Toilet Chain Replacement. Step-By-Step Guide

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One of the most common repairs homeowners need to do in their bathrooms is a toilet chain replacement. This is also one of the most straightforward repairs you can make to your bathroom. While many people feel intimidated by the idea of fixing any part of the toilet, it’s easy and fast.

How does the Toilet Chain work?

Almost all of the toilets are very simple in their internal workings. Most toilets use the toilet chain to lift the flapper. This allows water to flow from the tank to the bowl and flushes the contents into the sewer. This is accomplished by pressing the handle. The handle lifts the chain from the tank with a simple lever. The chain on vintage models is longer and hangs outside of the toilet, where it can be used instead of a handle.

On the other hand, toilets with push-button buttons are an exception to this rule. The buttons are attached to the flapper using a cable system that uses gravity, rather than siphoning.

toilet chain replacement

What are the Reasons for Toilet Chain Replacement?

If you notice any of these signs in your toilet, it is likely that the lift chain needs replacement.

Broken Toilet Chain

The lift chain will deteriorate over time. It is possible that you can hear a metallic sound when flushing the toilet.

Toilet Chain Keeps Coming Off

It is not unusual for the toilet chain to fall off. You may be able to reattach the toilet chain if it comes off the flapper. however, if the chain keeps coming off after you have reattached it, we recommend that you replace it.

Toilet Runs Continually

There are many things that can cause the toilet to run continuously. However, if the issue is due to the lift chain, it is either too long or too short.

The chain should not be too short as it will not have enough slack for the flapper to sit comfortably. The lift chain should not be too long. It will catch the flapper. It can get underneath the flapper during flushing and prevent proper sealing. This will cause your toilet to continue running continuously.

Toilet doesn’t always completely flush

The lift chain may have too much slack if you need to hold the handle of the toilet down to empty the bowl. This can lead to the flapper being pulled too hard or falling down too fast. However, this problem can be fixed by adjusting the chain, as shown in the instructions below.

How To Adjust A Toilet Chain

Your toilet chain may be too loose and is likely to need to be replaced.

  • The shut-off valve located under the toilet tank, where water comes out of the walls, is the way to turn off the water supply. To stop the water flow, turn the valve clockwise.
  • Then, take off the lid of the toilet tank.
  • Unhook the pin at the handle arm’s end. Put the pin down onto the chain. In order to make the chain shorter, move the pin towards the flapper.
  • Install the pin on the handle’s end. Reattach the lid to your toilet tank.
  • Then, turn on the water valve and allow the tank to fill up. To check if the problem has been resolved, flush the toilet. You may have to adjust the chain once more if the problem persists.
toilet chain replacement

How to Replace a Toilet Chain

  • Turn off the water supply to your toilet. 
  • Next, disconnect the handle arm’s chain and take out the flapper and the chain. They are attached and must be replaced together. 
  • Then, slide it off the mounting arms. 
  • Throw away the flapper and old chain.
  • Place your new flapper onto the mounting arms in the same manner as you did the old one. 
  • Then, determine the amount of slack needed to attach the chain to your handle arm. 
  • To ensure that the toilet works properly, the chain must be just right. The chain should not be too tight. It might cause the flapper to stop lifting properly or get stuck under it, making it malfunction. The chain might pull on the flapper too often if it is too short. Thus, preventing the chain from lying flat and causing the toilet to stop running.
  • Make sure the flapper is flat and then attach the chain to the handle arm. Give the chain a little extra slack, and then attach the clip to the handle arm.
  • After the flapper and chain are installed, turn on the water supply to the toilet and flush the toilet. 
  • Adjust the slack in your chain to make sure it is working properly. You might trim off the excess chain from the end to prevent it from getting tangled in the tank. However, be sure to keep a few extra links just in case you have to make any adjustments.

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