How To Replace Toilet Water Supply Line?

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Older toilets may have a deteriorated water supply line. It could also be blocked by corrosion or restrict water flow. While a new toilet water supply line can be inexpensive and simple to install, to replace an old one that has been corroded may prove difficult. Make sure that you have both a toilet and a water supply shutoff valve replacement before you take it out.

What is a Toilet Water Supply Line?

The supply line for the toilet supplies cold water to its tank. As the supply line supplies water to the toilet tank, it is the most crucial part of a toilet. The supply line is a small piece of metal attached to the toilet and to your wall. It runs water into the toilet through a small tube and draws water from the wall water lines. This allows it to be turned off or switched on using a small valve handle.

There are many problems with the supply line. Leakage in the supply valve could cause water to leak into the wall, or out onto the floor. There are many sizes of toilet supply lines. Universal hoses and adapters are available to repair or replace any broken or leaky toilet valve. They can be bent to fit almost all valve sizes.

replace toilet water supply line

How To Replace the Toilet Water Supply Line

Measure for the New Hose

It’s a good idea not to leave your toilet unattended. You are not the only one who forgets measurements before going to the hardware shop. However, it is possible to avoid this.

This will require two measurements: the distance between the toilet outlet and the valve, and the size of your valve connector (which can be either 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch). The standard toilet connector measures 7/8 inches in diameter. You should choose a length of hose that is long enough to span the distance without bending over.

Empty The Tank

Before you can remove the old hose you must empty the toilet tank. Turn the handle clockwise to turn off the water valve. But that’s not all. You should flush the tank to prevent any water from leaking onto the floor. Then, hold the handle down until all water is out of the bowl.

There may still be a few inches of water at the bottom of your tank. Transfer this to a bowl and use a sponge to scoop it out. You will still have some water left in the tank after you drain it completely. To catch this, place a towel on the floor.

Unscrew The Old Hose

Although you can turn the plastic connector on modern toilet water supply line by hand, it is not always possible. It is also impossible to do so if the connector has a brass finish. If your fingers aren’t working, you can use adjustable pliers. You will need either pliers or wrenches to turn the connector that connects to the shutoff valve.

You can use a spray lubricant to loosen stuck connectors. Then, you will need wo pairs of pliers to fix stuck connectors. One pair holds the toilet fill valve or shutoff valve in place, while the other turns the connector nut.

replace toilet water supply line

Get a New Hose

The best way to attach the new hose is to first screw it to the valve. Take off the plumbing tape covering the valve threads. Wrap the new tape around the threads. Finally, screw the connector on and tighten it using pliers. Do not over-tighten the valve connector. If it sprays, you can always give it more torque.

To connect the toilet to the other end of your hose, you don’t need tape or pliers. Simply tighten the connector with your fingers. Then, turn on the water and let the tank fill up. Look for drips. If you find any drips, tighten the connector.

Wrapping Up

This task is very simple. You can easily complete this task in your own home with just a few tools. It takes about 10 minutes. If you don’t have the necessary knowledge or experience to do the job, we recommend hiring a professional plumber.

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