon jet flushing system. The toilet is well within the Water Sense guidelines of 1.28 gallons per flush. The Toto Neorest uses the Toto eWater+ system that sprays ionized water into the bowl shortly after it is flushed. The eWater acts in a similar way to bleach in the effectiveness of the cleaning action but without adding any chemicals to the water system.

The size of the toilet meets both ADA and Universal Design specifications to ensure that the toilet is suitable for people of all abilities.

The toilet comes with a multi-function remote control that can adjust the heated seat, adjust the Washlet washing mode, and the spray position as well as the automatic opening and closing of the seal and automatic flushing. The toilet includes a built-in air purifier system. In the event of a power failure, there is a manual flush option.

Toto Neorest Toilet: Review

Design / Material

toto neorest toiletThe toilet is ceramic with a nonporous SanaGloss finish. The size of the toilet meets both ADA and Universal Design specifications to ensure that the toilet is suitable for people of all abilities.

The overall dimensions of the toilet are incredibly compact, measuring only a little over 17 ½ inches wide at the maximum and extending 31 ½ inches from the wall.

Flushing System

The toilet has an automatic dual flush system using either 1 gallon or 0.8 gallons per flush with the option for a manual override. The high-efficiency siphon jet combined with the SanaGloss finish and the eWater system meant that this toilet can flush all waste using only a maximum of 1 gallon of water per flush.


The Toto Neorest is a toilet that needs reduced cleaning when compared to many other toilets. This is due to a combination of the high-pressure, high-efficiency flush, the high gloss nonporous surface, and the eWater+ system that mists ionized water into the bowl shortly after the flush. The eWater acts in a similar way to bleach in its efficiency in cleaning the bowl.

If the toilet needs manual cleaning, the electric supply needs to be turned off before starting.


The toilet is Water Sense approved meaning that due to the low amount of water it consumes it is eligible for the rebate on water charges in many areas. The toilet uses either 1 gallon or 0.8 gallons depending on whether a full flush or short flush is selected.


The toilet uses the standard 12” rough-in to the waste pipe. The Toto Neorest is a little more complicated to install when compared to a standard toilet. The waste outlet is the same as usual but the water supply, which can either be from the wall or the floor, has to be in a set position. A 120v electric supply is needed. For full installation, dimensions check here.

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Toto Neorest Toilet Pros & Cons


  • Fully automatic functions
  • Very low water consumption – Water Sense certified
  • Reduced cleaning requirement
  • ADA compliant
  • Multifunction remote control
  • Night light
  • 3-year warranty for residential use (1 year for commercial use)


  • All the benefits come with a heavy price tag
  • Take a little time to learn how to use the toilet

Overall                 4.9/5

TOTO Neorest Toilet Review shows us it is one of the most sophisticated toilets and bidet combinations available. It is ideal for either personal use or where a person requires assistance due to the fully automatic operations. The only drawback with the package is the very heavy price tag.

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